Guest Post: Scavenger Hunt Cover Reveal for Midnight Hunt by Arial Burnz

June 22, 2013 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Guest Posts, Indie


Thank you Jeann for hosting me on your site Happy Indulgence! As a gamer AND a book lover, I find your review site fascinating and fun! I’m an SW:TOR player and spent eight years playing Everquest 2. (Okay, now I’m itching to get on Star Wars!) I’m honored to be here today!

Thanks for participating in the hunt! *Virtual hugs…and boots up game in the background* (I know…I’m such a geek.)

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

For those of you just joining the scavenger hunt, I’m Arial Burnz, author of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles and I’m doing something a little different than your typical cover reveal.

midnightconquestWe’re on a Scavenger Hunt! In short, I’ve split my new book cover for MIDNIGHT HUNT into fifteen puzzle pieces and scattered them across the Internet. From June 17th through July 1st, one piece a day will be revealed on a blog, website or one of my internet hangouts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).

Gather the codes from all the pieces and send them in to me at the end of the hunt and you’ll be entered into the drawing for Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards, a signed paperback copy of my new release MIDNIGHT HUNT, as well as some signed Romance Trading Cards and other swag (Total Approximate Retail Value of All Prizes: $65). Please click here for the details and my contact information, and here for Official Rules.


Today’s Puzzle Piece

Jeann is doing the honor of revealing the sixth piece of the puzzle. *drum roll* Tah-dah!


Notice the really important part of the puzzle piece above…the CODE! You’ll need that for the final drawing. Be sure to write that code down. You can right-click on the image and save it OR jot down the code somewhere safe. (NOTE: You can always go back to my site where the links to the pieces will be consolidated on one page and updated throughout the Scavenger Hunt.)

Zooming In On the Piece…

Here’s a little trivia, which this puzzle piece features: My favorite star constellation is Orion.

Since I do my own book covers, anytime I have the chance to include Orion in my night skies, I do! And every time I see him in the sky, I wave and say, “Hello, Orion!” Yes…I know…I’m a geek, as my aforementioned confession reveals. However, it has spawned an idea for a story! In the near future, I’ll be releasing an erotic romance tentatively titled “Oh, Ryan!” (Notice I said tentatively, for those of you who groaned.)


This is our third day talking about witches. Gosh, what I wouldn’t do to have some magical abilities! Fantasy is my first love before I was swept away by vampires, and I adore stories with wizards, witches and magic.

Magic abilities seem endless with possibilities. Invisibility? Levitation? Powers like the Jedi or Sith? Traveling through time and space? Or creating things out of thin air? Terry Goodkind had specifications about such magic in his Sword of Truth Series: One could only create something if they had Additive magic; one could only take away if they had Subtractive magic; and very rarely did one have both. Patrick Rothfuss is another author that has a fabulous science behind his magic in his Kingkiller Chronicles.

And then there are stories containing natural magic without all the lights and sparks. There is a romantic subtlety to putting your fate in the hands of the Gods by applying faith, a few herbs and some chants, eh? My character Monika Konrad does just that in MIDNIGHT HUNT.

What about you? If you had a choice of three magical abilities, which three would you choose? Do you favor the subtle natural magic spells? Or do you prefer the light shows and thundering effects? How about your thoughts on the complications or simplicity of magic and science behind it? Please share!

I’ll be available if you have questions and I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone. (Be sure to save your venting for what you don’t like until later. I’ll give you a chance to do that the end of the hunt.)

Added Bonus: If you leave a comment for any of my characters, they just might surprise you with a response!! Hopefully by now, commenters have lured at least Rick and Angus to make appearances. (Click here if you’d like to learn more about my characters.)

Thanks again, Jeann, for having me as a guest at Happy Indulgence! Mwah!

Arial Burnz is an author of fantasy fiction including paranormal elements. Find out more about her on the links below! 

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24 responses to “Guest Post: Scavenger Hunt Cover Reveal for Midnight Hunt by Arial Burnz

  1. Diamond, I'm so sorry I didn't address your love of Andromeda! I have heard of that constellation, but I'm not familiar about it at all. What is it you love about that arrangement of stars? Is it how it looks in the sky? Or the story behind it? Would love to know!

