Happy Eternity Discussions: City of Bones Review Part 2

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Happy Eternity Discussions are regular discussions where Chiara and Jeann chat, fangirl, tease each other and snark over movies, books, TV shows and other things.

Today we discuss a movie that hasn’t received a lot of love from the movie community, City of Bones! I’ve read the book and even I was confused. Chiara didn’t mind the movie but I thought it was one of the worst adaptations I’ve ever seen, check out our discussion below!

Read Part 1 of the discussion here. 


Jeann: Totally agreed, I just feel like they shoved a bit too much in from the novel instead of walking the audience through the movie a little more. When things kept on happening I was just like WTF is happening, make it stop! They just threw in lingo from the novel expecting us to know their significance, like “clave” “mortal cup” and as the movie went on I just didn’t care anymore.

YESSS you said it! No backsies *hugs Four poster*

I kind of wish she picked Simon because the hot, mysterious badass guy shouldn’t always get the girl! He’s just so caring and always there for her. I usually prefer beta males. AND WHY DOES NO ONE TELL HIM HE’S A VAMPIRE, COME ON. Less kissing and more being a friend! Uggghhh.

OH COME ON IT WAS FULL OF CHEESE. Strong, full of odour and with a bit of a bite. Seriously, how lame was it when Jace said to Clary “I told you I’d never met an angel” Nope he’s not going to do it….AND HE DOES! “….now I have”. I wanted to strangle the script writers for making it so painful. Even the kiss was super awkward! There was absolutely no relationship build up at all throughout the movie.


How about that awkward moment when they kind of hinted that Alec was gay and then we were all like WHHHATT cos even though it was like that in the book we had no prior warning or anything in the movie lol!

Ewww I totally know what you mean about the icky moment between Clary and Valentine *shudders*. Didn’t he like grab Clary or something at one point? I was just like eww all my warning bells are turning on. I just really had to laugh at that portal in the wall, oh the pain.

I can’t imagine there’d be a sequel after that, I wouldn’t see it 😛 And it’s also 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. The pppaaainnn. Even reliving this is painful. But I know who would!! *stares* HAHA WHAT IS WITH YOU AND LEATHER CHIARA

Chiara: Ohmygosh YES, the way they were just like ‘yeah the clave does this and that’ …. you cannot just throw that in there. You don’t even explain what the clave is or anything about it! D:

*strokes JCB postcard* WHY DON’T I HAVE A JCB POSTER *wails*

But Simon was so whiny! ‘I’m the one who’s always been there for you, not him! *voice cracks*’ Like, bro, you cannot help who you fall in love with. Just because you’ve always been there for her does not mean she has to love you, okay? Put your big boy panties on.


And yeah like WOW Clary he’s been bitten and you don’t even tell him? Points to you for being a shoddy friend.

Aw yeah that was a pretty awful line and I kind of vomited in my mouth a bit. It was terrible. Truly terrible.

I didn’t realise it was awkward because I knew that Alec was gay so *shrug* But I can imagine it might have been a bit weird. Although he had that whole overprotective thing going on, so maybe it was kind of expected. He gets into the elevator or whatever and is all: stay away from Jace. I don’t believe most guys would do that, haha XD



Hey I am all down for another TMI movie. It’s a fun story and JCB.

What do you mean what is with me and leather? I wasn’t aware that was a fetish of mine *strokes beard*

Jeann: Actually, I lied. I don’t have a Four poster *sad face* but at least you have a JCB postcard! Simon’s whining about Clary was so desperate, I mean seriously is that supposed to make her want you? Or run away from the stink of desperation?

YES if you are totally foreign to the books or you don’t remember them well like me, Clary just goes after Jace and doesn’t even consider Alec at all until they drop this random hint out of nowhere that it’s because he’s gay. Soo possessive and random! I don’t mind if he is, but at least hint at it or something!

That being said, I actually liked some of it like the runes and seeing the creepy tarot woman. Now that was pretty neat. I saw the trailer and got excited about the fight scenes but they were probably the best part of the movie.


