Violette Market Lost at Sea II Reviews – Part 1

October 30, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

Think it’s time for another lot of perfume reviews! I just received my Diablo Canyon decants so those will be coming soon as well.

Lost at Sea II is a beautiful collection with an underlying, complex aquatic smell. So far, they are all quite pleasant and if you like your aquatics then you can’t go wrong with this collection. The scent descriptions are quite complex so here’s my job to let you know what they smell like!

Sea of IceFir needle, icy raspberry, dark cedarwood, night-blooming jasmine, French orange blossom, white lavender, green apple accord, salt-crusted blood orange, frozen seaweed, and sea spray.

From the decant, it sort of smells like cool, fresh waters with a hint of raspberry and apple. Once applied, it settles into a pleasant, appley scent with a slight hint of salty ocean spray. It’s definitely reminiscent of cool, sea spray and icy waters. Once its dried down, the crisp fruitiness of apple and raspberry is definitely identifiable now. It lasts a long time and later, it has faded into a vague berry scent. Very refreshing and I would get a big bottle of this.

Cove of Mermaids – Dark violet, shimmering orris dust, green apple, attar of rose, jasmine sambac, white lilac, golden amber, oakmoss, and the wind blowing through sea-side balsams.

Smells like the sea, violets, and something smoothing it out. There’s an undercurrent of something fruity here, looks like it must be the apple. Once its applied, the powdery violet/orris dust has come out but tempered amongst the slight fruitiness of the apple. The florals don’t play a large part on their own but come together to make a whole part floral, part apple scent, part aquatic scent. Later, it’s sort of a lightly floral still with the sort of nondescript apple fruitiness within it.

Flagon O’Rum – Dark coconut rum infused with thick brown sugar, black amber, aged patchouli, Greek honey, warm spices, barrel-aged vanilla oak and sweet vetiver.

The description of this is really accurate, it does smell like dark coconut husk, thick syrupy brown sugar and some strong patchouli. There’s also a woody undercurrent here as a depiction of the barrel of rum. This could be unisex, it’s a really deep scent.

Pink Pearls – Pink pearl accord, white sugar cane, Champa incense smoke, pink pepperberry, South African gardenia, and glistening vanilla musk.

This has that pleasant aquatic undertone that much of this collection seems to have as a base, but with a sweet, pink twist to it (but not overly so). I really enjoy the vanilla musk, pink pearls mixed with the aquatics here.

Letters on the wind – Coconut water, cotton blossom, spiced rum, golden musk, raw Greek honey, bergamot peel, frankincense, and rose geranium.

From first sniff, this fragrance is heavy on the coconut and is very powdery and musky. If I give it a moment, I can sniff the rose geranium behind all of this. This stays pretty much true upon application.

Seven Tears into the Sea – Salty tears scented with a young woman’s lilac water shed into the Atlantic Ocean from a weather-worn wooden pier close to an English confections shop. The warm notes of buttery caramels, candied violets, powdered orris petals, tuberose blossoms, and dark red musk, reminders of happiness and moments long past.

This reminds me of Tunnel of Love, with the buttery caramel mixed with aquatic. The caramel here is quite buttery, and powdery with a strong base of violet and orris/musk. This contains the same aquatic undertone from most of the collection so far, sort of a lightly salty, fresh and tempered oceanic smell. While Tunnel of Love had a sweet watery rush to it and sweet taffy, this one seems to be slightly more complex with the mixture of caramel with other scents.

I still have quite a few to review but I hope that’s given you a good overview on some of the scents…in the mean time, check out the Violette Market collection here!

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