Indulgence Insider #1 – Rebranded!

June 29, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Haul, Indulgence Insider


Indulgence Insider is my version of Stacking the Shelves and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

Welcome to the first edition of Indulgence Insider! This post has evolved a lot from just posting just my new books from the week and I thought this would be more fitting.

What has everyone been up to this week? I’ve kept myself occupied with the Steam Summer Sale that is going on at the moment, can’t pass up a game for a few bucks!

I got my new bookshelf that I was telling you about last week, it’s been great sorting out my books! The middle shelf holds my classic penguin hardbacks and board games collection.

Book Haul

Review copies – physical


Broken Strings by Maria Farrer
Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire
Rain by Amanda Sun
Drowned by Nichola Reilly

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia, Harlequin Australia and Scholastic for sending me these books for review! 



You can see why I bought these books, I nabbed the last copies on sales at Dymocks!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Revived by Cat Patrick



City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare – Thank you Rochelle for your competition!

Discussion Posts

Bookish News


What books did you receive this week? Any bookish news to share? Link me below! 

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Jeann is an Aussie YA blogger and mum who loves to read and recommend books! You can usually find me fangirling about books on my various social media channels including Twitter @happyindulgence, Instagram and Youtube.

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87 responses to “Indulgence Insider #1 – Rebranded!

  1. Your rebranded feature has such a cute name. Love it. <33

    Yay for new shelves! Out of curiosity, how are you currently shelving your books?

    Lovely books you've got there Jeann. I hope Rain will be better as Ink was an okay read for me. And those are some great book deals.

    Hope you have an awesome week! 🙂

  2. Loving the shelves! And omggg Beautiful Oblivion! It looks absolutely amazing. :O I got Rain and Broken Strings as well so high five! And yay for City of Heavenly Fire! I still need to get that one. I've been pushing it off for so long. Hope you enjoy all your new goodies! Happy reading Jeann! 😀
    Laura Plus Books recently posted…Stacking The Shelves #37: Writing Broken RainMy Profile

  3. I love that you have a gaming shelf! We have our games tucked any place we can, lol. I want to read Rain, because I want to see if it gets better. I keep seeing it everywhere I can't figure out why I don't have it yet, lol. I hope you have a good week!
    Michelle @ In Libris recently posted…In Review: June 2014 RecapMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle, I needed to set one up for easy access hehe. Yeah, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to read Rain but decided to because I loved the setting. Thank you!

  4. OH, this Steam Sale will be the death of me and my pocket! I already bought Outlast because I love horror but am too chicken to play by myself, but since it was only 4.99 USD I couldn't pass up the chance. I wanted to buy more too, but SELF-CONTROL. What game(s) did you buy? 😀

    On to the books: You've got some great books there! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Rain. I read Ink last year but found it a little on the "meh" side so I don't think I'll be checking out the sequel. The cover's beautiful, though. And WHOA, that's one cheap book sale! Hope you enjoy Shatter Me — a lot of people did, but again it was only an okay read for me. The series gets better apparently.

    Anyway, hope you have a lovely week, Jeann, and happy gaming/reading! ^_^
    Megan (Adrift on Vul recently posted…This Week: Finished One, Caught Up With AnotherMy Profile

  5. Thanks Celine, I was so excited about sorting them into their own shelves lol. Haha yes I haven't read the 5th wave yet but now it is being made into a movie I will! Glad to hear you liked Shatter Me.

    • I send you a friend request :). And yeah the steam summer sale always has such great deals, if I want a game I often just add it to my wishlist and wait till a sale to actually buy it. My boyfriend has played Skyrim and some of the earlier games in that series. I just sold all those summer trading cards so I could buy some other card to craft badges for one of my favourite games, I still find the whole badges system a bit weird, but it's kinda fun as well.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Free Souls by Susan Kaye QuinnMy Profile

  6. I like this new feature! It really feels a lot like you (Jeann!) and that banner is just so cute. I hope you enjoy the books you got for review and the ones you bought for yourself. I'm interested in what you think of Rain… I remember writing a huge-ass rant about the first book haha, so wanna see if the second isntallment will be better, although I did hear there was an unnecessary love triangle D:
    Faye @ The Social Po recently posted…ARC Review: Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan (+ PICTURES of me FANGIRLING)My Profile

    • Thanks Faye, I do remember your rant for Ink and I had one similar but I did like the setting and mythology. Just gotta put up with the annoying character Haha. Thanks for your lovely comment about the feature! It's been bugging me for a while to do one.

