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August 14, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Haul, Perfumes

I love Nocturne Alchemy perfumes, they have beautiful, unique scents based on Egyptian themes. Their perfumes are completely different from any other etailer that I’ve tried, as they travel the world sampling unique scents and use it in their creations. Not to mention, the excellent customer service and the best Vanillas that perfume can offer.

Whether you like incensey, foody, sweet, or resiny scents, Nocturne Alchemy probably has something that will suit you. My personal favourites are Eternal Egypt, which is a cool yet sandy mix of amber and sands, Raspberry Kobalt, which smells like a delicious Raspberry dessert, and Eternal Ankh, a cool ambery mix of vanilla and sand.

That being said, when my massive 17 stash of perfumes arrived in the post yesterday, I was ecstatic! Bastet was kind enough to hold some Forum Exclusive (or FeX) scents and Limited edition scents over a few months so I could make the most of international shipping. She also threw in some Skarab samples which I am thankful to try – thank you!

Here’s all the stuff included in the haul:

Raspberry Kobalt
Ozymandias X
Hathor’s Blueberry Vanille Cheesecake
Cerulean Ankh LE
Anti-Venom Nouveau LE
Crimson Rez Fex
2 x Nokturne: Sapphire Rez FEx 5ml
Nokturne Duality: Honey Kobalt FEx 5ml
Nokturne Duality: Citrine Moonstone FEx 5ml
Citrine Kobalt FEx 5ml
Karkade Summer: Sapphire
Cobra Venom Nouveau LE
Eternal Egypt Summer LE
Bastet’s Moonstone Incense FEx
Nokturne: Aurora FEx 5ml
Nokturne:Pyramid Vanille FEX

I also got my July decants from salixnoir too, so I’ll have fun playing with all these scents!

Bottles – Karkade Summer Crystal, Karkade Summer Moonstone

Decants – Coconut Moonstone, Blue Lotus Diamond LE, Vapothecary Pina Ghoulata, Pharoah X, Bastet’s Somnolent Summer, Violet Santalum Sweet, and Sphinx X (not pictured)

Stay tuned for reviews 🙂

These have all been purchased by my own money.

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4 responses to “Nocturne Alchemy Haul

      • Hottie McNaughty

        Raspberry Kobalt, Cerulean Ankh, Anti-Venom, Crimson Rez, Sapphire (of course!) and Karkade Summer: Sapphire are all favorites!

    • Omg it seems like we have similar scent preferences! I tried Karkade Summer Sapphire as a decant and fell in love with it. It's just deep, delicious and classy. Raspberry Kobalt is delicious in its simplicity too! I'm glad I got 2 bottles of Sapphire.