For some reason we’ve bought up leather a few times now (in the Captain America one and this one) and of course I took it upon myself to jump to conclusions and pointed out your (non-existence) fetish. Although I’m pretty sure I brought it up myself both times *strokes beard too*

You mean fun in a so bad it’s good way? 😉 ANYWAY I did not enjoy, oh no. It was way too cheesy for me and one of the worst YA adaptations I have ever seen. Do not want. I apologise, I’ve been all over the place this review because I saw the movie a few months ago and it was so bad I kind of cast it out of my mind XD

Chiara: Jeann. I think it’s time to admit we have a problem. A fetish for attractive people in leather.

Chiara and I had different opinions of the movie, but what did YOU think of City of Bones? Tell us below!

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36 responses to “Happy Eternity Discussions: City of Bones Review Part 2

  1. OMG this is hilarious! Simon got bitten by Vampire and everyone was okay LOL. And yeah too cheesy lines haha.

    I actually enjoyed the movie. Yes there were some issues, but overall I was okay with it. What I love most was many hints of Sizzy, I couldn't help not to fangirling XD When I watched the movie I got it they changed many things but I still understood because I've read the books. My friends asked me "Why did they wear tatoo?", "Why leather?", "How could Jace become Valentine's son?", "How could Magnus suddenly in Alec's room?". But they enjoyed it because Godfrey Gao is super hot.

    I like Robert Sheehan as Simon, he captured Simon's geeky part very well..or he is naturally a geek. I don't expect they will make CoA movie since CoB wasn't sold pretty good, but I still have tiny little hope to see Simon Sheehan again XD
    Ikao @ Sky Duck Book recently posted…Book Review : To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny HanMy Profile

    • Lol I'm glad you enjoyed it Ikao! Totally cheesy, but hey I'm glad some people did enjoy it. Pretty much, there were so many random moments that were just like…ok…

      Simon was my favourite in the movie, even with the whining lol. Yeah, I hope there's no sequel *shudders*

  2. I didn't like JCB as Jace, because I don't like how he looks. He looked really emo throughout the whole movie xD Anyways, when he said: “I told you I’d never met an angel”, I thought he'd follow it up with "I see one every time I look into the mirror" or something very Jace-like. Even if I didn't like JCB much as Jace, I have to give him that he can totally pull off the attitude.

    OMG Valentine creeped me out! I thought he was going to kiss Clary in one scene! It was so uncomfortable!!

    I also hate how they left people so blind throughout the movie. My non-reader friends had to be asking me questions throughout (and some I didn't even know how to answer!).

    "A fetish for attractive people in leather" LOL. Well put, Chiara. xD
    Marianne @ Boricuan recently posted…Review: Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged by Sarah J. PepperMy Profile

    • HAhaha oh dear the never met an angel line was sooo bad, I was like what am I even watching. The attitude was suitable to the actor though, as you said.

      Ewwww yeah even looking at the photo I posted with the both of them gives me the shivers.

      I know, they just threw in random phrases and words here and there and expected us to know what was going on.

  3. I don't like the movie adaptation too. Well, I didn't enjoy the book either. The movie was boring. Even my boyfriend, who was the one excited on watching it, get tired of the story half way.
    Irish recently posted…Review on WickedMy Profile

  4. This movie is so flipping cheesy but I love it. I cringe so hard watching it but I love to watch it when I've had a crappy day Plus mega girl crush on Lily Collins Plus Robert Sheehan!!! They could have made it epic and they totally half-assed it but I'm a sucker for cheese!
    Danielle recently posted…Come Back To Me by Mila Gray | ReviewMy Profile

  5. Melanie (YA Midnight

    Oh my gawd this movie was so bad and yes, all the cheese! Ugh *vomits* It was just oh so bad, and this discussionn was very entertaining to read!

  6. Hahahaha I love this. I hated the CoB movie – such a poor adaptation. And I didn't even like what's his butt as Jace…BUT he was oddly hot in leather. I just must have more!

