Tangible Expressions by Roberto C Guerra Review: Grief stricken man gets strange powers

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Tangible Expressions by Roberto C Guerra Review: Grief stricken man gets strange powersTangible Expressions by Roberto Guerra
on December 12, 2012
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Genres: Paranormal, Science Fiction
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Willis Diamond lost his wife in a tragic accident only a few months ago. Stricken with grief, he decides to take a little vacation into the wilderness where he comes upon a cave entrance and is soon the victim of his very own curiosity. Within the depths of this dark world, he discovers an unearthly substance which alters his life, forever. From this day on, Willis is no longer the man he once was. Driven by an extra sense that no other human being has ever possessed, able to be taken by people’s words as well as their thoughts, he learns that there is much more to reality than what we see and hear on a daily basis; enchanting in some ways, horrific in others. Little would he have suspected the dangers of attempting to defy the laws of physics, using his new found abilities in order to alter a dreadful past that has already been set in stone.

Not a terribly exciting cover, but looks can be deceiving. Tangible Expressions came to me via an author request for review, and when I started the first few pages, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the book.

Willis Diamond has recently lost his wife in a freak accident and is grief stricken over the abrupt end to their loving relationship. After a trip to the psychiatrist, Willis is sent on a hiking trip in the mountains, where he stumbles upon some strange phenomena. He begins experiencing his wife’s presence, through her scent, voice, and memories urging him to explore a hidden cavern. Within this cavern, he stumbles upon a strange, other-worldly substance, which changes his life forever. Willis has taken on a sixth sense, which allows him to experience what people are thinking and saying, transporting him to the exact moment in time where the event is occurring. Tangible Expressions describes his journey as he discovers and experiences the strange new power, and uses it to bring his wife back from the grave.

I absolutely dig books that have a realistic setting with a sci-fi/paranormal twist, and this is exactly why Tangible Expressions strikes a chord with me. Despite the strange, alien occurrence, it’s all written in a believable manner, which will have you asking what you would do if the same things happened to you. Willis is just a normal guy who can’t live without his wife, which pushes him to do some strange things. He has been gifted with this amazing power, and while he does briefly question why, he quickly tunes his thoughts into how he can save his wife. It’s a journey that is sombre, mysterious, noble and heart-wrenching.

Roberto writes in a descriptive, personable manner that draws you in. At times when I had to put the book down, I was left wondering what would happen next. He brings Willis to life and places us right into the story, experiencing the horrific and saddening feelings of Willis himself. As we followed Willis on his journey of losing his wife, to discovering the depth of his powers, to finally trying to change the time-space paradox, you begin to root for this man and his goal.

While Tangible Expressions was a quick read, it left me with some deeper impressions. Were the events concocted within Willis’s head simply for a way to deal with his loss and his grief? Did Willis even exist by the end of the book? It’s when a book can break the dimension of simply being a story to making us question why, that we know it’s a masterpiece.

I received Tangible Expressions from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Rating: 5 out of 5

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