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August 11, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Reflections

I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love reading. Ever since I was a kid, I would love going to the public library and picking up as many books as I could carry and happily digesting it. There’s nothing like holding a book in your hands and being absorbed in a strong story. A good story has the power to emotionally move you to tears, affect your philosophy and stay with you for weeks on end. Reading is timeless, in this day and age where technological advances in entertainment occur daily, there’s still nothing quite like sitting down and reading words on paper (or screens).

In a time of instant gratification, where you can access knowledge through the web from a click of a button, reading is something that you need to sit down and digest. That’s why I love reading so much, it’s so incredibly relaxing and it keeps the mind active.

One thing I have to thank Twilight for, is that after so many years it helped me get back into reading. I’ve always been a lover of all things supernatural, and I’ve found my genre of paranormal, urban fantasy books are perfect for me. They usually involve creatures such as vampires, werewolves/shifters, witches, ghosts and the like and mostly heaps of action and/or romance. I also enjoy best sellers and award winners, and of course classic works from time to time.

Thanks to GoodReads, a reading community for avid bookworms, I now read 2 books a week and have like-minded people to chat about them with. Setting reading challenges for myself and participating in fun games such as Bookshelf Bingo is really enjoyable.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll also be reviewing Advance Review Copies from publishers in Australia. My reviews will be published on the ReadPlus blog and several publications which I am really excited about!

Check out my GoodReads account. 

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