Of Poseidon by Anna Banks Review: Featuring the densest mermaid ever

October 24, 2013 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | 1 star, Books, Reviews

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks Review: Featuring the densest mermaid everOf Poseidon by Anna Banks
Series: The Syrena Legacy #1
Published by Hardie Grant Egmont on July 1, 2012
Source: Publisher
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
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Galen is strong, protective and gorgeous, with striking violet eyes and a body to make you shiver - and that's just when he's in human form. He's from the House of Triton, god of the sea, and he's searching for a girl with the gift of Poseidon to save his brother from marrying a fraud. Emma is a human. Or so she thinks. When Emma meets Galen on the beach, they both sense a sizzling chemistry. But can Galen convince her that she holds the key to his kingdom - without letting on that he's falling for her?

This is what happens when I don’t heed the advice of my most trusted book buddies. A book like Of Poseidon comes along and many hours are wasted on its torturous and infuriating pages. The start was really promising, with Emma and her friend Chloe literally stumbling into a super attractive guy called Galen. Galen happens to be a royal Syrena (or merman) from the House of Triton, and he believes that Emma is a Syrena with her characteristic violet eyes and gift of Poseidon, where she can talk to sea creatures.

In preparation of this review, I have earmarked 16 pages throughout the book.

What I enjoyed about Of Poseidon

  • The mermaid mythologyMermaids seem to be the next big thing, and this one was my first. I quite enjoyed the details about Syrena, how they sift and find their next mate to ensure the continuity of their species. Having the Triton and the Poseidon as rival houses with different powers was interesting too (although I’m not quite sure how they are rivals but also perfect mates)
  • The cute ocean references. The syrena have really cute terms of endearment scattered throughout the book, like angelfish, swearing by Triton’s trident, minnow, and the dreaded stonefish.
  • Evocative oceanic scenes. Of Poseidon features some great underwater scenes of interacting with the aquatic creatures that are there and even diving deep below to the bowels of the ocean. I loved the part where they explored the Titanic and discovered Emma’s power with prolonged time under the ocean.

What I didn’t enjoy about Of Poseidon

Warning: spoilers and ranting ahead.

  • Interchanging third and first person perspectives. This made the book really hard to
    get into, with Emma’s perspective in first person and Galen’s perspective in third person. The flow of the book was somewhat interrupted and sometimes when you are reading about one person, the plot jumps when it goes into the next person’s perspective.
  • Emma’s constant temper tantrums. For a girl who is supposedly known to be sweet in class, she has a huge temper and throws unreasonable tantrums throughout the book. She throws Rayna, Galen’s sister through a glass door with murderous intentions, and after fighting she’s whimpering within seconds. Emma is quick to judge and go off at other people, especially Galen, and can’t even stick to her beliefs either. One second, she blows up about Rayna being forced into marriage, and the next second she’s helping the husband Toraf with making her jealous. Whhhattt?!
  • Emma’s absolute denseness. Throughout the book, her sheer stupidity was evident. When Galen suggests that she might be adopted due to her Syrena traits, she believes him over her own mother, even when she produces photographic evidence of her birth with both parents present, and her birth certificate. WHY? Not to mention this:

You’d think they’d notice my heart is on the opposite side of my chest. I mean are you sure you’re reading this right? You’re not a human doctor, you’re basically a veterinarian right? You could be wrong. 

Because according to Emma, vets don’t know which side a humans’ heart is.

  • Galen’s possessiveness. Besides being obsessed with her red lips and Syrena heritage, the only reason Galen is sticking around is to find out whether she really is Of Poseidon and I’m just saving her for my brother. When Emma breaks up with him, he stalks her, blows up her phone, beats up the guy she’s with and makes serial-killer eyes. Not to mention his sexist philosophy:

He scours his memory for a sweet-natured Syrena who would take care of him, who would do whatever he asked, who would never argue with him. 

  • Eye-rolling goodness. Emma constantly uses the phrase Ohmysweetgoodness and constantly blushes at every thought of Galen. As soon as the two break up, Galen literally gets hoarded by “a hurricane of teenage females” girls texting him, propositioning him, “touching him, giggling at him, smiling at him for no reason, and distracting him…”
  • Way ahead of the plot reveal. How come Emma can’t summon her fin but she can breath underwater? Why does she have the traits of a human but have the Gift of Poseidon? I don’t know, maybe because she’s a half-breed? After Xrays, testing of Emma’s gift, checking of the heart rate and the pulse, they finally come to this conclusion, and it’s dragged over two chapters, like it wasn’t already half obvious.
  • Completing brushing over the best friend’s death. Instead of mourning her friend who got eaten by a shark, Emma quickly transitions into daydreaming about dating Galen and thinking of ways to get him to kiss her. Not to mention the mother encouraging her thoughts towards Galen. Since when is a hot guy more important than a close friend’s death??

