Violette Market 5th Birthday Scents Review

August 24, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

Time for a review on the Violette Market Birthday Scents before they disappear. I’ve been slowly testing my decants of the State Fair scents, desperately trying to see what I want to purchase in a big bottle before it disappears in a week’s time. Time is running out because I can’t decide.

I’m fairly new to Violette Market, and starting off with the State Fair & Birthday collections, I’m finding these ones to be super sweet. There’s some gems in here, but I may be all sugared out after this.

Here’s the reviews:

Midwest Chiffon – Birthday cake infused with aged vanilla beans and Midwestern hay absolute coated with Meyer lemon frosting and candied field violets.

This was the first birthday scent that I tested, because I was curious about the hay note. From the bottle, it sort of smells like really strong lemon frosting. There’s a hint of the refreshing hay note here, but it’s almost undetectable. When applied, it sweetens considerably and I get a blast of lemon frosting and super sugary cake. I’m getting a sugar overload at this stage, and it takes a while to mellow and the hay comes out after the dry down. Still smells super desserty and lemony, with the hay coming out true and strong, but unfortunately not cutting the sweetness. Can’t really detect the violets at this stage but perhaps it’s adding to the sugar.

Hesperidium Tea Cakes – Birthday cake coated in rich cremesicle frosting and soaked in black tea infused with sweet orange, clementine, and mandarin orange peels.

Out of the three birthday scents, this one is the strongest on the tea. It smells like orange frosting and birthday cake, spiked with some really strong black tea. The black tea infusion is really present throughout the scent, dark and bitter. Even though this shares the same birthday cake note as Midwest Chiffon, it’s not as sugary sweet as that one. Perhaps it’s the tea note keeping it from turning that way.

Marie Violette – Candied lemon, apricot cream, cassis, sugared violet, ylang ylang, creamy vanilla musk, and white woods.

From the decant, this smells strongly of candied lemon with a very slight hint of ylang ylang. Once it’s applied on the skin, you get a blast of candied lemon and sugar. Once this settles on the skin, the ylang ylang comes out and melds with the other scents and smells like a creamy fruity and feminine scent. It smells like a really creamy, musky, feminine, fruity/floral scent, with the apricot adding a nice fruity touch to it. An interesting twist with the ylang ylang in there.

Overall, the birthday scents were interesting variations on sweet birthday cake/frosting , but I didn’t feel like running out and getting any straight away. Even though I’m a lover of sweet scents, Midwest Chiffon was a bit too much for me. The tea infusion is Hesperidium Tea Cakes is a bit too strong for my liking, and Marie Violette is interesting but not an insta-love for me.

You can purchase the Violette Market Birthday Scents from here, until the end of August 2012. Or if anyone is interested, the decants are going up on my sales list.

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