Series Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Sailor Mercury

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I’m so excited that Sailor Moon Crystal is fast tracking all the meetings with the inner senshi, which means we get to meet the team quicker. The 2nd episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was where we met Ami aka. Sailor Mercury, and it successfully made us connect with Ami more than I ever did in the original series.

Ami was always the smart one and the brains behind the senshi, but there was something about her that never really made her stand out besides that. In Sailor Moon Crystal, we see other students gossiping about her and being intimidated by her perfect scores and her dedication to studying. She’s somewhat of a lone ranger, who much prefers to study rather than socialising, and no one really knows her on a personal level.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 02 - Large 11

Until she meets Usagi, who warms her heart instantly and must I say – distracts her from her textbooks and exam papers. Ami really warmed up to Luna and Usagi really quickly, because she’s never had anyone approach her as a friend and it just showed how eager she was to make friends. As Usagi realises just how charming Ami really was, you can see a wonderful friendship blossoming between the two girls. Ami getting a glimpse of the crystal palace when she touches Usagi’s hand was a nice link to their fate as well.

Compared to the original episode where we discover Sailor Mercury, there was a big difference where the wands that they use to transform are actually like pens. They come out as prizes from the Sailor V game which was a nice touch. Ami’s transformation was actually really close to the original, with a few updated elements to the background. It was great seeing her transform and then use her power to aid in removing the demon, as you can see she really stands on her own.

There were some weird parts in the animation, where Ami strikes a really weird and awkward pose after her transformation and sometimes their facial expressions didn’t look quite right, but overall I found it to be just as beautiful as the first episode.


Tuxedo Kamen was ultra swoony in this episode, but I wonder why he has to walk around in that full tuxedo out in public you know? So over the top, but he’s awesome.

Overall, it was a wonderful episode that connected us to one of the most important sailor senshi and I can’t wait to meet the fiesty Sailor Mars in the next episode.

What are your thoughts on Sailor Mercury? Did you think she was different in this episode? 

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28 responses to “Series Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Sailor Mercury

  1. It makes me think I have to read the manga now too because I love the complexity of the characters! It's a lot more elegant. Mamoru is so dreamy in this one. I'm glad he has an actual role to play.

  2. Good that you like it!, there is a lot of fans that haven't read the manga like you but don't like crystal because is not the "original series" in every ways and from the start the have been saying that is not going to be a remake but a reebot following the manga, which is what is doing. The introduction of Ami was even more good in Crystal that in the manga actually! (it was the same but the focus a lot more on Ami and her loneliness and desire for making friends). Mamoru in the manga is much much better than his counterpart in the anime , the romance they have is not really the same they had in the original series, you will see what a great romance they have ( Now i think Seiya fans are gonna love Mamoru in Crystal more :P). And also i'm so glad that now Tuxedo Mask plays a very important role now not like in the original that he was just almost really ignore when it comes to importance in the plot.
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  3. Yes, I have read lots of notes on this one and how close it is to the manga and I love it! I'm so glad Sailor Moon influenced your career, and that sounds so amazing. I just love how the heroines seem so much more mature and likeable in this one, makes me think I should read the manga. I just watched the Sailor Mars episode 3 and it has gotten very serious already, so I hope you won't be disappointed!

    • I won't be. Despite of the 3rd episode started to deviate a bit, the animation sometimes inconsistent, and Toei's reputation of being cheap, I'll enjoy this new remake. Hahah. Hope you will too

  4. Haha~ I watched this episode I think a week ago, and I loved Ami! I love her very shy yet kind personality, and I loved her transformation. I did think it was so short, though 🙁 Yeah, it's closer to the original, but still! I wish they made it longer~ Usagi's transformation was so long, and they only gave Ami this much?! >.> Mmmph. And yes, that pose really was awkward. I kept replaying that a hundred times because it was just too funny!
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  5. What is up with Tuxedo Mask and his charisma? It's off the charts. I feel like fanning myself whenever he's on screen. xD I still can't get used to Usagi's voice even after all these years but it does really compliment her personality, I guess. Although her last post was a bit awkward, Ami's transformation was so beautiful. I am so glad Ami's more relatable now and I can't wait to meet the next senshi! Eeeep!
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    • OMG I know right? He's so swoony, and there is so much more chemistry with him and Usagi this time round! Haha, her voice is definitely very powerful, I kind of like how the original voice actress is retained though. I really liked Ami in this one but omg REI. AMAZING.

