Read Play Blog #1 – New books & gaming feature!

July 16, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Gaming, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Welcome to the new Read Play Blog meme combining video games and books! Ana from Read Me Away invited me to host this meme with her to combine two of our passions. Thank you to the lovely Kelly from Diva Booknerd for our beautiful banner!

What is Read Play Blog?

A monthly meme about video games and books!

How does Read Play Blog work?

Every month, we’ll ask you a discussion question about your VG interests and recommend a game based on a book we liked. We’ll have a linky, and you can make your own post answering the question and recommendation, and link up!

When does the post go up?

On the 16th of every month to pay homage to retro 16 bit games.

Who can participate in Read Play Blog?

Anyone who likes video games! No matter the genre or age, whether you like action/shoot-em-ups or story-driven RPGs or point-and-click games, or if you’re a new gamer or a seasoned one, you’re very welcome to participate!

Question: How did you get into gaming?

I’ve been a gamer all of my life and my older brother brought me up on old DOS games, and it kind of stuck through the 90’s eras of games and today’s graphic intensive games. I won’t go into it too much, because I covered my gaming journey in one of my very first posts here.

Recommendation: What do you recommend for new gamers? 


Plants vs Zombies is a perennial favourite. It’s such a fun, addictive game that you can easily pick up and play, and the combination of using different plants to get rid of the zombie horde is really entertaining. It’s suitable for ages 10 and up and the best thing is that you can play it on your smart phone or tablet.

Currently Playing: What game you are currently playing?


I’m currently playing The Wolf Among Us, which is an episodic story-driven game based on the Fables graphic novels. It’s a dark and gritty setting for fairy tale characters trying to blend into the human world and utterly compelling. It’s told in five separate episodes which take about 2-3 hours each to play, which is a shorter commitment than a full game. The Wolf Among Us is suitable for mature audiences only 17 and up. 

Episode 5 was just released this week which I will be reviewing shortly at MMGN.

Link up your answers to the questions below! Feel free to use our header, as long as you link back to one of our posts.

Do you like playing games? What do you think of Read Play Blog?

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Jeann is an Aussie YA blogger and mum who loves to read and recommend books! You can usually find me fangirling about books on my various social media channels including Twitter @happyindulgence, Instagram and Youtube.

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43 responses to “Read Play Blog #1 – New books & gaming feature!

  1. I rarely play a PC game, apart from The Walking Dead, I find them too fiddly and need a controller. My games, because clearly they were made just for me, Guitar Hero, Rockband, even Lego Rockband gets a gig with me. I'm also partial to the Lips singing games or the good old Dance Dance Revolution. Yep, anything to do with music. My guilty pleasure? Grand Theft Auto. I had the original on my old PlayStation, and have them all now. There's something about playing the role of a badass stealing cars and ripping people off.
    Kelly recently posted…The Diva Weekender #002My Profile

  2. […] hopefully have others participate in, obviously), bur I just never knew how to go about it. Well, Happy Indulgence and Read Me Away have done me the honors of takin’ all the hard work out of i…. ;] For more information on this doohickey, explore the link […]

  3. PLANTS VS ZOMBIES! I remember when that was a huuuuuuuge craze and everyone was picking it up to play. It spread all over my uni, and it was so fun to watch people play (and play it myself). Even our lecturer got in on the gaming action once before class started. We only had time for the first level, but still, I love playing games that other people love too. 😀

    Ana @ Read Me Away recently posted…Review 90: The Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan)My Profile

  4. I love this feature! I'm a sporadic gamer but I think I have something to contribute with this meme so I'm def joining this. Do I have to do it one the 16th too? Does this mean I have to wait for next month?

