Possets Egyptian Evenings Review – Part 1

September 6, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

egyptian-evening-1Possets are another one of my favourite perfumeries and I was ecstatic to find that the Summer Collection would be based on Egypt! I was looking forward to a lot of resinous, intoxicating scents here. Here’s part 1 of my reviews for the collection!

Colossus of Memnon – Coconut, lime, and pineapple, two ambers (a sweet and a sophisticated one). Fruity but in a sophisticated and grounded way.

This scent really needs to sit for a bit before it offers you the best it can give. My first testing wildly differed from my 2nd testing. This starts off with a burst of fruity, juicy pineapple when freshly applied. There’s a sticky dark amber note underpinning the scent and really drawing you in. When freshly applied, the amber, pineapple, and lime combine to what I imagine pineapple bubblegum would smell like. Now the pineapple is more present when the dark amber comes out, mixing into a fruity, powdery, darkly sweet scent. This is golden!

Ancient Marshmallows – No kidding, the Egyptians had marshmallows for candy! They would use the sap of the mallow to thicken honey and it ended up (I guess) being something like nougat or Bit-O-Honey.

This is so good from the sample, sweet, fluffy vanilla marshmallows. Once applied on the skin, a brown sugar scent comes out and mixes with the marshmallow. When drying down, it doesn’t really smell like fluffy vanilla marshmallow, but more like honeyed nougat as the description says (but nougat without the almonds). Fades to a light sweetened vanilla a few hours later.

Abraxas – Honey offerings, incense smoke from great pots of smudging resins. This fragrance is fit for the God of Good and Evil (Sex) indeed. 

A dark, syrupy good quality honey with something resinous about it, this is really good stuff! This melds into the skin after the drydown to a smooth, musky honey. It sort of reminds me of The Girls Love Leather, there’s a smooth, sexy quality about it. Later, it smells more resinous rather than the honey. This will age beautifully!

Panties of Ptah – Sweetest mangoes, peaches and melons combined with ‘nard and amber.

Sweet fruity syrup of mangoes, apricots and melon! The sweetness sort of calms down after the drydown, but sort of reminds me of the syrup from canned three fruits.

Scarab – Watermelon and incense are the primary pieces of this perfume. Simple yet complex. Fruity and spicy.

Fresh, juicy watermelon from the sample. Doesn’t veer towards watermelon hard candy like a lot of other watermelon scents. Upon the drydown, there’s a light, barely there incense, that actually balances the watermelon out nicely. The freshness of the watermelon has settled a little. The watermelon fades later, and you’re left with light, summery incense. Very simple and unique.

Hathor –  A simple confection of pink rose petals, simple syrup saturated with a sophisticated but delicious vanilla, and a wisp of musk to keep it going on your skin. 

This smells like amazing buttery rose syrup & vanilla from the decant. Once it is applied on the skin however, the rose comes out in full force. It’s a strong rose essence, the smell of dried up rose petals (perhaps what rose tea would probably smell like). This mixes with the syrup to create a syrupy, rosey smell. The rose petal stays prominent throughout the blend, I don’t really get much vanilla, but perhaps it rounds out the syrupy smell.

Nerfertiti – Cool green tea and pearly pink berries, a touch of lemon zest and a big swath of grey musk. This is a beautiful scent, something a bit more playful than some of the scents with resins. Cool yet sexy and charming.

This is a very pink syrupy smell from the vial (yes syrupy is a common theme I’m finding with this collection). When freshly applied, the lemon is very apparent as well as the green tea. As it’s drying down, the sweetness is calming down a lot and the lemon, pinkness, and green tea start to blend nicely.

Serqet The Scorpion Goddess –  A golden musk, somewhat similar to the lead musk in 301, is put playfully together with a zest of Meyer Lemon, a sharp drop of crystal musk and a distant hint of pink pepper corn. 

This smells like golden musky syrup with a strong accent of green tea. I definitely get a lemon vibe about it, but it’s not zesty or citrusy at all.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my reviews! In the meantime, you can check out Possets Egyptian Evenings collection here

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