Happy Eternity Discussions: The Fault in Our Stars Review Part 2

June 18, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Happy Eternity Discussions


Happy Eternity Discussions are regular discussions where Chiara and Jeann chat, fangirl, tease each other and snark over movies, books, TV shows and other things.

So Chiara and I went to see The Fault in Our Stars together and it was exhausting, heart breaking, and amazing. We cried together, felt depressed together, and went on to quote lines from the film as we were exhausted from all of the feels.


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Jeann: I thought a lot of Gus’s lines in the novel were kind of unrealistic and a tad pretentious but when you see him delivering them in person, they were very convincing. I just loved the way he stared at her when they first met, it was both sweet and funny with the way Hazel just had an outburst over him. I like how they were both strong in different ways, with Hazel ‘keeping it real’ and telling Gus that he doesn’t need to leave a mark on the whole world by being famous.


And Gus, giving Hazel a reason to live again and to love and appreciate and experience the greatest moments in life. The relationship that these two have, their reliance on each other and how perfect they fit into each other’s lives was just beautiful, and seeing it on screen really brought the story alive.

It just makes me so excited that this movie is doing really well in the cinemas and is now becoming a worldwide phenomenon (even more than it is). It really deserves to be up there on the YA adaptation list and I think this is one of the most successful ones we’ve come across.

Shailene was the perfect Hazel, her willingness and determination to experience the Anne Frank haus and not give in to her weakness and her cancer was just so damned emotional. I was really worried for her but I loved how Gus never stopped her at any time, because he believed in her so much. That scene was a really powerful one because while we were able to see Hazel’s struggles and weakness, we were also able to see how strong she really was.

You cried, I cried, we all cried and it was such a powerful experience.

Chiara: I definitely agree with you about the pretentiousness of it all. I kind of thought the whole novel was a bit like that. But like you said, seeing it in person was completely different. It was more real, and more awkward. Gus wasn’t this suave 18 year old, he was kind of dorky, which made him all the more endearing in my eyes.

THANKS FOR THE EMOTIONAL PARAGRAPH, JEANN. GEEZUS. But yes, it’s a freaking beautiful relationship.

I think this movie is possibly the best book-to-movie adaptation because I wasn’t a huge fan f the book, but the movie broke me in half. It let me fall in love with the characters and the story in a way the book hadn’t been able to. So I, for one, am thankful that this movie was made because it really touched me.

And yes, the Anne Frank Haus scene was incredibly emotional, but uplifting at the same time. I was cringing for Hazel because she was struggling so much but on the other hand I was waving pompoms and cheering her on. Which I think is really her character placed into one scene. She is strong and she is weak – just like all of us.

This movie is truly one of the most heartbreaking that I have ever seen. Its now on my life of ‘movies to watch when I feel like sobbing’, which includes The Notebook, The Time Traveller’s Wife, Phantom of the Opera, and RENT. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be buying it the day it is released. You know, just to break my feels again.

Jeann: Bravo Chiara, awesome summary! It was a flawless book to movie adaptation, that would suit movie goers who haven’t read the book AND please fans of the book! They cut enough out of the book but left the most important scenes and lines in there and it made us fans really happy when we heard direct quotes from the book. They didn’t alienate movie goers who haven’t read the book behind, unlike a certain CITY OF BONES movie. Which we will be discussing in the next edition of Happy Eternity Discussions.

We are not okay. Thanks for reading!

Have you seen the TFIOS movie yet? What were your thoughts? 

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28 responses to “Happy Eternity Discussions: The Fault in Our Stars Review Part 2

  1. OMG we were just experiencing so much we sat there and watched the credit run all numb and empty. It was the same with our toilet hehe. I'm glad you loved it as well Aimee, it was such a beautiful movie.

  2. Wow, I can't believe they were unsatisfied with the movie! All the important parts in it were awesome! OH man, that COB movie needed more explanation. I had nfi what was happening and I've read the book. You'll see what I mean in our next discussion 😉

  3. So glad to hear you loved it, it had a lot of banter and sarcasm that was really entertaining. But seeing him in action just brought the character to life! It was very sad, that petrol station scene at the end just killed me.

  4. I already explained during your PART ONE just how anazing this movie was and my experience going to see it and everything so i don't think i can repeat all that without breaking down and crying but overall i'm just so happy with this one you have no idea *wipes tear*
    Lily recently posted…The Distance Between Us: ReviewMy Profile

  5. I really want to see the movie. I still haven't decided if I want to read the book before the movie. To be honest the book never really interested me enough to read it with all its hype, but the movie is something I'm dying to see. Plus my mom finished the book over the weekend and she thought the first 200 pages were boring and we typically agree about books so now I'm all kinds of nervous to read it!
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  6. I'm actually on the way to this movie as I type this, and I'm so excited for it! You make it sound so well-done! It sounds like such a well-done, emotional movie and I'm glad it followed the book relatively well! I'll type a longer response when I finish watching it, but thanks for sharing this! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite T recently posted…The Half Life of Molly PierceMy Profile

  7. When I saw a status update on Facebook talking about how she was unsatisfied with the movie because some scenes were cut, I ALMOST typed a really long reply telling her how everything in the book COULDN'T BE in the movie. I agree that the most important parts were shown, and it satisfied me. Although, the book made me feel MORE, the movie was enough for me. It didn't leave me feeling the way I did like the COB movie 😛 (Because you're beautiful.. GAH, that line!)
    Dre @ Sporadic Reads recently posted…Review 178 : First Grave on the Right by Darynda JonesMy Profile

  8. I agree! This was one of the best novels-turned movies of all time! I do agree that when you read it in the book, it sounds very smart ass-y? haha, but when I watched it. It was a mix of smartass and charming that I just smirked whenever he talks. haha 😀

    I agree with the crying part, whenever I see Gus smile or ever just stare at Hazel, i get tears in my eyes, knowing what was going to happen only makes you cry harder. By the end of the film, I wanted to just sit down and compose myself, but my parents just laughed at me (I can't blame them, they don't really get why I felt that way hahaha :D)
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  9. Funny you make the point about Gus being pretentious. When the cigarette metaphor clip was released on Youtube EVERYONE on Tumblr was making fun of it. But it's one of Gus' character flaws, just like Hazel's is thinking of herself as a grenade. In the movie, this pretentiousness was (I felt) much more forgiveable and endearing (laughed so much when he banged into the door at the start!).

    Fantastic review, love these Happy Eternity Discussions 🙂
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