Unbroken by Rachel Caine Review: And…that’s how it’s done

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Unbroken by Rachel Caine Review: And…that’s how it’s doneUnbroken by Rachel Caine
Series: Outcast Season #4
Published by Roc on February, 7 2012
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Genres: Urban Fantasy
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For millennia, Cassiel was a powerful Djinn—until she was exiled to live among mortals. Now the threat of an apocalypse looms, and Cassiel is in danger of losing everything she has come to hold dear… As the world begins to fall apart around her, Cassiel finds herself fighting those she once called her own: the Djinn. With Weather Warden Luis Rocha and the rescued child Ibby by her side, Cassiel struggles to find a way to protect those who are in her charge and come to terms with the leadership role she never asked for.Cassiel is opposed by Pearl—a powerful Djinn bent on raising an army of kidnapped Warden children to bring about nothing less than the end of the world. It will take everything Cassiel has to stop the Djinn from starting a war that will wipe all of humanity from the face of the earth. She knows that this might not be a battle she can survive, but protecting those she loves is worth any cost…

If there’s anyone who knows how to write an epic series, it’s Rachel Caine. From beginning to finish, the Weather Warden series and the spin-off, Outcast Season has just blown my mind with the epic world that its set in with Djinns, Wardens, magical powers and the impending apocalypse.

Unbroken marks the end of the Weather Warden universe as we know it. From beginning to end, Rachel Caine still manages to deliver surprises after 13 books. If you are a fan of the Weather Warden series and still haven’t gotten around to reading this one, I urge you to pick up the series and enjoy.

The Outcast Season is the story of Cassiel, a cold, ruthless and all powerful Djinn who never saw the value of humans. This is where she learns about the power of humanity and the importance of hope and love. Her journey allows her to execute her ultimate fate and defend the greatest enemy the world has ever known – her sister, Pearl. 

All the long eternity I had lived, and I had never understood why any Djinn would wish to seal themselves in flesh, live this strange and fleeting life with humans…but now, I couldn’t imagine leaving it. 

Everything is tied perfectly into a ground breaking and earth shattering conclusion (pun intended), giving us a whole different view to the ending of Total Eclipse. I didn’t think Weather Warden could have ended any better, but I was wrong. We are given a completely different perspective of what conspired at the end of the series with Cassiel and Luis’s journey essentially ending up at the same place, giving us new eyes and insight into what went down in the final fight against the forces of nature. At times the book even ran parallel to Total Eclipse, which I found to be amazing.

The last time I cried over a book was 3 years ago, and Unbroken totally blew that record out of the window. When it seems that the ending is inevitable and there’s no other way it could go, the author steers us in a direction that somehow makes perfect sense.

What surprises me over and over again throughout every book I’ve read of the Outcast and Weather Warden series is how well Rachel Caine describes the intangible. From fleshing out the forces of nature, to Earth, Fire and Weather powers, to the Djinn hierarchy and the all-seeing aetheric, this series is a must read purely from the world building alone.

As the series comes to a close and I look back at the Weather Warden/Outcast journey, I’m really glad that we were given this spin-off series to prolong the universe. I said goodbye to David, Lewis, and Jo when I finished Total Eclipse, but was really glad to have discovered the fiery, passionate souls of Cassiel, Luis and Isabel. These characters will forever be cemented in my memory as some of the greatest characters of all time.

This is how a spin off should be done, supplementing the original series while moving onto new characters, but still remaining relevant in the end. We learn new things about characters who we thought were purely evil or selfish. We see things from new perspectives. We get to know some amazing new characters and find out more about the original universe, in this case, Earth powers and the heart of a True Djinn. It’s a journey worth experiencing for yourself and all lovers of urban fantasy.

Series: Outcast Season #4

Rating: 5 out of 5

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14 responses to “Unbroken by Rachel Caine Review: And…that’s how it’s done

  1. It's so weird–I've read a couple of the Weather Warden books but never really got into them! I'm regretting that after seeing your praise for this series this far into them, though, that's quite an accomplishment. Maybe because I got a little worn out on Morganville Vampires–I liked that, but it did seem to go on forreeeeevvver. 😉
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Secret (Elemental #4): review discussionMy Profile

  2. I've read something by Rachel Caine before but now I can't remember what it was! I have been wanting to branch out of YA and this book sounds like a great way to do that-the writing sounds great!

  3. 3 years of not crying? My, you're one tough lady, Jeann! I swear to you that I almost find myself crying whenever I am reading a book that enjoyed even if it only got a 3 star rating from me. I've never heard of this series but I've heard of Caine since I just read her Prince of Shadows the other day. Sadly, it didn't work for me. But maybe this one will.

    These Djinns really interest me. Hmmn. Just added this series to my TBR pile.

    Thanks for the lovely review!
    Charlotte @ Thoughts recently posted…Stacking The Shelves {24}My Profile

    • Lol, not that I can remember crying over a book, but lately the more emotionally invested I am the more I break down! Sad to hear Prince of Shadows didn't work for you, I can't wait to read it. Hope you enjoy this series, you should add Weather warden (this one is a spin off) to it too. Thank you Charlotte, it's glad to be back! I missed you guys.

    • Thanks Purple! I think you'll love this series, especially if you are looking for a new UF series. You should start with the Weather Warden series as this is a spin off 🙂 you won't regret it!

  4. Wow, sounds like this was a fantastic read! I must keep an eye on this one for whenever I feel like I need a new Urban Fantasy series to read! Also, it being about Djinns is quite unusual!

    • Sounds like there's a bit of love for the UF crowd out there, I kind of miss reading them with all the YA lately! Think I'll have to pick up another UF series in the new year. This is a spin off of the awesome weather warden series, my favourite UF!