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July 13, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Gaming

In honour of the Steam Summer Sale (the greatest game sale ever, only to be surpassed by the Steam Christmas Sale), I’ll devote my 2nd post to my love of games.

Gaming is pretty much my life. When I was 4, I watched my brother playing DOS games on those old grey desktops and since then I’ve been hooked. I learnt how to type DOS commands before I started school, playing old 90’s titles such as Cloud Kingdom, California Dreams, Pipe Dream, Block Out, and Gremlins. I also learnt how to touch type early on, from playing those classic Sierra adventures such as Police Quest. In Grade 7, I was the fastest touch-typer in my class, even overtaking my teacher.

I can remember points in time in my childhood, corresponding to the game I was playing at that time. Early primary school was all about the good old DOS games. Later, when Windows 95 came out, we used to share the PC between all 3 of us playing Broken Sword, Phantasmagoria, Diablo, Red Alert, and Warcraft. I played my first network game in Grade 7, getting owned by Battle cruisers in Starcraft.

Early high school, we finally got our own PC between my little bro and I, and it was all about SNES games such as Chrono Trigger, FF6, Terranigma, and Street Fighter 2. During the Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z days, I would bond with friends over Pokemon Cards. Mid-high school, I was a regular at Timezone, winning DDR comps and finishing Time Crisis 2 through and through. Later in high school, I got addicted to Gunbound and social gaming. I remember playing Final Fantasy X over the school holidays and crying at the end. I’ve always been into story-driven games, since those old adventure days.

Early uni was when the Wii and the NDS came out and my boyfriend got me a DS for Christmas. I finally got my own PC and  instructed a friend to build me “the cheapest PC that could run The Sims 2”. Between reviewing Wii Games for MMGN, and playing Elite Beat Agents & Phoenix Wright, I would only play adventure games on the PC from time to time.

Then came that fateful day when I went to a gaming LAN room, and I got hooked on Left 4 Dead. I’ve been a hardcore PC gamer ever since, reviewing games freelance for MMGN and gaming online with Battlefield, Left 4 Dead, and Starcraft 2. I still enjoy my adventure games and throwback to indie/retro games, but also enjoy the latest releases whether they are RPGs, FPS, RTS and so on.

I built my latest PC with the boyfriend and it’s my pride and joy. It’s affectionately called “Jubernator” as pictured below.



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