Chatterbox: Why You Should Start a Blog

February 7, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Chatterbox, Features

I’m rebooting this post from 2014 because encouraging people to start blogging can never get old! 

Ever thought of starting a blog, but procrastinated about it? Blogging can be one of the most fun and rewarding things that you’ll do.

Here’s some of the reasons why I think you should take the plunge:

1. Your own personal space to express yourself

A place where you can express yourself however and whenever you want. Making it private or personal, sharing with your friends or posting anonymously. Write about your passions, your thoughts, your fears, or post cute cat photos. This is your space and you can choose whatever you want to do with it.

2. Meet like minded people

I’m sure most of us have hobbies and interests, and sometimes we get a little embarrassed to share them to people you meet. With a blog, the people who read and follow it are people who are genuinely interested in the topics that you post about.


3. Learn digital and content writing skills

Everyone can start a blog using WordPress or Blogger, and along the way you’ll probably develop some skills in HTML, analysing web stats and content writing for the web. Digital skills are in demand today and what a fun way to showcase your abilities!

4. Start a discussion

In life we are constant learners and we can never really truly be an expert in the field. Project your thoughts out there, and discover other opinions and mindsets, and find out about the things that you are truly passionate about. Blogging has allowed me to keep up to date with the latest books available.

5. Exhibit your creativity

Blogging allows you to have a creative outlet where you can delve into the world of web and graphic design, the topics that you post about, or even how you post. I’m constantly experimenting with how I can get my posts out there and promote, and after nearly 2 years I’m still enjoying it.

6. Inspire people

Have an awesome idea but have no where to share it? Start a blog and tell the world! No one’s going to find out if you keep it to yourself. You never know, your blog might inspire others to start one too!


7. Positive reinforcement

Getting comments and feedback will help you improve, and it’s really exciting hearing what others have to say about your writing! Blog comments and shares are the brighter part of my day and I love receiving them.

8. It’s heaps of fun!

Having your own space on the web, chatting to like minded people, and writing about topics that interest you is definitely fun. No one is there pressuring you to write and people will take notice when you are having fun.

These are only a few of the reasons why blogging is rewarding, and it’s not a perfected art and even the most novice blogger will improve over time. There’s lots of positives to blogging but not a lot of downsides – so why don’t you start one now?

Why did you start your blog or why do you want to start one?

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Jeann is an Aussie YA blogger and mum who loves to read and recommend books! You can usually find me fangirling about books on my various social media channels including Twitter @happyindulgence, Instagram and Youtube.


52 responses to “Chatterbox: Why You Should Start a Blog

  1. Jessica D

    Ok so I gave in and made one. Picked a theme and made a post but still a little confused. I added you the list of blogs I follow but I have no idea what this linking to you things work. If you wouldn't mind guiding me that would be great! My email is i_love_books at aol dot com. You would be the best ever 🙂

  2. I love the creativity that comes with blogging! Coming up with new features and discussions can be a lot of fun. This is a great list and hopefully other readers will read it and be inspired! Yay for more blogging friends in the community =)
    Stephanie (Hopeless recently posted…Review: CinderMy Profile

  3. This is just a perfect list! I was nodding by head as I was reading because I agree with everything you've said.

    For me blogging has had such a positive impact on my life. I've met friends, learned to express myself, discover more books and most importantly, have found something that I'm absolutely passionate about. I'm one of those people who's rather quiet in real life, so being able to express myself so much has been quite the experience. Great post, Jeann!
    Nick @ Nick's B recently posted…Review : Cress by Marissa MeyerMy Profile

  4. Kristen

    Thanks for the awesome post. I've been tossing the idea of starting a blog back and forth. These reasons make me lean more towards the idea of just going for it.

  5. Agree with all of these, especially number 1 and 2! I've started so many blogs over the years for the simple reason I want my own space in the internet. It's such a good feeling to know you have a little place to vent your feelings and thoughts out. Also ever since I started blogging, I've gotten way more friends with the same interests. Not that I'm complaining, but not many of my real life friends read the same stuff I do, some don't really read at all, so I'm honestly glad I was able to meet like-minded people. Even you, Jeanne! <3

    Faye @ The Social Potato

    • Me too Faye, I used to be one of those who kept a diary that I wrote in everyday but now we have the Internet! Same as me, not many I can talk to about the same books. I'm glad I met you too, Faye!

