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Happy Eternity Discussions is the love child of Happy Indulgence and Books for a Delicate Eternity, where Chiara and I discuss and fangirl over movies and other things. Today, Chiara and I discuss Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, Captain America’s cute American pride, and fangirl over James Buckey.


Jeann: So I saw Captain America for the first time the other day, and the following week we watched The Winter Soldier. Don’t shoot me, but I fell asleep in the first movie. I liked how it set up Captain America’s character though, and I kinda liked how he was a nerd to begin with hehe. I guess it was kind of slow paced as origin stories usually are and the old school war setting wasn’t really of interest to me.

The Winter Soldier, however, was AMAZING! Possibly one of the most amazing Marvel Movies I’ve seen of all time! I LOVED the modern setting and Washington DC, my nerd self just couldn’t cope lol. The action, the romance, the setting, actors sooo good! I LOVE THE AVENGERS. What did you think of it?

Chiara: Jeann. Jeann. I don’t know if we can be friends any more.


How could you have fallen asleep in Captain America? HOW? THIS IS NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE. But for the sake of this discussion, I will try to let it go *takes many deep breaths* *counts to ten*

Okay. Hells yeah baby Steve is pretty much the cutest thing in existence. At least you agreed with that >.>

The Winter Soldier is a fabulous movie. I pride myself on my love of superheroes. I watch all the shows and I see all the movies. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re great. And sometimes that are just OHMYGOSH WHAT IS THIS PIECE OF MASTERY I SEE BEFORE MY EYES?

I can always tell if I really and truly love a movie when I’m sitting in the cinema and I forget where I am. I don’t worry about what I have to do when I leave the cinema. I don’t think about how I’m sitting or what I’m doing. I get completely drawn in by the movie and then when it finishes, it’s kind of like waking up from a dream. The Winter Soldier definitely was one of those movies for me.

Jeann:*whimpers* I was tired and the lights were off. Because it’s dark, I fall asleep in a lot of movies. Especially if it’s at night o_o But you’ll let me off because I said Winter Soldier was ONE OF THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIES EVER right? 😉

I love superhero movies, they are my favourite. They just instil a sense of wonderment and jaw dropping action, and we all love what they stand for. Although, even now I see people leaving the cinema before the after credits scene and I shake my head going WHHHATT! How could you not know DC/Marvel movies almost always have a cut scene?

Anyway, that being said, I guess out of all the Avengers Captain America was the one I was least interested in, because his powers weren’t that apparent, other than his American pride. But I’m really glad I actually saw both movies, because now I get it! He’s an actual CAPTAIN in the US Army and a super soldier! And his shield is pretty cool too. I had no idea he was from the past!


Winter Soldier was SO fantastic. I felt like poor Captain America was pushed to the side in the Avengers (given the singular task of pushing one button) but here he really shines, and I enjoyed it! People trust him because he’s got no affiliations to anyone else being from the past. I loved how the beginning balanced a bit of his past and how he’s now integrated into SHIELD.

Chiara: There is no excuse! It’s CHRIS EVANS AND SEBASTIAN STAN. Those faces prevent sleeping. I should know *shakes fist at constant fangirling* I may let you off because of this post + your comment about TWS being fabulous. MAYBE.

I love what they stand for, as well. They give me this warm fuzzy feeling and I love that the good guys always win ^.^ YES, YOU STOOPID PEOPLE. And when they wait for the first one, but not the one at the END of the credits *shakes head* You’re not superhero movie pros AT ALL.

Aw, no. I love his American Pride. I think it’s adorable, haha. And he’s ridiculously good looking. I must say he was never one of my all time favourites (looking at YOU Batman and Iron Man), but I do so love him. And yes that shield is badass. I love it.

To be honest, I was not a fan of The Avengers. I thought it could have been so much better 🙁 I know I am practically the only person on Earth who thinks that, though, haha XD I thought the entire storyline of TWS was captivating. I was so immersed in it the whole time. And the feels. THE FEELS.

Jeann:I actually thought Avengers was overrated as well! I mean there was a lot of superhero action, definitely, but the Hulk definitely stole the show. YES THE FEELS WERE AMAZING. Especially where Steve visits his love interest in the first movie and she’s in a hospital bed because she’s now old, oh man. That scene was really powerful and touching to me.