  2. I agree Arial, Rick is absolutely divine 😉 Poor James, I am sure there is a nice gal that prefers the shy guys. But that would not be me. I like the outspoken take what he wants rogue hero's *swoons thinking of Rick*

    Oops, i never left my answers to the question 🙂 Silly me-
    So lemme think..
    1st Healing seems to be the common one, so I agree there. Something about the nurturer in me has always wished for that power.
    2nd Molecular Immobilization
    3rd Maybe Luring..*shrugs*

    • Agreed…healing is a very common desired magical power. It sho' does come in handy!! Not sure what you mean by "Molecular Immobilization". Can you describe how that power would work? And "luring"…like how you refer to luring my vampires?? LOL Great input, Mary! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. *growls as she tosses the scroll from Angus to he floor* Tease!
    *mumbles to herself* He purposefully avoided my question..
    *narrows eyes as she stares out her window* Perhaps I shall stop making myself so "available" to you
    Time for the hunt to really begin…*vanishes*

    • Hello, Kira! Maybe I can save you a little heartache…don't expect ANYTHING from Angus. He absolutely cannot be controlled or held down and he is all about himself and taking what he wants without thought of any consequences. I'm sorry to say, you will continue to be disappointed. 🙁

  4. Greetings, Lasses! (grumbles) And it appears Angus is prowling again.

    Ren, thank you kindly for having us as guests. (bows and kisses Ren's hand) I hope we don't cause too much trouble. (wink)

    Sweet, Mary Anna – a pleasure to see you here. To answer your question, not certain what powers you mean…supernatural or in the bedroom. I can just imagine Arial rolling her eyes now. I thrill at being the rogue just to bother her.

    In all seriousness, I can't reveal too much without giving away any spoilers. But one ability I wish I did have was to be able to roam during the day and not be at the whim of the sun's powers. It would enable me to never leave my Blossom's side and I can protect her at all times. I shall not give up hope in finding a way to do that, though. I hope that answers your question.

    I, too, must feed. Farewell, lasses!


  5. Good evening, ladies…I have just risen here in the United Kingdom…and I need to go out for a bite. Watch out, Kira…I might have my way with you…but, sadly, I'll only leave you with a sample of my visit. Get used to it, dove. 'Tis the way of the Vamsyrian. Off to feed, my moppets.

  6. Hey, Diamond!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Who is the sexiest character? Hrmmm…Well, I'm partial to Broderick MacDougal, the hero of the series. However, our friend Kira loves the bad boy, Angus Campbell…the villain of the series. So I guess it's personal taste. Both of them are rogues. And James Knightly, the hero of book 2 is a shy hunk. No one's been able to coax him out yet. 😉

    Right, witchcraft or wizardry, anything that has to do with the powers of wielding magic.Here's the interesting part…all the abilities you chose – immortality, healing and reading minds – are abilities my vampires have!! You might want to be a Vamsyrian (the name for my vampires) instead!! LOL They can turn off the mind reading when they want.

    You do have to gather all the pieces in order to enter the drawing, but it's actually pretty easy. Just visit my website where I provide links to all the pieces and I update the page daily with the new links. <a href="http://” target=”_blank”>http:// <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the hunt!!

  7. Oh, forgot to answer question! *slaps for head* Ok…power of magic powers! Like, witchcraft or something . Second, immortality / insta heal 🙂 and Third, I'd love to read minds (with this one I'd like to be selective about it and turn it off at any time, otherwise I'm sure I'd go crazy!)

    I don't think I a, clever enough to find any more pieces. Can we still be entered the giveaway if we only have one piece?

  8. Hmmm..I do agree, Healing ability is one of my top choices as well. Mind Control would be another, and the power to control the elements, Fire is my favorite ;)……and in the hopes of catching a glance at my favorite Bad boy I am transferring my comments from the previous hunting grounds..

    .*grins* I may remember more than I am consciously aware, which is what I will be blaming the stutters and scatter words for my dear Angus. And you do so know how to keep a girl wanting wanting more don’t you.
    As for the dreams, please do try harder. I would like to have something to remember you by. and for your other victims…I shall pretend not be so jealous of them. I wonder, do they taste better than me?..

  9. What a fun game! I love doing puzzles. 🙂 Okay three magical abilities. First, the power to heal with my hands. 🙂 Second, the power of invisibility which would be great if a bad guy was after you. 🙂 Third, the ability to travel through time and space as long as the other two powers could travel with me. 😉

    • Hey, Debra!! So glad you could come along for the hunt!!

      Oooooo…those are good abilities!! The healing hands is not a surprise…you're such a healing person. And invisibility…good one! That one also comes in handy when you want to watch the hero undress! Mwuahahaha! And I'm with you! I've always wanted to travel through time and space. Great way to confirm all the historical research I do for my series! GAWD…that would be sooo much easier to do! LOL

      Thanks again for stopping by, Debra!! Be sure to check out the other stops to get the earlier pieces. You can go to my site and get the links.