Inheritance by Lisa Forrest Review: A confusing, incoherent circus read

August 28, 2013 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | 2 stars, Books, Reviews

Inheritance by Lisa Forrest Review: A confusing, incoherent circus readInheritance by Lisa Forrest
Published by HarperCollins Australia on April 4, 2013
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Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
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Cirkulatti: a person descended from circus performers of the ancient world, rumoured to have supernatural gifts...

Tallulah has always known she was different. She can communicate without speaking, a secret she shares only with her childhood nanny, Irena, who warns Tallulah that gifts like hers are not always welcome.

When Tallulah begins training at the prestigious Cirque d′Avenir school, it soon becomes clear the troupe is not all that it seems. As Tallulah is drawn deeper into a world of dark, ancient powers and centuries-old greed, she must call on the skills Irena taught her -- and on the protection of the mysterious cuff Irena gave her for safekeeping.

But what is the secret of the power the cuff holds? And why are men willing to die to possess it? Tallulah always knew her gift was dangerous... But will it stop her from accepting her true inheritance?

Sometimes, books can be deceiving with their pretty covers, interesting blurbs and well written beginnings. Inheritance was one of those books, turning out to be all style and no substance.

It starts off with Tallulah, a girl with telepathic powers, wanting to fit in with others like herself. She joins circus camp at the Cirque d’Avenir, who are rumoured to be descendants of the Cirkulatti, a mystical circus troupe who all had supernatural powers. A promosing start, unfortunately the rest of the book goes off on a tangent.

It was confusing, inconsistent and hard to follow. We are led to believe that we were to learn about Tallulah’s powers and fitting in, instead we’re thrown into a whirlwind of events with Tallulah trying to protect a cuff her nanny gave her to wanting to be this “eminence” of the Cirkulatti. With so many competing objectives and a general lack of descriptions and detail, I have no idea what the author was trying to do, and found myself re-reading sections of the book.

First, we’re told by Marie a veteran at the school to keep the magical powers under wraps because not all the students know about the Cirkulatti. And the next thing you know, Marie is addressing everyone at camp about their magical powers, despite what she just told us. There’s no bridging gap between how one thing led to the other. We’re just meant to assume how things happened, and that makes it really frustrating.

I liked the historical relevance of the Cirkulatti and the flashbacks that Tallulah had about being Theodora, the eminence of the Cirkulatti. But with poor explanations and no sort of relevance to the past, except to make Tallulah believe that she’s the chosen one.

Tallulah herself began to really grate on the nerves after a while. She gets really arrogant at the end with her obsession to be ‘special’ and the chosen eminence. She’s stubborn without a reason to be and completely disregards what other people say. The other characters too were sort of vague in a way as we’re not really given any descriptions about them, and I found it annoying how some of them were referred to by their nicknames and other times, their full name.

The ending was also really random but at that point, I didn’t really care anymore. For some reason the kids found themselves in Europe, hopping on a train to find Tallulah’s missing nanna, when we didn’t get any details for their flight to Europe. Completely out of nowhere, Tallulah summons lightning bolts that she hasn’t been able to do all book. And a villain pops up out of nowhere.

It’s kind of sad that I didn’t love this book, because it’s set in Australia and by an Australian author. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an exciting paranormal read, I would look elsewhere. (The cover is pretty though. So I left one star on for that).

I received this book from Harper Collins Australia in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this opportunity!

Rating: 2 out of 5

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19 responses to “Inheritance by Lisa Forrest Review: A confusing, incoherent circus read

  1. You must be a very patient reader if you didn't give up this book and insisted on finishing it. I know I wouldn't have probably been so perseverent. The cover is very pretty indeed. That's the thing with covers… if they are pretty enough, they really make you buy the book. Another reason for which I prefer not to struggle with books I don't like is that I'd rather not give them a low rating. If I try too hard to finish a book, I get very angry by the time I finish it and I give it just 1 star.
    Oana @All Fantasy Wo recently posted…Bloggers Commenting BackMy Profile

    • Lol you are so right about getting angry or annoyed… I mostly try and finish books I need to review because I generally don't write dnf reviews. I also think everyone deserves to hear the 'other' side too. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Yeouch. I guess I need to stay far away from this one– the cover is so freaking pretty, but paranormal isn't my thing anyway. I hate when books are all random like you described, though. I wouldn't have understood a bit, and I definitely would have had to have re-read parts. Awesome review, girly! I'm sorry that you didn't like it. :/

    (Psst…your blog is so pretty!)

  3. Hi Jeann, Thanks for the honest review. What a shame it was a disappointment, it sucks when the cover is better then the actual book. I hate confusing and hard to get into novels. I always say that if I have to look at the book the same way I would view a maths equation, then it's not the one for me. I love your design and I really appreciate your follow and comments. Yay for Aussie Bloggers too, we rule haha!
    Sunny @ A Sunny Spot recently posted…FILM REVIEW: The Mortal Instruments – City of BonesMy Profile

  4. vanessa

    This was a harsh review but very funny. I know that I won't be reading this novel anytime soon or even in the distant future.

    • Ah I actually think the cover was one of the best parts lol, I liked the girl on it and the little circus thing at the bottom and the pretty art. Ah wells, at least I can admire the cover!