    I love PvZ! That song at the end was actually my ring tone for the longest time LOL. And I have to check that game you're playing now, it looks like something I can get addicted to. Fun, fun! Can't wait to join in!
    Amir recently posted…Review: Merciless by Danielle VegaMy Profile

    • Yay, I'm glad you'll be supporting the meme, thank you so much! You don't have to post on the 16th, feel free to answer the Question, Recommendation and Currently Playing at any time during the month and then link back to this post. For the next month though, we'll make sure to post up the question for the next month so everyone can prepare.

      PvZ was so addictive lol! Thank you so much lovely!

    • Hi Sierra, I'm so glad you'll be keen on participating! It's our first time doing a new meme so that was an oversight on our part. Definitely participate in this month's one if you can, all you need to do is answer the Question, Recommendation and Currently Playing at any time before the next month and then link back to this post.

      For the next month though, we'll make sure to post up the question for the next month so everyone can prepare. Let me know if you do, I'd be keen to see it!

  5. I own a a ton of the Fables graphic novels and still have yet to even read one of them – I know I'm weird.

    I love to game but I haven't really done much of it in several years since having my son because the free time now is all dedicated to reading and blogging. But I'm interested to see how your new monthly meme works out.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Rea recently posted…Review: Dissonance by Erika O’RourkeMy Profile

    • Thanks Tabitha, I totally know what precious free time means, I haven't been able to game in big chunks, that's why The Wolf Among Us suits me. I really want to get into the graphic novels as well, they look awesome and I really enjoyed the story from the game.

  6. *Thanks Kelly too!* It's pretty 🙂 Such an awesome feature, girls! Hahaha! That plant vs zombies game looks so awesome 😀 I'll def get it on my phone 😀 Ooh! A graphic novels-based game? That seems fun! It looks very dark and gritty indeed. I used to play WoW, but not anymore. Don't have any time =/
    Siiri recently posted…Tour & Giveaway: Thrive by Krista & Becca RitchieMy Profile

    • Hehe she's good at what she does isn't she? Thanks Siiri! I love it when people admit that they used to play WoW lol! You guys are brave, I never played it for fear of being addicted.

  7. What a great idea! I love playing video games as well and woudl love to participate in this meme next month. Is there any way to find out the topic in advance to I work on my post in advance?

    I hadn't heard about the Wolf in Us before, I once did buy the Fable game. As I wasn't used to playing pc games (back then I mainly played ps and gameboy games) I quickly forgot the controls and accidently shot a NPC and was labelled Evil and trown out of the starting learn center thing. I don't think I ever picked it up after that. Nowadays I play a lot more pc games, although I still have a soft spot for ps games and I still find a controller more intuitive then a keyboard.

    For beginning gamers I would recommend Minecraft, I think it appeals to a wide variety of ages and interest and it's a fun game to play with friends as well.
    Lola recently posted…Cover Reveal: Complexity (Destiny #2.5) by Cindy Ray HaleMy Profile

    • Oooh, that's a really great suggestion Lola, we'll have to think of what next months' will be and announce it! I think we'll include what next months' post will be from now on, great idea!

      The Wolf Among Us is sooo good, I really love the story and the graphics. I think it's quite different to that older Fable game, this one is a bit like the Walking Dead one.

      I love my PC Games, because I guess I never grew up with a controller. I did purchase Minecraft but have never played it since it became extremely addictive lol!

      • Okay great! I would love to join this meme next month :).

        Minecraft indeed is very addictive, my boyfriend and I usually have a short period of time where we play Minecraft a lot and then quite suddenly stop again. And then every once in a while we think hey let's play minecraft again and we become addicted for a while again.

        I'll have to check out The Wolf Among Us, it sounds good! I love games with a good story.
        Lola recently posted…Review: Out of Control by Victoria Green and Jinsey ReeseMy Profile

        • Thank you so much, I'll let you know what the topic is once we figure it out! I hope you enjoy The Wolf Among Us, I really loved it along with the Walking Dead game.

        • Hey Lola, I've just let a few people know if they are keen on participating in the feature, to post up their response to the Question, Recommendation and Currently Playing at any time during the month and then link back to the post. We'll make sure to include the topic for the next month in our next post so everyone can prepare. It'd be great to see what you are playing!