Oh don’t you worry, Sebastian Stan was definitely some great eye candy for me. He looked so badass as a Winter Soldier, but when the mask came off I was like his baby face is kind of ruining the effect lol! When he appeared in the middle of the road, man. I loved him as the villain and glad I did actually watch the first movie so I could know the significance of their friendship first.


Haha yes, the American pride is definitely adorable. I kind of love how it’s over the top like Marvel does. Haha yes, Batman and Iron Man is everyone’s favourite 😀 My favourite scene in CA2 was the elevator one where Steve goes “Before we get started, would anyone like to get off?” that was totally badass. Despite popular opinion, Captain America DOES kick ass! The action here was absolutely mind blowing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


I really enjoyed Black Widow in the movie as well, and finding out a bit more about Natalia Romanova and her intentions. There needs to be more female avengers but Scarlett Johanssen is awesome and super sexy ^_^ She pulled off the complex, “I’m an avenger but I’m toeing the line between good and evil” thing really well. There were some parts where you didn’t know whether you could trust her, but then she ended up being a great comrade for Steve.

And I am so glad they didn’t end up in a romance, cos that would have been weird! Captain America belongs with someone a bit more low key I think, based on his origins. The Revenge chick and him will be super cute <3 even though there really wasn’t much development in this movie.

Read part 2 of the discussion here.

Next up….The Fault in Our Stars discussion review on June 11th! WE WILL NOT BE OKAY.

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45 responses to “Happy Eternity Discussions – Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

  1. I reviewed this one myself and felt the same way, it totally blew me away. I enjoyed Captain America enough but it wasn't my favourite superhero movie by any stretch. But, The Winter Soldier definitely stood out to me and I think it's one of the best ones I have ever seen. I did just see X-Men Days of Future Past and think that it really stepped it up too, Quicksilver stole the show in that one though. I wasn't a fan of the romance aspect of the movie though because I've never been much of a fan of Black Widow for some reason. I thought she'd be one of my favourites but she gets to me at times. I thought the Winter Soldier was a brilliant villain but his greasy hair was ruining it a bit, he definitely needed to sort that out. Great discussion 🙂
    Reviews from a Bookw recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Mind-Blowing Book EndingsMy Profile

  2. I loved this movie as well! Natalia and Steve were so funny together. I think my favorite scene between the two of them is when she asks him "Was that your first kiss since 1945?" haha. They have such different personalities!
    Stephanie@ThesePaper recently posted…DIY: Custom Star RatingsMy Profile

  3. I have to admit that I'm hung up on the falling asleep during Captain America thing too, LOL. I mean, CHRIS EVANS!! And Captain America's just so . . . chivalrous. LOVE him. LOVE the Avengers. Love comic book movies in general really 😉 Glad you liked this one too–great post!

  4. Fell asleep during Captain America?! *GASPS* Nooooo!

    I watched Captain America before The Avengers, and I felt that I understood Cap better because of that. I mean, his origin story and the loss that he experiences, especially when he wakes up in the future. Practically everyone he knew and loved is gone, so many things have changed, and he feels more than a little lost. Just watching him try to overcome stumbling blocks like technology, fighting, different attitudes, etc. To me, he's the most sincere of the bunch. Like, he doesn't have many smart-mouth lines or high-level technology, but he has been in a war before and he knows how high the stakes are, and he has a lot of heart.

    Can I just say that the parts involving Peggy? My heart. It was ripped to shreds and I couldn't stop crying. 🙁
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    • Well I am really glad I watched the first one so I knew his origin story, and tied into the 2nd movie made it all the more epic. He is a true hero. Oh my, that was such an emotional scene.

  5. Oh Livia it is sooo good I totally recommend that you watch it! It is awesome. Tony Stark is a favourite of a lot of ours hehe. We love Batman too, because he is the whole anti-hero thing.

    You're kind of right about Captain America, I guess that's why I thought he was kind of boring! But this movie made me change my mind, that guy is badass. I think James Buckey might be your thing then, he was awesome as the Winter Soldier.

  6. It was perfect all around wasn't it? I loved the dynamic between Black Widow and the Captain hehe 🙂 both of the movies have a great theme of friendship to it.