  6. Oh I definitely agree with your points! Before I started blogging, I didn't have an avenue to freely express my thoughts, and it's still so surreal to me how far I've gone from closed off to an open book in a matter of months 🙂 I think the best part about this entire experience is getting to meet a whole bunch of amazing people over the net, and just getting to talk and make friends with them too! 🙂 There's also that drive to keep on reading that I never really had before 😀 And I LOVE discussions! This space is just so opinion friendly sometimes 🙂 So yeah! I would definitely recommend blogging to anyone 😀
    Jasmine @ Flip That recently posted…Review: The Moon And MoreMy Profile

    • Glad to hear you found your own place where you can talk about books and relate to others! I agree that is the best part about blogging 🙂 I was afraid of posting one of my DNF reviews because my opinion against it was very strong but everyone was very welcoming despite it – totally agree with what you mean about the opinion friendliness! Thanks for your comment.

  7. Awesome post, such a positive message to give others the confidence to start or continue to blog. I've only been blogging for a little over twelve months, and I can still remember how excited I was when I reached 20 followers. I love not only being a book blogger, but having my own little slice of the net. Whether you have 20 followers or 2000, blogging still gives you that sense of achievement.
    Kelly recently posted…Stacking The Shelves & Weekly Wrap #011My Profile

  8. I love this post. I remember when I first started blogging. I was so nervous and very careful about what I posted and what not. Now I just write everything that comes to mind and hope that others can relate to what I am thinking. And like you said… I have learned a ton of html. I really taught myself how to blog and am really proud of it.
    Angie @Angela's recently posted…Project Disney – AladdinMy Profile

    • So was I, that's why it took me so long to write discussion posts lol! But yes, HTML is a useful tool in this day and age. Glad you have a blog, it is something to be proud of.

  9. I so agree with everyone of your reasons..since blogging I have learned a lot regarding computers, interactions, programming and have even improved my writing skills. It is totally fun, and heck yes, I love meeting fellow book lovers and like minded peeps. To me the greatest joy comes from interacting with fellow bloggers, book lovers, authors and publishers. There is nothing like fangirling with someone! My adult children laugh at me because I interact on my social media sites then they do and I know all the latest slang..hehehe.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…How the Heck Did You Do That?!? Blogger Tips & Tricks #16- Tags & CategoriesMy Profile

  10. Great post! Definitely encouraging, I think a lot of people might be inspired to create a blog when given a little extra push. I remember my little push being the like minded people thing. When I discovered Goodreads I saw so many awesome book discussions and was like "I have to get in on this!"
    Alise recently posted…Things I Have Found Inside Books (Literally)My Profile

  11. Awwww I definitely agree with all of these opinions. I started my blog with Jennifer just because I wanted to publish my opinions on something bigger than Goodreads (I don't know if this makes any sense). I initially just wanted to blog about my personal life and whatever, but then I realize I couldn't blog three seconds about my personal life without mentioning books at least once. Hence how the book blog was created 🙂
    Marianne @ Boricuan recently posted…Review: Defy by Sara B. LarsonMy Profile

  12. TOTALLY AGREE with your post Jeann, especially with #2. Sometimes you're just not comfortable in admitting your hobbies to people you see everyday and that speaks true with what I'm reading because I have such weird taste in books at times. I had a personal blog before but ended up letting it go once I started travelling..books have always been my greatest escape though, even when traveling so starting a book blog was my top choice when I decided to blog again. I love meeting fellow bloggers, discovering books and authors through other blogs 🙂

    P.S. I actually just scheduled a post with A Not-So-Literary Musings as the header yesterday! Random!
    Amir recently posted…Review: Under Locke by Mariana ZapataMy Profile

    • Hehe glad to hear you're starting discussion posts as well, I really enjoy reading them! Glad that you agree with #2, I know what it's like sometimes. Travelling is amazing and books take you to so many places!

  13. I agree with basically everything, Jeann! I do think though that discussing books is the best thing ever, though I rarely come up with awesome discussions on my blog, but just DM, talking on comments or Goodreads–it's just so great to share excitement or just rave with someone who fels the same way. I love how people inspire me to do better and hopefully I inspire someone as well. Thanks for this awesome and thoughtful post! 🙂
    Siiri recently posted…On My Home Country. Welcome to Estonia!My Profile

    • That sounds wonderful Dre, I've always had a blog ever since high school but those were to share my experiences and talk about life and learnings. Now that I am a bit older, I loved starting a blog to meet like minded people and share my thoughts on books, it's been the best thing ever!