  8. I love the sound of The Wolf Among Us. I know absolutely nothing about gaming though. I have friends and cousins who are big gamers, but I never really had any of those options in my house growing up, so I just never got into it. I wonder if I'd be any good at it now. 😛
    Sam @ Realm of Ficti recently posted…Review: Shimmer by Paula WestonMy Profile

    • Oooh it is SO good Sam, I think you should give it a go! The game is more about experiencing the story than winning anything etc. It's quite easy to pick up and play 🙂

  9. I'm not much of a gamer only because I tend to get addicted to these things very easily and that can be dangerous for my school work and my personal life! 😛 I am currently Hay Day though because Jenni at Xpresso Reads introduced me to it and it's so much fun!

    My sister loves Plants v/s Zombies although I've never tried it myself.
    Nick @ Nick's B recently posted…Promo Tour Stop : Thrive by Krista & Becca RitchieMy Profile

  10. Great new feature, you two! I'm a gamer as well, though not so much these days because school is becoming a problem. All the same, it's interesting to read about other people's experiences with gaming, as well as discover brand new games to try out, too!

    I remember playing PvZ when it first came out in the AppStore and absolutely loving it, so yup, it's definitely a good rec for new gamers because it's both original and cute at the same time. I'm not loving PvZ 2 as much, though. And ooh, you're playing The Wolf Among Us?! I've heard so much about it and the art is so unique and beautiful! Hope that you're enjoying it so far, I'm thinking of giving it a go in the future.

    Looking forward to seeing more from this feature! 😀
    Megan @ Adrift on Vu recently posted…Short Books Pack Punches Too: The Truth About Alice, Jennifer MathieuMy Profile

    • Thanks Megan, I know, sometimes gaming seems to be too much effort you know? Glad to hear you loved PvZ, it was so addictive! I haven't played PvZ2 yet, it looks very different actually. Yes I am loving Wolf Among Us, the artwork, storyline and everything is just superb! I love how it's a strong character and plot driven story!

    • Hi Megan, you should participate in the meme too, by answering the Question, Recommendation and Currently Playing and then linking back anytime during the month. It'd be fun seeing what other people are playing!

  11. Love the sound of this! I think it's really a perfect combination of your love for both gaming and reading 🙂 I'm not much of a gamer (guess I just spend all my time reading 😛 ) but I do love Pokémon 😀 It's the only game I'm seriously addicted to, and I've played almost all versions, except the newest 3DS ones because I don't own a 3DS.

    I hope you have loads of fun with this new feature, Jeann 😀
    Celine recently posted…Review: The Truth About Alice by Jennifer MathieuMy Profile

    • Thank you Celine, if anything at least it will help a lot of people out there to get to know what sorts of games are out there 🙂 Pokemon is so much fun, I haven't played it since Gold though. I have the new version but need to actually put some time into it.

  12. This is so much fun! Plantz vs Zombies is really addicting! I used to be an avid gamer few years ago, but since I worked 8-5 job, I rarely play games. Sometimes only casual games like The Sims or android games 😀

    • Thanks Ikao, I'm glad you like the sound of it! PvZ was so much fun and addictive lol. I haven't played the 2nd one yet. I'm exactly the same, it's hard for me to get into big, immersive games these days.

  13. Exciting! I am a complete gaming novice, unfortunately. I used to use my DS all the time but I've since stopped. I loved Professor Layton games and Animal Crossing. Plants Vs Zombies is one I have on my iPod and I really loved it! Great recommendation 🙂

  14. Just letting you know I'm definitely going to look forward to this new meme every month now! Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with The Wolf Among Us, but it kind of reminds of me the Walking Dead game. And haha to Plants vs. Zombies. I've only seen someone play it once, but never played it myself. It's definitely a good game for beginners!
    Valerie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #19My Profile