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November 17, 2012 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Perfumes

While I’m having trouble getting through the current book I’m reading, I’ll give you some of my Violette Market Diablo Canyon reviews! Sadly, the collection went down at the end of October so I didn’t get a chance to get any full bottles. I’m really enjoying this collection, it’s foody, unique and really delicious. There’s a lot of dry, desert like scents here too.

Molasses Brown SugarDark brown sugar infused with sweet caramel and rich molasses.

Smells like syrupy honeyed molasses from the sample. On the skin, the brown sugar really blooms and the molasses part goes to the background. This is a really foody scent. Sadly, my skin appears to eat this up and it’s gone within a few minutes! Perhaps I have to try this one again after a while.

Haunted Corn Maze – Smoked sandalwood, sun-scorched corn husks, golden corn clusters, cranberries, warm resins, and sweet wisps of vanilla dust clouds from skeletal footprints.

Sniffing the sample, this is unusually reminiscent of a darkened corn scent. There’s definitely a bit of patchouli, resins and something slightly syrupy amongst the dried corn husks. This warms up on skin when applied and it smells amazing – like sun warmed corn husks with some darker resins holding it all together. It’s definitely a wearable corn, not anything foody.

Benzoin Red Rock –  Sweet and rich benzoin resin.

Smells odd, exactly like medicinal propolis extract from the sample. Sweet, rich and slightly honeyed. When applied on skin, it’s sweet, syrupy and slightly medicinal. I still can’t get over its resemblance to propolis extract (which I apply to mouth ulcers!) so probably wouldn’t be wearing this one often.

White Corduroy Bunny – Sweet and demure vanilla, field raspberries, and strawberry leaf.

Sweet tart candy-like strawberry and raspberry from the sample. I’m not getting much vanilla from dry sniffing and also after applying on the skin, although there’s something musky here that keeps it from being too fruity. A few hours later, it’s still there but it’s very vague and very faded. The vanilla never really made an appearance for me.

Caroline’s Ghostly Country Blooms – Creamed vanilla funeral lace, gray musk bells, honeyed cornflower, wispy ornamental grass, coconut-tipped fox glove, dried milkweed pods, and golden musk daisies.

Creamy milky vanilla from the vial. I’m liking this one a lot so far, the notes make it a little more unique than the usual vanilla. This stays pretty true throughout wear. I keep on getting whiffs of this amazing vanilla scent brightened with some complimentary sweet florals. Mmmm!

Milkweed – Newly bundled bails of sweet grass and farm hay

Milky sweet hay with a barely there hint of grass. The creamy milk is very predominant, sort of smelling like sweetened condensed milk. Once it’s dry on skin, the hay has come out a bit more, smelling like fresh cut hay amongst the sweet milk background.

Raw Agave Sugar – Raw agave sugar dried in the desert sun.

Smells just like cake. Really close to the Carrot Cake scent that came out during State Fair, except without the spices. Fades to a soft vanilla hours later.

Fireflies – Lydia’s golden fireflies glowing among raw agave sugar crystals, toasted marshmallow creme, and a pinch of golden amber dust.

This smells like cake too from dry sniff, it’s definitely that agave sugar again. I’m picking up a bit of vanilla and marshmallow as I apply it. Later, it smells a lot like cake, vanilla and marshmallow. It fades after a few hours to a more vanilla/marshmallow base. Very foody.

Diablo Skull – Dusty vanilla sugar from the General Store, smoky caramel, dark coffee, sweet cocoa, blonde tobacco, rich brown sugar, blue musk, cedarwood, and dry desert spices.

A combination of vanilla, tobacco, woods and coffee from the sample. When applied, the spices come out too amongst the bold smoky/woody combination. There’s a hint of sweetness here too, but overall it smells very dry and masculine. As it nears drying on skin, I’m picking up the brown sugar and blue musk and everything is blending together. It’s now a syrupy smell, predominantly smoky caramel with woods, surprisingly quite sweet (but not foody).

Gertrude’s Half-Haunted Bake Shop – Warm vanilla cakes sugared with sweet spices, Dutch apple scones covered in golden caramel glaze, crusty Italian bread, French peasant loaf cooling on wooden racks, crackling wood and sweet smoke from the bread ovens, and a messy trail of skeleton footprints through white flour mixed with the tell-tale scent of boozy spiced rum from the Diablo Canyon skeleton’s early morning raid.

Delicious vanilla/berry/apple baked goods from the sample, this is a foody lovers dream! Wet on skin, some sort of sharp note is coming out, definitely smells like the booze note. Later, it smells like boozey bakery.

Lydia’s Firefly Lanterns White peach, warmed sandalwood, golden amber, honey sugar, cedar wood, white autumn rose, blond vetiver, and sparkling pink and gold fairy dust.

A dry leafy smell with some woods. When applied, the autumn rose comes out which is dry and not very floral. The veviter makes it very resinous. Altogether, it’s dry, woody and leafy.

Chocolate AntlionDark chocolate, vanilla lace wings, cocoa absolute, white amber, blond woods and sugared tuberose.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. It smells very much like cocoa and chocolate from the bottle with a woody creamy undertone from the sample. Later, the woody/amber part of it comes out. After the dry down, it’s settled down a lot with a mix that is hard to describe.

Diablo Canyon returns every year for Halloween at Violette Market. In the meantime, check out their other perfumes! 

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