  7. I have watched hardly any (if any, now I come to think of it, apart from the old batman movies) superhero movies, and whilst I sometimes do, sometimes don't want to see these new ones, I'm not that extra bit of excited that would make me really want to and actively journey to watch them. Still, I think it's wonderful how passionate people are about them, and I really enjoyed reading this post and reading both your thoughts! Your love for these movies is clear, and I really liked how it was so clear. ( :
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  8. I actually really liked The Winter Solder, too! I think it may just be the movie I've watched this year that I loved! it was so funny, and action packed and had an actual real story line, too! it had everything and the addition of black widow made it so much more badass than the prevouis film!


  9. I still haven't watched The Winter Soldier, it isn't easy to find movies in original version over here, and I didn't want to watch it dubbed! I hoping to watching it soon!

    I have to agree with Jeann about the first Captain America movie… I didn't fall asleep watching it, but I found it very meh for the most part! I started liking Cap America on The Avengers!
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  10. Well Jeann you at least tried to watch Captain America while I still haven't. I mean he a cool guy it seems, but I'm totally on Team Loki when it comes to this Marvel Universe. Anyhow I'm so glad you enjoyed this one as it does sound great. Great post.
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  11. I'm a DC gal at heart and typically read DC but I've always had a soft spot for the Avengers and while Captain America never rocked my world, I still enjoyed him because he's always been a pivotal superhero. The first movie for CA totally set the foundation for the Winter Soldier and that movie was fantastic!

    This was a fantastic post Jeann and thank you for sharing…I love anything comics related! 😉

    PS: I'm so looking forward to Man of Steel 2 *faints* 🙂
    Cristina recently posted…Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

    • Captain America is such a sweety, I really did enjoy him! No problems Cristina. I actually haven't seen Man of Steel yet because I was never really a big superman fan, but man I am SO excited for Days of Future Past o_o

  12. Haven't seen this one yet, but I want to. Love the guy with the knife 😀 Now that's something to watch a movie for :))))

    I like the Avengers, though I'm not overly too much into superheroes. I am into villains in the superhero movies though, if they're done right… and cute, and awesomely evil…*grin grin* Okay, so I might be a little evil myself, lol. I don't like uber-heroes, lol, more like anti-hero types. I like Tony Stark, cause he's kind of a smartass, sasses about stuff, acts up all cheeky… 😀 A lot of fun. Or Hellboy, I liked him too. Well, minus the over-love thing which was cheesy IMO, but meh :)) Except for that part, Hellboy was good. I like Stark's uncheesy ways, lol. Thor's asmexual vibe worked too :)) He was like "I'm all about my magic hammer, all by myself" :)) Loki, however…. mmmmh…. Loki. What was I saying?…

    Captain America is just… so… sweet 😐 Like vanilla with sugar sprinkled all over and a portion of like honey on top, lol. He's perfect if you're into the good guy type, which is of course just as great a type as any, especially if you're into it, lol.

    But I wanna see the movie for sure, there's gotta be a good villain in there, right? Right?

    *dashes away to avoid the pitchforks*
    Livia @ Butterfly-o- recently posted…Mercy by HelenKay DimonMy Profile

  13. As a major Marvel fan myself, I'd have to agree that Captain America 1 isn't the best. I found it pretty boring (Not so boring to fall asleep though haha!). But I have to say Captain America is one of my favourite Avengers (Tony Stark will always come first though). You definitely know who the true marvel fans are when you see the people who stay till the end of the credits to watch the extra scene. I swear they're the most important bits to the movie because they set up the next one. The Winter Soldier was such a step up from Captain America 1, I was like is this even the same Steve? And I loved Black Widow in it, they're so cute together and I like their friendship. We don't really get to see that in Avengers.
    Francoise recently posted…{Mini Review} Of Neptune by Anna BanksMy Profile

    • I totally agree, CA1 was totally different to any other Marvel movie I've seen. I kind of expected it to have more action. But yes, I'm glad I watched it and got to understand The Winter Soldier, it was so awesome! Steve was badass 😀

  14. I'm happy you guys are continuing this great and awesome feature. Reading your banter and dialogue with each other is hilarious! Out of the Avengers though, I love Tony Stark the most, next to Thor, but when it comes to hotness and sexiness? Oohlala, Captain America all the way, baby! 😀
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    • It was really sad and touching wasn't it? I kind of liked the scene as a quiet, reflective moment (also when he was looking at the exhibit). I love both of them too, although Black Widow is a bit of a mystery.