Final thoughts

Suffice to say, I can’t really recommend Of Poseidon. I’ve suffered through way too many Bella Swans and annoying main characters and Emma was possibly one of the worst. There were many scenes that seemed to be really immature with Galen, Emma and even Emma’s mum doing or saying things that were rash, juvenile and self-centered. That being said, I know some people really loved the mermaid mythology and oceanic scenes. Unfortunately, I have the next book on my shelf waiting to be reviewed, so I’ll have to read it sometime.

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review!

Rating: 1 out of 5

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51 responses to “Of Poseidon by Anna Banks Review: Featuring the densest mermaid ever

  1. corrallingbooks

    I really enjoyed this book when I was younger, but now I barely remember anything about it.
    Some of the things you mentioned here are honestly so mindblowing – like that thing about being a vet and not knowing where a human heart is? I DOT KNOW HOW I MISSED THAT.
    I'll have to reread this book again – so great to hear your opinions and think about Of Poseidon again! 🙂
    My recent post The Fate Of Ten By Pittacus Lore | Ten Out of Ten Book

  2. I've been reading many negative reviews about this book and the worst thing about it is, part of me still wants to read it 🙁 It sounds horrible and something I'd absolutely hate, but the whole mermaid-and-pretty-cover-thing makes me want to read it. Arghhh. Loved your review though! 😀
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Cast a Harry Potter spell (part 1.)My Profile

  3. This is a perfect example of " To each their own " 🙂 I actually loved this book. Yes.. Was annoyed by many of the things that you mentioned. But I also have a slight obsession with all books mer related lol.. so I guess i'm slightly biased. I did hate that the BF's death was brushed over a bit. But the way it just dove right into that heart wrenching scene in the beginning? I was like " WTFFFFFFF" lol I'm glad you are willing to be honest about your feelings. Maybe the next book will win you over more. I'm curious to see what your review will be like! – ps. LOVED the little mermaid GIFs lol
    Michelle @ The Passi recently posted…Destiny by Andrea Buginsky Book BlitzMy Profile

    • You're definitely right Michelle, heaps of people enjoyed this but unfortunately it wasn't my cup of tea. It was so weird how they brushed over the best friend getting eaten by a shark – not even mentioning it after the first few pages. TBH, I'm kinda afraid of picking up that next book now! lol

  4. Eve

    WOW. I've read about many things, like girls practically abandoning their friends and families for hot guys, but not mourning your deceased friend because of someone like Galen (who seems like one of the worst love interests in YA)? That's just ridiculous!

    I was thinking about reading this book for a while now, because I want to see the whole mermaid/merman stuff, but now I don't think I'll bother with it. I don't think I'll like Emma or Galen or anyone else. Great review, though! You saved me a couple of days of irritation! haha
    Eve recently posted…Review: Crash Into YouMy Profile

    • Yeah, Emaline was definitely one of a kind. It has intrigued me ever since Lies Beneath but yeah, my first mermaid book didn't fare well. Thanks Eve, glad I saved you the headache lol.

  5. Ha we felt so similar about this one! I really liked the cinematic underwater world it was my favorite and only part I really liked. I count the mermaid mythology in that too. I hated the love interest though ugh he sickened me. And the interchanging persons what's up with that? I could feel something was off with the writing a while before I realized why it was just not my thing. I actually know many bloggers who did like this one but yeah it seems to have mixed opinions. Hope your next one is better (really how can it not be? haha)
    Giselle recently posted…Review: The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn BarnesMy Profile

  6. Oh boy. I do plan on reading this sometime, so I'll just begin the mental preparing now. Uh oh. I was actually planning on maybe doing a chapter-by-chapter review. The only good thing here seems that I'll have enough to rant about 😛

    Great review, and *braces self for the moment I'll pick this up*
    Celine recently posted…Review: Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefanoMy Profile

  7. Oh, man … just no.

    A sexist leading guy, who also happens to be overly controlling and have a temper, being portrayed as a love interest? No thank you.

    (Also had to LOL at Emma not believing her parents over some basically random dude and thinking vets don't know what side a human's heart is on haha. I'm no doctor – and I'm no vet – but I still know basic fricken anatomy).

    Great review 🙂

    – Allie @ Little Birdie Books
    Allie @ Little Birdi recently posted…Review: Meant to Be {Lauren Morrill}My Profile

  8. Ok, I know you were in pain getting through this book but you're review made me LOL. Hilarious! I kinda do want to try out a mermaid book since I loved Ariel when I was a kid but I just haven't seen anything that is more than an angsty teenager. I actually almost got an audiobook of this (it was free somewhere but couldn't figure out how to download it lol), I guess its a blessing in disguise I was slightly dense that day!
    Amir recently posted…Review: Mine to Hold by Cynthia EdenMy Profile

    • Hahaha yes I don't do ranty posts often but when I do, I go to town. I just needed to let everyone know my pain and furstration lol. HAHAHA you made me lol so hard about your density ROFL

  9. OHMYSWEETGOODNESS! How's that? Does it make me sound like Emma? Hahahah. Just kidding. First of all, I want you to know that I have an unhealthy obsession for mermaids. I have a figurine collection of mermaids, I love buying mermaid dolls and my MMORPG gaming avatar's true form is a mermaid but she transforms into an assassin when she's on land and I love watching crappy mermaid Filipino TV shows. But the most wondrous thing is that, I haven't read a single mermaid book unless you take into account The Little Mermaid. I just don't know. Maybe I have this subconscious fear that mermaid authors will ruin them for me.