  7. Love your new feature name Jeann! And your bookshelf looks awesome, books are just so awesome to look at when they are stacked together 🙂

    I like the other Shatter Me edition, the one with the eye cause I feel like it's just so visually beautiful but I think this the cover I borrowed when I first read Shatter Me. And you can't really go wrong with that deal either!
    Amir recently posted…Review: Picture Perfect by Elisabeth GraceMy Profile

  8. YAY for new shelves! If you haven't read Shatter Me I cannot wait to hear what you think!

    Thank you for always having my Ink & Batter in your links! =D

    Happy reading!
    Pili recently posted…Showcase Sunday #39!!My Profile

  9. Oh my god i love your haul this week jeann! I'm dying for Rain, Beautiful Oblivion, Drowned and Broken Strings! I can't wait to hear what you think of them soon!
    Lily recently posted…Our Next Read {5}My Profile

  10. 'Shatter Me' & 'Revived' are such beautiful covers that I believe I would purchase them simply for that reason alone. I am such a sucker for a good cover (much to my shame). We have a FANTASTiC second hand book store out here called 2nd & Charles. They have the best YA/NA titles, but I never pick any up because I pretty much read everything on my Kindle now.

    Hope you enjoy your new haul. 🙂
    Micky recently posted…Sunday Post #5: A Pretty Quiet WeekMy Profile

  11. There was just something about Ink that I couldn't get into, so I won't be reading Rain but got to admit, the covers are completely gorgeous. 🙂 AND I HAVE THAT COVER OF SHATTER ME! One of the reasons I haven't bought the rest of the series because ugh, mismatch covers. 🙁
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (#50) & RecapMy Profile

  12. Which new games did you got this weke during the Steam Summer Sale? Because I am practically broke I couldn't get a lot of games this time during the summer sale, but my boyfriend bought Banished and Star Wars Battlefront 2 for me :). Can you let me know your steam account name? Then I can friend you on steam as well! Or if you don't want to post it here in the comments, you can also DM me on twitter.

    And it's aweosme you got a new bookshelf, getting new bookshelves is always a good thing.

    I hope you enjoy your new books!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #80My Profile

  13. My husband is going NUTS over the Steam Summer Sale! He got a lot of good deals though, so eh why not?! And I love your book shelves! I have been shopping for a new shelves too (I need two) and it's been difficult. I am picky about it I guess, who knew!?

    Have a good week!
    tonyalee recently posted…Books For A Cause – Read A ThonMy Profile

  14. Ah your bookshelves! One of my biggest goals in life is to have my own bookshelf. Gosh, all my books are scattered all over my room. I also have that Shatter Me edition. I still can't get over the fact that they changed the entire book covers for the series. I admit the new covers are beautiful, but I don't like when my books in a series look different from each other. 🙂
    Sarah P. recently posted…I am back!My Profile

  15. The new bookshelves look amazing!

    Yay for Shatter Me – I have the final book in the trilogy still to read, but I have a hunch I will love it as much as I loved the first two book in the series 🙂

    Have a good week!
    Milka recently posted…Sunday Post (#13)My Profile

  16. Celine

    I like the bookshelves! They look very neat and welcoming. I also spot the 5th wave and Acid, haha, because they have large titles on the spine that really stand out 😛

    I hope you'll like Shatter Me! The writing is… something different, but I personally liked it 🙂 And the cover for Rain is so pretty! I love the art style.

    Happy reading, Jeann!