  6. Cayce

    I have yet to check out Sailor Moon Crystal, but I did love the original series. Ami was never my favorite senshi, she was always kind of in the background (imo), but it's good to hear that the new series provides a bit more insight to her personality/life/relationship with Usagi, and that this reboot is just as wonderful as the original. 🙂

    I was never a fan of Tuxedo Kamen though (Seiya forever!)

  7. I've not seen the episode so I just skimmed your recap but I really just wanted to see how Ami looks like. She was such a subtle character for me back then in a way that I don't really focus on her that much but I don't think Sailor Moon would be the same without her. She's an adorable and sweet character that quietly grows on you. I'm so excited to meet her! I need to watch this episode asap! Thanks for reminding me Jeann 😀
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    • I liked her so much more in this version than the old one, she looks a lot more cuter you know? She does quietly grow on her and is a major presence in Sailor moon's life. No problems!

  8. Oh gosh, Sailor Mercury!!! I remember her. This brings back memories! I remember when we played Sailer Moon as kids my friend was always Sailor Mercury. You get to meet me soon (hint I have green eyes) 😉 I'm so happy that this episode was also good! I was afraid that they would ruin things, but it seems that they know what they are doing. Great review, Jeann 🙂
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  9. I'm sure you do know that this one'll stick to the manga version which I liked very much. So much so it makes me started to draw and long story short, made me choose my career (I'm an illustrator now). So you can say that Sailor Moon play a HUGE deal in my life. It introduced me to a world of color coded heroes, astronomical mythos, value in friendship and love. It's awesome.

    I enjoyed the original anime despite the changes they made because that's the only thing that made my beautiful heroines finally moving around the screen, although I have to admit I kinda dissapointed with the show's chosen path to make the show more sweet and cute (e.g. incorporating heart shapes into the planets' symbols, which can only works on Mercury's, Mars' and Venus' symbols).

    The manga started off cute and quickly building up into more serious tone and theme, which I really hoped from the original anime but never fulfilled. So, I have a very SERIOUS HOPE from this reboot. Lol. So far so good. When I saw that the Mercury's symbol left in its original shape (without the heart shape), I was crying. I don't know why it's important to me, but it is.

    Oh so much hope. Please don't crush it again, Toei.

  10. I definitely liked when Ami transformed, because she looked so nice as Sailor Mercury. But when she's just regular Ami, she just looks so….so sad. In the original, I think she looked a little cuter (to me anyways) but oh well. I can't wait to meet all the other senshi. SO EXCITING!!
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    • I know, Ami looked kind of sad because people kind of avoided her you know? But definitely as Sailor Mercury she became more empowered. I think she looks a lot cuter than she did in the original series!

  11. I've seen this episode too and yes, that last pose is quite awkward. I also like Ami but my favorite is Minako and Makoto. I don't remember the old version anymore so watching this Anime feels like new to me.
    Irish recently posted…July Book Haul + ReviewsMy Profile

    • I know, I think I was like errr wtf was that when I saw her strike that post lol. My favourite is definitely Minako, she's such a lovely person! Glad to hear that this is like rediscovering something new 🙂


    I never saw the original series, but I just love the sound of this. I was actually on wikipedia the other day looking it up and reading the summary because my cousin mentioned to me that she really enjoyed it.

    I love the wonderful focus on friendship and really building the character relationships, which is important and just makes me want to watch it even more.

    The animation looks gorgeous to me, but because I don't want many animations I think they all look awesome – you're probably a lot more picky than I am 😛

    • Oooh in that case now is the perfect time to get into it Allie, the friendship and romance in this series is phenomenal. It really does make me emotional. I hope you do watch it!