Nocturne Alchemy Perfume Reviews – Some Noktunes and Bastet’s Garden

September 28, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

Think we’re overdue for some NA reviews, I’ve got so many of their scents that I’m still slowly working through them.

Here’s a select few reviews from Bastet’s Garden and some past LE’s:

Bastet Amber – Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.

From the Skarab, it smells like a beautiful, smooth resiny amber smell. It’s got a very smooth quality about it. Once it dries a little, it still retains that languid sort of scent. I can swear there’s a vanilla quality about it. This is just beautiful in its simplicity.

Karkade Summer: Crystal LE– Hibiscus Leaf of Aswan, Sugar Resin, delicately sensitive Aged Nokturne:Crystal with Egyptian and Indian Black Tea.

I love the Karkade Summer series even though they all have fairly similar notes. Karkade Summer Crystal, starts off with a strong dose of Hibiscus Leaf tea and sugar, and then melds into a bright musky vanilla/hibiscus scent. This is my second favourite Karkade Summer scent, and I just love the delicious hibiscus tea in them.

Karkade Summer: Sapphire LE– Hibiscus Leaf of Aswan, Sugar Resin, Nokturne:Sapphire and Egyptian and Indian Black Tea.

When I first wore this, I became obsessed with it. The sapphire edge, added with hibiscus leaf and tea, is super sexy. Like Karkade Summer Crystal, it starts off with a strong dose of Hibiscus Leaf tea and sugar resin, but then the Sapphire wafts up as it heats up on your skin and it just smells so sexy, smooth and velvety, especially when mixed with the hibiscus leaf. It’s a lot more musky than Crystal (which is kind of bright in the black vanilla musk nature) and I absolutely love it!

Bastet’s Somnolent Summer LE – Aged Sapphire, Egyptian Sugar Crystals, a drop of soft Apricot Essence Incense, a few drops of Sweet Black Pepper and Vanilla-Amber Incense.

Mmm, smells incensey from the decant with a tiny hint of black pepper from the get go. Once applied on the skin, it’s an amazing apricot incense on a base of musky sapphire. When it dries down, it sweetens slightly. Completely delicious and hazy, this is only going to get better with age. I wish I got this in a full bottle when it was available, but I’m looking forward to Scary Cat (Halloween LE) as a replacement.

Cobra Venom Nouveau LE – Egyptian White Carnation, Nokturne:Moonstone, Amber Trinity:Solar, Nepalese & Kerala Amber, Nokturne:Sapphire and Spun Egyptian Snake Sugar.

Woah, I can see why the original Cobra Venom is one of NA’s most loved! It’s Carnation, but super creamy carnation without the spice. Once it hits the skin, it explodes into a white sweet floral blend that is super creamy, with a hint of citrus. As it wears on, the sugary vanilla comes out and mixes with the blend, making it sweet and yummy. So much depth, and I got heaps of compliments on this one! Has a strong throw and sillage, so apply with a light hand.

Rose Sapphire – Precious Resin of Black and Blood Rose Essential Oil, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk)

Wow this is smelling amazing from the Skarab! Unlike any other rose scent I’ve had the joy to encounter, it’s deep, dark, sweet and juicy. I think it’s the black rose resin that makes it deeper and darker. It’s the same rose in Egypterrian, syrupy rose jam. Sapphire comes out after the drydown, and the two notes meld together to form a beautiful scent. A perfect rose scent for those who don’t like rose!

Coconut Moonstone – Egyptian Coconut Husk, Nokturne:Moonstone (The true Husk, black and white Fleck, essence and whole of African White Vanilla with a kiss of Crystalline) and a drop of peach 

Oh wow, this is the coconut scent that I’ve been waiting for! There’s no hint of sunscreen or light, milky fresh coconut here. It’s all the good, buttery stuff from the get go mixed with some buttery vanilla. So rich, and decadent. About half an hour later, I can smell the Moonstone coming out and this transition is amazing. A few hours later, this is still going strong. The Moonstone is a lot more present now, smelling like a delicious buttery coconut/vanilla blend. Love this!

Jasmine Crimson – Blue, White, Purple Jasmine of Aswan and Abu-Simbel, Nokturne:Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk), like the original Egyptian Musk, Crimson is a slightly spiced version with a sultry edge that blends romantically into Jasmine and back again. 

True, strong flowery Jasmine from the bottle and really blooms into a strong floral on the skin. Once applied, I can smell the Crimson incense creeping in slowly. A few hours later, the jasmine has sort of calmed down a bit but its still very present. This is a hot summery scent with a sexy quality.

Nokturne Sapphire Rez – Amber musk (Forum exclusive)

As amazing as everyone says it is. Deep, true amber combined with the most amazing warm musk. This is a NA classic and you can see why. It starts off as deep amber upon application and as the day wears on, it melds into smooth musk that is lightly sweet, creamy, sexy and intoxicating. It wears really well throughout the day and lasts from morning to night.

Nokturne Crimson Rez – Imported Red Egyptian Musk. (Forum exclusive)

Oh wow, they weren’t lying when they said this was REALLY good red musk. It’s absolutely sexy, musky, and intoxicating. There’s a light spice throughout it that doesn’t really *smell* spicy but gives it a sexy hot feel about it. Really love this!

Check out Nocturne Alchemy here! Please note, some of the LEs are no longer available. But no worry, they have amazing new LEs every month. Also sign up to their forum, to get access to exclusive releases.

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