  7. Holy crap it's at 12% on RT? Ha! I didn't hate this one but I also wasn't expecting much from it so that probably made a difference lol. And LOL at odorous cheese. Ewww! >.< I also hadn't realized about the lingo from the novel for those who hadn't read it. That's dumb. Have you seen the VA movie? I wonder if you'd hate this more than that one lol. I haven't watched it yet but I hear it's baaaaaad!! Fun review, ladies!
    Giselle recently posted…Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick NessMy Profile

  8. I have never really enjoyed this book but this adaptation sounds even worse. I have never bothered to watch it in the first place and it seems to me I did good. I mean the book itself was confusing and it's bad that the movie was too. Great post, ladies 🙂
    Tanja recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#102)My Profile

  9. O.k., so I'm one of the few people who saw the movie and didn't read the books *runs & hides*.

    That's why I wasn't so disappointed in it, but it definitely didn't make me wanna read the books. I agree with Jeann, it was cheesy from time to time and I felt the romance was too instant and I wanted to know more about the world of Shadow-hunters, but I guess not.

    I liked Lily C. and Johnatan R. M., everyone else's acting was a bit average. Plus, Jamie is not my type…at all, but I did enjoy some parts, it was an ok movie IMO. The worse book adaption for me so far is Vampire Academy movie. It was so bad…
    PurpleBook@WayTooHot recently posted…Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers, #3) by Lili St. GermainMy Profile

  10. Bahahaha this movie was horrible! I was laughing at everything the entire time. 😀 I actually prefer Simon as a character, but not as a love interest. Maybe it's because I don't like Clary and think she's an idiot. ._.

    And you guys might strangle me, but I don't like either Jamie or Theo. xD
    Aimee @ Deadly Darli recently posted…Review: Red at Night by Katie McGarryMy Profile

  11. The movie was atrocious! Seriously. We need a redo! If that's even possible. I really wish there was a sort of back story. For someone who hasn't seen a page of the book, they would be totally confused. And poor poor Simon. I bet he was mocking the movie (the real actor) when he saw the final cut. LOL!
    Dre @ Sporadic Reads recently posted…Review 182 : Graceling by Kristine CashoreMy Profile

  12. Oh yeah, I fell asleep in The Hobbit but I was never really a big LOTR fan lol. I actually loved the latest Percy Jackson, seeing the 1st movie was what made me read the books which was awesome 😀 Yeah, I wasn't too keen on Jace either 😛

  13. I never saw the movie because I wasn't a huge fan of the book to begin with, but it's a shame you found it so poorly done Jeann! 🙁 It's always disappointing when a book-to-movie adaption turns out completely differently from the book and has its own issues on top of that! 🙁 I'm glad you liked it a bit more than Jeann did Chiara, even if it wasn't your favorite adaption.

    Thanks for sharing girls, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite T recently posted…The Half Life of Molly PierceMy Profile

  14. "I just feel like they shoved a bit too much in from the novel instead of walking the audience through the movie a little more." THIS. Also, I felt like a person who hasn't read the books wouldn't know wth was going on O.o Cheesy big, BIG time! I do not want to see a sequel >.< LOL! I love Robbie so even though Simon was so whiny, he was one of the few things I liked about the movie lol. I also liked Isabelle. Jemima is kick-a. Eh, the only thing worse from this for me was Vampire Academy which they also killed and not in a good "they totally killed it" kind of way. Sorry Chiara, I'm with Jeann on this.
    Siiri recently posted…Blogger Interview: Realm of FictionMy Profile

    • LOL yeah, it was interesting discussing it with Chiara where she could see the good points, but we both ended up agreeing on some things in the end lol. Robbie was quite cute and I liked him. Yes I won't be seeing any sequel o_o

  15. I saw this on the plane in my latest trip to India… this one, the latest Percy Jackson and The Hobbit (part 2) and I wasn't very happy about any of them. The Percy Jackson was the worst of the lot (only redeeming quality? Nathan Fillion as Hermes!!) then City of Bones that I didn't love but thought was ok, very confusing if you aren't a fan of the books though, I agree! I wasn't very keen on Jace, but I think Clary was done pretty well and so was her mum. I wouldn't mind seeing another movie made though, maybe they'd manage to make it better! I think I would have liked CoB less if I hadn't watched it after the Percy Jackson movie… it put it in perspective!

    And the Hobbit didn't have enough Benedict Cumberbatch's speaking for my taste! (in case you were wondering!).
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