  17. God I want your bookshelves, they are beautiful! Please, gimme gimme gimme! They are beautiful! Anyway, that was a little, weird – these are some nice books Jeann! And I like how you've given yourself a new meme name for this post, I think it adds that little bit of a personal touch to a meme that is used to much doesn't it? Anyway, happy reading, and thoughts on Shatter Me ASAP girl, I need to know something from someone who isn't biased and read it years ago! 🙂
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…In Bed With Badger #17My Profile

  18. Seriously, love! Your shelf is so gorgeous 🙂 I hope you enjoy Beautiful Oblivion a ton! I'm so scared to read it after I 1-stared Walking Disaster which I hated :/ Yay for Rain! I just love that world so hard! I hope you don't mind Katie being a tad annoying 😀 Lauren said she was what brought down the book for her, but the rest? So good! Can't wait to explore the sequel myself 🙂 Whoa! Those are some good prices 😉 Congrats, girl! And yay for the win 🙂 Looks like overall it has been a great week for you bookwise, Jeann! Happy reading, lovely 🙂
    Siiri recently posted…Review: Coming Home by Priscilla GlennMy Profile

  19. Love your new bookshelf!! It's so big and pretty! I've been thinking of doing a "rebrand" too, only it to reorganized/redesign the layout of my post, it's so messy, haha. Great deals on your books! I just wanted to say after having tried to buy some books while in Australia, I've discovered they tend to be pretty expensive at regular price ): Anyway, have an awesome week!
    Cyn @ Book Munchies recently posted…Sunday Post (70) / Stacking the Shelves (50)My Profile

  20. Ha – At first I thought that was a door behind your shelves, that you had so many that they cover everything. I still need to read Shatter Me!

  21. Such a beautiful bookshelf. But…but they're already SO FULL. Where do the new books get to go??!! x) That's awesome scoring those two for just $5 though! If I found Shatter Me, I think I'd still buy it…I mean, I rated it rather harshly, but I have SUCH fond memories of it for some reason! x) I really like the eyeball covers better though. Omg, a whole set of them?? Is it too early to start a Christmas wishlist I wonder…
    Cait @ Notebook Sist recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #24 (Song Lyric Edition)My Profile

    • Thanks Cait, the eye ball covers kind of creep me out but it's a pain that the 2nd and 3rd books don't match this one. Nope I don't think it's too early to start the Xmas Christmas 😉 Neverr! I know, I can't believe my bookshelves are full already, those were mainly books I had shoved into every crevasse and on the floor!

  22. Ooh, I love a bargain. Shatter Me is one of my favourites, I can't believe you haven't read it.

    I'm here for the shelves, I love shelving! Are those just the flat pack ones? I bought a whole heap too and they actually look pretty good once they have all books on them. I couldn't afford to keep buying $500 timber bookcases, so I grabbed a few of the chocolate coloured ones. I can see those Penguins, my gawd they're beautiful aren't they! I've bought a whole heap too, just waiting for mine to arrive. I see that someone has rearranged your 'smile' lol. Is that a cat next to it? Smeli Cat? 😀 I sing that all the time to the dog.

    Awesome haul Jeann. I super excited to see what you think of Beautiful Oblivion, I hated Travis Maddox so can't wait to see if the brothers are any better.

    • Hahah it's actually a smeli dog lol! I actually bought both of my shelves off gumtree so they were made already, but I know the one on the left is the Ikea one. They do look pretty awesome with the books don't they? I think my living room has a "book store" feel to it now. I know, I love those Penguin books they are so totally gorgeous! They are actually cheaper locally than online too. Thanks Kelly, I haven't read the series yet but keen to check out the standalone.

  23. Rain and Beautiful Oblivion have such pretty covers! I haven't read any of these books sadly, but a lot of them are on my TBR shelf! Happy reading!

  24. You're so lucky you got those awesome sales! I went into Dymocks but they didn't really have any books I wanted. Someone must have beaten me to it haha.

  25. I love your bookshelves!!! So much space there (I have very few in my little room). I got Broken Strings as well and it looks really good. So does Rain, but I haven't actually read Ink yet…

    I'd like to go to Book Expo Australia but I still have no idea what's going on with it. There doesn't seem to be much information around.

    Happy reading 😀
    Emily @ The Loony Te recently posted…This Week: Stacking the Shelves, Wheelchair Basketball and School HolidaysMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely, beforehand the 1st bookshelf I had was stacked up so much I couldn't even see what books I had, and I had so much doubles it was embarrassing. Hopefully Book Expo Aust gets their stuff together 😉