Lightpoints by Peter Kassan Review: I see the light

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Lightpoints by Peter Kassan Review: I see the lightLightpoints by Peter Kassan
on May 19, 2013
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Genres: Paranormal, Science Fiction
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What if you suddenly discovered you had a sense-and powers-that almost no one else in the world did? When Amanda Lindner Nichols, a 24-year-old graphic artist living with her husband in Queens, New York, is revived from a near-death experience, she discovers she perceives everyone around her as points of light-but not with her eyes. She soon learns she can not only perceive the life energy of others, but she can give and take it. With the help of others like her, she brings her husband Chris to the brink of death and back to bestow on him the same remarkable faculty, and they're the happiest they've been. But not for long. All over the world, people who've been revived from their own near-death experience at just the right moment discover themselves with these same unusual powers. They find ways to use them-some for good and some for evil. When Amanda and Chris encounter a ruthless group of gangsters with the same faculty, tragedy follows-and Amanda faces the greatest challenge of her life.

Lightpoints is a unique and interesting story about people who have been revived from Near Death Experiences (or NDE’s) who awake with a sixth sense and are able to perceive others emotions in the form of lightpoints. It follows Amanda’s experience as she adjusts to life after being targeted by a random attacker and nearly dying. She learns about other people like her and about how this phenomenon has occurred.

The NDE experience is well documented as the author describes how people experience out of body sensations, see their life flicker before their eyes, and see the light. From the experience itself to the aftermath, such as needing a support group to deal with residual feelings, to how different people reacted to the experience, addiction and depression, was really interesting. This level of detail was carried through to explaining how the lightpoints came about and what different people are doing with their newfound power. There is a strong focus on follow through, and I really appreciated that.

While most of the novel follows Amanda and her discovery of her power and experiences, her perspective is interchanged with snippets of other people like her and what they are doing with their power (mostly those who are using it for evil). A mob leader called Herrera is the secondary character featured, and their story lines end up crossing eventually into a finale. This finale was meant to be shocking, but I don’t think the level of emotion was communicated well with the authors dry, detailed style of writing.

Halfway through the novel I began to lose interest as the focus shifted to Amanda’s boyfriend Chris suddenly wanting to experience the lightpoints for himself and deciding he was going to go through some near death experiences to achieve that. Despite witnessing the risks, Amanda and him choose to go forward with it anyway just so they could reconnect as a couple. While it was part I’ll have what she’s having, I attributed most of it to plain and simple jealousy and stupidity; I have no idea why anyone in their right mind will willingly choose to nearly die and be revived again, week after week, especially after being warned of the dire risks.

Overall, a unique concept explored in detail, only hindered by dry, detached writing and a weak plot. There were also some strange scenes that erred on the side of uncomfortable such as people taking advantage of others sexually, so this would be for mature audiences only.

I received an eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

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