    I swear I've read reviews for Waterfell, The Marked Ones, September Girls and this one too. All mermaid books but surprisingly, all the reviews were mostly comprised of negative ones. Argh! I am sorry that you had to tackle this book, Jeann.

    All the negative points that you raised would certainly make me fling a book at my wall. I don't know whether to laugh at Emma or not. Her denseness and inconsistencies would certainly have my eyeballs popping out from their sockets. Grrrr.

    Maybe I am better off with contenting myself with reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. Though it doesn't have mermaids but still, it has Poseidon. xD
    Charlotte recently posted…Feature Follow Bloghop {12}My Profile

    • Hahaha thanks for scaring me a bit there Charlotte lol! Mermaids are pretty awesome, which MMORPG do you play? I think mermaid books might put you off then, so good decision for staying away. I laughed at Emma at the start but when you have to endure her for the whole book it just gets really annoying. OMG you have not read Percy Jackson yet??? Do it now!

  10. OMG! Yes! That is exactly how I felt about this disaster of a book. I wanted to write a review as soon as I had finished reading it, but then decided against it, but you've taken the words out of my mouth. I know this is seriously mean but this book sucked so bad.

    I hated the main character for her stupidity, jealous streak and her meanness towards her mother. Also, yes, I don't know why the author mentioned that she was this sweet girl when she clearly wasn't. Yes, sweet girls get angry too, but they don't throw people out of glass windows. That entire scene was ridiculous with Galen just watching them for some BS reason.

    "Instead of mourning her friend who got eaten by a shark, Emma quickly transitions into daydreaming about dating Galen and thinking of ways to get him to kiss her."

    UGH! This was what pissed me off so much. Who the f*** forgets about her bf being chomped on by a shark?

    Oh man. Just reading your review brings back terrible memories. Why this was even published in the first place is beyond me.

    Fab review, Jeann. Hope you read something more enjoyable soon, Jeann to forget this mess.
    Nick @ Nick's B recently posted…Review : Waterfell by Amalie HowardMy Profile

    • Oh man, it was terrible Nick. I'm glad you felt my pain. But you know, it appears that lots of people loved it too. Just shows that our tastes are different to theirs hey? I have no idea why Galen was just hanging out watching them, it was really weird.

  11. SO many people really love this book, and I'm like, BUT WHY?!

    I mean, there are some aspects that are good, I guess- like the mythology- but there were just so many annoying tropes that I couldn't get past. Especially the whole overprotectiveness of Galen- that was seriously irritating…
    Nara recently posted…Review: Never Fade by Alexandra BrackenMy Profile

  12. Bahahaha awesome review. Loved it. I think I may have bought this in a kindle sale. I can't resist buying mermaid books even though I have yet to read any lol. Clearly my subconscious is telling me to stay away! 🙂

  13. Ouch I have this book but have't read it. I'll save this for later, I don't like it when the main character is annoying. Thanks for review!

  14. Jean S.

    I totally agree with your review. I really liked the mermaid mythology too, but I couldn't get past the points you ranted about.

  15. Yeeesh. I'd say I'm glad I haven't read this yet but the joke's on me. I have Of Poseidon and Of Whatever-the-heck it is somewhere in my shelves. Bah. Anyway, I'm definitely going to stay clear of this.

    Great review, Jeann.
    Joyousreads recently posted…Wreck this Journal UpdateMy Profile

  16. I can see where you're coming from with this. As for the switching perspectives, it happens a lot in the House of Night books. It struck me as odd at first, but I've gotten the hang of it by now, so it didn't bother me in this one. I also actually liked Twilight, even though Bella gave me a headache, so I tend to be more forgiving of characters that others think are too stupid to live. lol I do agree with you about the predictability about Emma, though. Seriously, like we didn't see that one coming? Here's my review, if you're interested: http://mommysreadingbreak.wordpress.com/2013/07/0

    I just looked over my reviews really quickly, and it looks like I liked the sequel better. It also gives us a little more insight into the Syrena community, so you may like it a little better. Who knows?
    DeAnna @ Mommy' recently posted…WWW Wednesday #49My Profile

    • Ah, I haven't picked up House of Night series and doubt I will. Lol, you are hilarious about characters being too stupid to live rofl! Hmm, who knows, I may like it more but I gotta say I would probably not pick it up in the near future. Thanks for visiting DeAnna!

  17. When I saw this in my inbox, I had to read the review right away. I've avoided this series since last year! LOL! For some reason, I don't like mertales. I did love The Little Mermaid, though (the movie!). I laughed at your title, "densest"! I don't like characters like this, and a mermaid at that. Ugh. And WOW, she didn't even mourn her friend? Sounds like people I cut off from my life. XD
    Dre @ Sporadic Reads recently posted…81. Obsidian (Lux 1) by Jennifer L. ArmentroutMy Profile