Series Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 – Rei Sailor Mars

August 8, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Series Recaps


In the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Rei who is Sailor Mars was introduced and I was surprised to discover just how much I liked this new, more mellow and likable Rei. In the original anime, her fiery, no BS cocky attitude was always entertaining, but the way she was always jealous and antagonistic towards Usagi always put me off. This time, Rei has a certain elegance and beauty about her, yet she is fiery and fierce when it comes to enemies.

It was great to see the manga translation of her character here as a vulnerable, mysterious, passionate and strong girl who discovers her place in the inner senshi. She is absolutely beautiful, which catches Usagi’s eye and hilariously chases Rei off a bus. As an outsider with mysterious powers, Rei feels like an outcast and has been shunned for her whole life. Being subject to Usagi’s infectious kindness and inducted as the next Sailor Scout showed her that she had a place in the world. You can really see how Usagi brings all of them together and brings light to their lives, especially since both Rei and Ami have been outcasts for their whole lives.


Rei’s transformation was awesome, with heaps of CG fire surrounding her and an introduction that shows just how passionate and confident she became as Sailor Mars. I was impressed with how she wanted to fight off Jadeite with her fire powers alone, even before she knew she was a Sailor Senshi. She’s totally BADASS with her psychic and fire powers and the episode showcased her new characterisation perfectly.

There were also some swoony moments with Mamoru, and the surprise when we discover he’s actually a high school student this time around. It was great to finally see him out of his tuxedo and in a school uniform which was a bit different. There’s a cute, romantic moment between him and Usagi as they sit with each other at the back of the bus, and it was hilarious seeing her completely freak out with Luna.


Episode 3 also took on a surprisingly darker tone, with Rei’s feelings of alienation along with the Queen Beryl and her soldiers unveiling themselves. My favourite soldier was Nephirite and seeing him and Zoisite was a treat. Zoisite was actually a female in the dubbed version of the 90s anime so seeing him with a male voice was surprising. Queen Beryl also has a surprisingly creepy voice, and it’d be interesting to see whether this darker tone continues throughout the series. 

Did you prefer the different version of Rei? What did you think of the darker tones in this episode? 

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23 responses to “Series Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 – Rei Sailor Mars

  1. I love sailor moon too! although nowadays we're living in what I like to call "the otaku era" where the sane part of the anime fan base isn't welcome. I think otaku are not going to take to usagi and mamoru's relationship because in maho shojo now it's all be implied shojo ai relationships( nanoha, madoka, and prism illya) and having a straight romance to them isn't acceptable.

  2. I still haven't watched Ep 2 and now Ep 3 is here!!! Waaaah! But I'm very excited to meet this version of Rei since she's less bitchy than the original anime. I actually skimmed your review because I want to go in blind but I'm really loving the art of this version! So, so pretty!

    I will do a catch up soon! The good thing about it is, I can watch the eps back to back ^.^
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  3. I actually found out that the manga equivalent of Rei wasn't the cock, arrogant, bitchy girl that she was known for in the anime! I remember Amir hating her original anime character so much because she was so antagonistic towards Usagi, when in fact that wasn't her true personality at all! I like her more as this mellow, graceful character. She looks so beautiful with that expression. I like the contrast, actually – the graceful elegant personality coupled with a very fierce and destructive element (fire). Can't wait to watch this one!

    • I know, I actually didn't really like her in the original anime but she's awesome in this one! I like her personality here and she's so beautiful. I hope you'll love it Faye 🙂

  4. Lynn K.

    The old Sailor Moon anime was a big part of my childhood but I don't think I've ever watched all of it except for the Starlights season. With the reboot airing I decided to start reading the manga as well as read up on SM related websites and stuff. I never realized how much they censored and changed in the anime. The old!anime and manga both have their plus and minuses like better relationship development between certain characters depending on the version.

    Rei's transformation sequence is the one I like best out of the 3 so far. But I still prefer the drawn transformation more. Not a fan of the CG. >__<

    • Oh that's excellent, I think I'd like to read the manga as well actually, seeing as I really love the new series. Yeah, the CG is a bit weird actually, not something you'd expect to see in anime. I like Rei's transformation as well, it's very, well, Fiery.

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Jeann. I used to be obsessed with this show; never missed an episode. Rei was my fav because I'm an Aries, and it's a fire sign, so… she's my girl! Happy Friday. 🙂

    • Haha yes she is absolutely gorgeous isn't she? Her sass was awesome, but I guess I didn't like how she interfered with Darien and Serena. Haha hilarious about the high school student isn't it?

  6. ki pha

    I got caught up!!! 😀

    I got to say, seeing Zoisite as a male here made me super excited and happy as well. Seeing him in the 90s as a female was super strange to me since I knew he was a he, but didn't understand why they would make him a she. Homophobia Anamericans! Anyways, I thought Mamoru being a high schooler fit the story perfectly. I mean Usagi is only 14!!!

    • Yay, that is excellent! I was glad to see Zoisite as his original self, but it was really different because I know the dubbed version so well. Haha yes, Mamoru's age update was a lot better, I think. Plus seeing him in uniform was awesome.

  7. I love the fact that Sailor Moon isn't helped by Tuxedo Mask this time. He was left behind and can do nothing about it. This will make those who think that the senshis need to be saved by a man rethink their opinion lol.
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  8. I STILL HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO WATCH THIS YET :/ This weekend, man! I'm going for it *clears schedule*

    Rei's transformation sounds so fricken awesome, I can't wait to see it! Those are the powers I want! (You know, when I inevitably become a superhero)

    • Ohhh I hope you do watch it, the episodes are pretty short and omg Rei's transformation is even more awesome. Some day Allie, some day 😉 or you could be one now, and we wouldn't know it.

  9. Aaaah I am really so glad that we have another go with Sailor Moon. I didn't even know how much I've missed this anime until now. I love Rei! She's definitely my favorite so far, well, until Sailor Jupiter comes in. 😀 I was also surprised with the male voice of Zoisite. I don't remember the villains that much but I really thought he was female. Haha. And that scene with Mamoru and Usagi was too much. It was so adorable and cute!
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    • I am so glad you've finally picked it up Sarah, that way we can discuss every fortnight hehe. Rei was my favourite which was surprising to me, I can't wait for Makoto though, she's going to be interesting. Haha he was always supposed to be male but in the dubbed anime they changed this. I knowww, I was squeeing at their chemistry! Sooo adorable.