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Acceptance by Keri Peardon ReviewAcceptance by Keri Peardon
on August 31, 2012
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For more than two thousand years, a small community of humans has lived in harmony with vampires, giving their blood and obedience in exchange for protection. And for all that time, it’s been a peaceful occupation.

When Kalyn Reid comes of age and pledges herself to the vampires, she has no reason to worry. She’s paired with Anselm for her training, and she couldn’t ask for a kinder, more patient mentor. She also couldn’t ask for anyone better-looking.

But before she has a chance to learn her new responsibilities—or get a date—her idyllic life goes up in flames. Without warning, the humans and vampires in her group are murdered by a strange new type of vampire and the few survivors are forced to flee.

Anselm and his brother, Micah, vow to hunt down the murderer, and they take Kalyn with them, thinking they can keep her safe. But when the killer finds them first, it’s they who must rely on her if any of them are to survive.

Acceptance is about a group of humans (the Yaechahre) who willingly pledge to given their blood to the vampires (or Canichmeh). Kalyn Reid is one such human who has just turned 16 and has accepted to become a Yaechahre. The vampire she’s assigned to is Anselm, a handsome, polite, respectful man who she’s had her eye on for years. As she finds out about the beliefs and the rigid constraints of being a Yaechahre, she soon needs the vampires’ protection as they are pursued by an evil group of vampires, called the Imuechmeh.

Kalyn soon experiences grief and loses everything she’s ever known as she becomes a Yaechahre, as the vampires are soon attacked by an evil Imuechmeh called Erik von Gault. As they are on the run, Kalyn is the prized human being protected by two handsome vampires, Anselm and his age old friend, Micah.

What sets Acceptance apart from other vampire novels is the richly detailed world of the two vampires and the humans they feed from. The Canichmeh are governed by a Council in Jerusalem, honouring its rigid and religious roots of vampirism. The deep historical background that the author has set up is impressive, explaining how the vampires have evolved from the birth of Cain, and the physiological differences between the two vampire species.

The budding romance between Kalyn and Anselm is subtle, yet sweet, despite him being an 800 year old vampire and her youth. They are both quite prudish in their ways, never crossing any romantic boundaries in case the other may feel uncomfortable. While the novel is more ‘New Adult’ than YA, I found that Kalyn did not act like a 16 year old girl at all. She’s strong, willing, yet not very confident in her thoughts and her prudish ways sort of made her resemble someone in their 30’s or so rather than a teenager. When she was placed next to her friend Meg, the contrast was astounding as Meg acted more her age.

While the plot isn’t very strong, there was always something happening to keep things moving along whether it was Kalyn getting bitten, or the vampires taking Ciaran, a stray Imuechmeh into their trust or the group meeting the Council. I was quite absorbed into the story and Keri’s writing is fantastic.

I’d recommend Acceptance to anyone looking for a bit more substance than the typical vampire story. It sort of reminded me of what Discovery of Witches tried to be, but I didn’t like that one as much as this.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Acceptance is available from Smashwords here. Check out more on the Acceptance trilogy at:

Rating: 4 out of 5

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2 responses to “Acceptance by Keri Peardon Review

  1. Thank you for the review! Oddly enough, Kalyn is based on me when I was her age. I was strangely prudish then, too. (Okay, I admit it, I still am.)

    She's partially not normal because she's Yaechahre (they expect their children to grow up faster), partially not normal because her father's a teacher (you may have noticed she's young to be a junior in high school; she skipped a couple of grades, thanks to her father's early tutoring), and partially not normal because she was an only child whose primary playmate was over 900 years old. It is a known fact that Micah gave her a G.I. Joe and a remote-controlled Mustang convertible with gun rack trunk accessory for her third birthday. Of course she's warped. LOL.

    • Not a problem, thanks for the book! Ah, that does make sense especially with the Yaechahre bit. Good to see that Anselm is her perfect match hehe. I like how Micah adds that sense of fun in her life! 🙂