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November 17, 2013 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Author Interviews, Books

Ever wondered what your favourite authors were doing? Well for the next few months, they will be visiting the David Estes Fans & YA Book Lovers Unite group on Goodreads and answering all of your questions!

Here’s the schedule:

Jennifer A. Neilsen Q&A – Past

This Q&A has now finished but Jennifer had some excellent answers to questions and she was a lot of fun! Check out here.

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Ilsa J Bick Q&A – November 11-17 

Ilsa J. Bick, author of the Ashes trilogy and the upcoming release White Space is currently answering questions in the group, until November 17th.

white space ashes shadows2 monsters

Here’s my question she’s answered so far:

Q: Hi Ilsa, do you think YA books are getting more stereotypical these days with instant love, love triangles and daft heroines? As a book blogger these are some of the blogosphere’s most hated tropes, yet authors still continue to use them. What are your thoughts on this? 

A: Well, I tend not to think of them much, mainly because all genres have their stereotypes. Frankly, I think that if they didn’t sell, writers wouldn’t use them. But they do, and maybe part of that is a conditioned response. That is, if you think about it–if you do the math and all–about 60% of the reading public reads romance. That’s no lie either. By comparison, sf is a paltry 7% (and most people seem to get their sf fix through films). Now you can take one of two views here: that people are conditioned, for an early age, to want romance (Jane Austen was no dummy) and so what you’re fed as a kid is something you continue to seek out as an adult; or that people naturally gravitate to happily-ever-after scenarios. If you compare standard YA books cover to romance covers . . . you’ll find there really isn’t that much difference. So I’m kind of the opinion that readers are steered toward certain genres, and these genres all have their standard tropes. (That sounds nefarious, and maybe it is–but you have to remember: everyone’s in this to make a buck.

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 Marissa Meyer Q&A – November 18-24

I probably don’t need to tell you guys this, but I AM SO EXCITED about Marissa Meyer visiting! I feel like the entire blogosphere is a fan of her writing and now we get to ask her anything we want!

cinder scarlet  cress

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Hugh Howey Q&A – December 11-17

I’m a super big fan of Hugh Howey ever since I read WOOL while it was still an indie title on Amazon! So excited to finally be able to ask him any questions. If you haven’t read WOOL yet read it now, it’s truly amazing.



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Mike Mullin Q&A – January 13- 19

Dystopian author Mike Mullin of the Ashfall series will be visiting the group in January. I need to read Ashfall as I’ve heard awesome things!


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Which of these authors are you looking forward to speaking with? 

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12 responses to “Q&A with your favourite YA authors

  1. I'm SO excited for the Marissa Meyer one! I don't know if I'll even ask her anything, but to know that one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi authors is going to be there… *flails* so exciting! David's group is the best 🙂
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  2. That was really interesting reading Ilsa J. Bick's answer! I've thought that myself a lot. I do see those stereotypes (particularly the love-triangles) get a lot of flack on the blogosphere. So why do they sell? It's hugely interesting! (I don't mind them myself, as long as they're done well. 🙂