  14. Excellent points! I've been really happy with my decision to start a blog for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I love sharing my passion with people, but I especially love that it keeps my creative juices flowing. I love that. Great post! 🙂
    Lindsey recently posted…Siege and Storm by Leigh BardugoMy Profile

  15. Jessica D

    I really like this list. It's making me think more about a blog I want to start but am too scared to do. I crochet everyday. I've started to make my own designs and have even started to sell! I would love to have a place (other than facebook) to showcase everything and to just rant about how much I loved (or hated) working on projects and just talk things out. I feel like you can't do that on facebook. But it's just so daunting to me to start a blog because I know nothing about it. How do I start? Where do I start?! It's just too scary for me. But because of your list I'm going to think some more about it. Thank you!

    • I think that sounds like a wonderful idea Jess! That sounds perfect for even a tumblr. Remember blogging is so easy and free so you might as well just start one up and see where it goes. It doesn't need to be perfect and us bloggers didn't have a clue at the start, you have to start from somewhere. No problems! Link me if you do start it 🙂

  16. Loveeeeed this post, Jeann! Especially #1 and #2. The main reason I started a blog was to kind of be able to rant and rave about books without people judging me.

    It's a great way to find new books! You'll eventually meet people who'll recommend books to you based on the ones you've reviewed on your blog! And of course, you'll eventually make friends with said people who read and follow your blog.

    Starting a blog can be a bit scary at first, and maybe you'll start out as someone shy, but eventually, after interacting with some people here and there, you'll get used to it and start enjoying being a part of the blogging community! ^_^
    Aimee recently posted…Mini Review: Fates by Lanie BrossMy Profile

    • Those 2 came to mind straight away, explaining the reasons why I love blogging 🙂 I just love how the blogosphere is so welcoming and encouraging! Now that I'm a book blogger we find out about the latest books earlier than everyone else. I do think it's scary and some people start it purely to record their reviews but being part of the blogging community is the best 🙂

  17. Words cannot express how much I love this post!!

    Book blogging is such a cool way to immerse yourself in the world of reading and meet people who understand exactly why you just screamed out loud and page 231 of whatever book. It's nice to go on Twitter and see a book discussion and jump right in and be welcomed. And, like you said, it's such a fun way to show your creativity; a way to share your passion for reading and really hone your own writing skills 😀

    I'm so happy I started blogging!
    Allie @ Little Birdi recently posted…Review: Openly Straight {Bill Konigsberg}My Profile

    • Yay, thanks Allie! Thought I needed to get my first discussion post up 🙂 I love fangirling with other people, you're totally right about Twitter and being welcomed. Me too Allie! I'm glad you started one too 🙂

  18. Every single one of these reasons are excellent and very very true.

    When I started my first blog (which no longer exists and shall not be named) it was just to share my thoughts on books. To interact with like minded people and just… interact with a community. But that… went ok. I liked it but I didn't love blogging then.

    So I shut it down and created Ransom Reads for the sole purpose of having fun. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It gave me more room to try and be creative and talk about books the way I wanted to.
    Bec @ Ransom Reads recently posted…Mini King’s Ransom: The Last StormdancerMy Profile

    • Thanks Bec, I've had many blogs too and usually they were to share my life with friends. I started this one with a specific goal in mind and it's worked out really well! having fun is the best way 🙂

  19. Great post! I started my blog because it seemed like The Thing To Do among writers. For the first year and a half, I really had no idea what to do. It's only been in the last month that I've found my stride – commenting on other blogs, it turns out, is a great way to get people to comment on your own posts 😛

    All those things are reasons I love blogging now – especially the like-minded people thing. Nobody else shares my love of posting GIFs about awesome books!
    Emily @ The Loony Te recently posted…Emily’s Top Teen Writer TipsMy Profile

    • Thanks Emily, that's fantastic that you've finally hit the nail on the head! There is no golden formula for blogging, but the best thing is that you figure it out as it goes. Commenting back is fantastic for getting your blog out there but also discovering some new favourites of your own!

  20. YES to this list, just YES. Particularly for #2. I have zero people I can talk to books about in person, but on the Internet? IT'S SO FABULOUS. I love chatting about books and meeting awesome bookworms…and *happy sigh* Blogging is just so wonderful and rewarding. I think the blogging community is really nice too. 🙂
    Cait @ Notebook Sist recently posted…Meet Cait’s book BOYBOTS (in GIFs)My Profile