Possets Egyptian Evenings Reviews – Part 2

September 11, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

Ok, the 2nd part of this collection was a bit harder to review because I wasn’t sure what some of those notes smelt like on their own. But did my best, and hope you all enjoy!

greathousewifeThe Great Housewife of Babylon
 (pictured left – from Possets) – Rich rich aromas of deep black musks combined with almost choking smoke from incense braziers going all the time. A hard edge of thick black tea, and a mighty wallop of tobacco resin.

Ooh this is dark, incensey, smokey but still managing to be slightly sweet at the same time. Once applied on skin, it’s deep, sexy and intoxicating. I think the tobacco resin is giving it a sweet, tobacco edge. It’s definitely sexy and evocative of wearing that black dress. It’s resinous, and smooth in a way. I can detect the tea giving it a good base later on. Later, it’s faded to what I presume is black musk tinged with tobacco.

Hatshepsut – Bitter beautiful galbanum pairs with the smoothness of labdanum, a bit of oude gum, and a very small amount of the best skin amber. 

Woody, slightly bitter, resinous from first sniff. It really blooms on your skin when applied, kind of ambery, incensy, slightly sweet and intoxicating. The oude is absolutely amazing! It’s really difficult to describe but it’s a beautiful, sexy scent that is intoxicating warmed up on the skin. About an hour later, it’s sort of smoothed out and is sweet and incensy. It’s lost the bitter, unrefined woody edge to it. Really resinous and sweet but not in a cloying dessert way.

The Crown of the Serpent – Rich, spice filled yet deeply resinous this blend is riddled with copal, thick labdenum and a smooth Dragon’s Blood

This was a really dry, resinous, woody and spicy from the vial. I think there’s a bit of cinnamon in here. When it’s still wet on skin, it sort of intertwines between baking spices and a deep incensey smell which I am guessing is dragon’s blood and copal. Once it’s dried down a bit, the spices, incense and resins have sort of smoothed out a little.

Veil of Isis – Black, green, and a pinkish Fig and honey from Anatolia.

Syrupy, honeyed fig. It’s a really sweet scent with a strong base of honey. It’s a bit cloying at the start, fruity fig but fades later to a sweet, fruity scent.

BastetA rich blend of green tea spiked with the smoke of fragrant burning spikenard, a whiff of coumarin.

From the vial -What a strange scent! Green tea and spikenard. It’s sort of sharply herbal and spicy and I am guessing the coumarin is giving it a curry like scent (like cumin?). Now that it’s dried down a bit, the sharp herbal scent I got has settled a bit. I can smell rich green tea, something burning (spikenard) and a very fragrant spice note in here. Later, all the nights sort of blend to give off a smooth, gourmand base with a cooking spice edge. This is so unique.

Lotus of the Nile – The lotus is the prime fragrance in the bouquet, but it is followed by bits of roseate beauty, a sort of dark incense which has been winnowed through the air, and faint aquatic background scent. 

Wow, I have never smelt a lotus or aquatic scent quite like this one. It’s an airy, fresh, sweet aquatic that has a lot of depth to it. Mmm now that it’s dried down, it’s sort of bubblegummy the way Lotus gets sometimes, but the incense tempers that note a lot. This really smells good 🙂 The rose comes out after it settles on the skin, but it’s a soft gentle essence of rose that blends into the aquatic, lotus and incense. Full bottle for me!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Egyptian Evenings collection and am really enjoying the resinous, darker direction that Fabienne is taking along with the traditional foody scents. On my full bottle list is: Hatshepsut, Lotus of the Nile, Abraxas (possibly), and a half bottle of Colossus of Memnon.

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