Stacking the Shelves #17 – Lifeline Bookfest Haul Jan 2014

January 25, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Haul

This special version of Stacking the Shelves is about the Lifeline Bookfest, held across Queensland in Australia twice a year.

It’s no secret that I have a little obsession…and that obsession is the Bookfest. It’s not often that I find myself being somewhere early in the morning just for a sale. But getting early on the first day to the Bookfest is totally worth it, because you’ll score the newest stock before everyone else has had the chance to go through it. The best thing is that you are supporting a charity with your purchases, so I don’t hold back too much.

My tips for attending the Lifeline Bookfest:

  • Get there early, preferably on the first day. Items get replenished every morning.
  • Bring a rolling bag or a suitcase, you’ll need it.
  • Bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water with you.
  • Drive there if you can so you can make multiple trips back to the car.
  • If buying a DVD or board game, check to make sure the CD is in there and that all the pieces are intact.
  • After scoring all your bargain buys, wipe down all of your purchases with a wet, soapy cloth and dry cloth. It gets amazingly dusty in storage!
  • DVDs and games are in the $2.50 section, go there first because this section is very popular!
  • When purchasing PC games, keep in mind that most of the newer games contain a Steam key which will already be claimed by the original owner. Check the back of the box to see whether Steam activation is required.
  • The last day of the bookfest is usually a sale day, where you pay for a plastic bag which is however many items you can fit in.
  • The High Quality section is my favourite for latest releases, including the Children’s section for YA.
  • Go there with a few hours to spare, it will take hours to sift through the aisles.

Without further ado, here is my haul at the latest Bookfest!

I think having a suit case this year attributed to the amount of stuff I bought…


Heaps of NA and romance this time around, which does me just fine! Most of these books were $4 each.


Super pleased with the DVDs that I got this year (and slightly embarrassed at some of the other ones). Can’t believe Russell Peters and Storm Riders (a favourite HK movie of mine) were in the plastic wrapper! All DVDs here wre $2.50, except for the Simpsons Season 7 which looks brand new for $10.


Not as many games this year, but I’m super happy with Diablo & Diablo II to put on the shelf. I played my brothers version back in the day and now I have my own copy for my collection.


Check out that massive Dragon Ball Z collection that I acquired! I cannot believe I got almost 4 complete seasons, with 3 cds signed by the voice actors of Trunks, Goku and Krillin!


Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane will be held until 27 January 2014 in the Brisbane Convention Centre.Β Please consider donating your preloved books or items to a Lifeline store.

Now I’m in the market for another bookshelf…

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45 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #17 – Lifeline Bookfest Haul Jan 2014

  1. Amazing finds and for around $4!?! The best book sale near where I live is a huge library used book sale that takes place once a year in April. I definitely plan to go there earlier this year and get a first pick at books unlike last year =)
    Stephanie (Hopeless recently posted…Review: The SelectionMy Profile

  2. I wish there is something like this in Indonesia. Books + movies + video games in cheap price = heaven. No wonder you told to bring rolling bag, DVD and games only $2.50 why can't I have this in my country …….

    I miss ps2 games, too bad my ps2 has broken. I love RE: Code Veronica, I think I finished it more than 2 times. I love Steve Burnside, too bad he hasn't appeared in future RE (except in RE remake) X"D

  3. Wow you got a lot of amazing books, movies, and games at the Bookfest! I'm super jealous, but I've heard great things about Silvia Day's series, and Attachments and Lock & Key look soooo good! Rainbow Rowell writes really emotional books. Also, I approve of 27 Dresses because that movie is one of my favorites and it may or may not make me cry every time I watch that movie. Enjoy your great new haul, Jeann! <33
    Eileen @ Singing and recently posted…Life of a Blogger (1): Celebrity CrushesMy Profile

    • Yes, I loved the Bookfest so awesome! Omg I was stoked when I got Attachments and Lock & Key, couldn't' believe someone had donated their copy. Good to hear you enjoyed 27 dresses, I'll have to watch it soon!

  4. Omg, like where is here to even start…Well I have Embrace and three books in that Rachel Vincent series. I read the first and it was pretty good. There are some other books on there that I love to check out πŸ™‚ Great haul!
    Janina @ Synchronize recently posted…Book Hauling It Up (83)My Profile

    • Oh Cait if you check out the Lifeline bookfest site, you might have a location that is closer to you as they are all over QLD! I always have so much fun and it's great supporting a charity.

  5. Oh My God!!! I wish we had one of these in India, and that too so cheap. I already don't have any place to keep my books anymore. A suitcase would do me good! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your haul. πŸ™‚
    Aarati recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #9My Profile

  6. We have this we're I'm from in N.S.W but I don't remember there being DVD'S and games, just books. We only have it once a year that I am aware of, and I missed last years, which I was really upset about. I always come home with a box of books πŸ™‚ I'll have to remember to go as soon as it opens this year to get the best books, there's never that many YA books, or the ones there I already own.

    You got a great haul, happy reading πŸ™‚
    Rochelle Sharpe recently posted…Fiction Friday: Review β€˜The Raven Boys’ by Maggie Stiefvater.My Profile

    • Thanks Rochelle, glad to hear that you guys have something similar down there, I wasn't sure. Yes most of my books are actually from the bookfest cos I just can't resist and they are great bargains! It takes a lot of sifting through, I always see a lot of Hunger Games there.