New Adult Reviews #1: Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker & Ricochet by Krista & Becca Ritchie

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New Adult Reviews #1: Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker & Ricochet by Krista & Becca Ritchie

New Adult Reviews #1: Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker & Ricochet by Krista & Becca RitchieFour Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker
Series: Ten Tiny Breaths #3
Published by Atria Books, Simon and Schuster Australia on November 4, 2013
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Genres: New Adult, Romance
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 believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life. You have seconds. Seconds to win them over, and seconds to lose them.

Owning a strip club isn’t the fantasy most guys expect it to be. With long hours, a staff with enough issues to keep a psych ward in business, and the police regularly on his case, twenty-nine-year-old Cain is starting to second-guess his unspoken mission to save the women he employs. And then blond, brown-eyed Charlie Rourke walks through his door, and things get really complicated. Cain abides by a strict “no sleeping with his staff” rule. But being around Charlie challenges Cain’s self-control . . . and it’s been a long time since any woman has done that.

Twenty-two-year-old Charlie Rourke needs a lot of money, really fast, in order to vanish before it’s too late. Taking her clothes off for men makes her stomach curl, but Charlie tells herself that at least she’s putting her acting and dancing skills to good use. And though her fellow dancers seem eager to nab their sexy, sophisticated, and genuinely caring boss, she’s not interested. After all, Charlie Rourke doesn’t really exist—and the girl pretending to be her can’t get distracted by romance. 

Unfortunately, Charlie soon discovers that developing feelings for Cain is inevitable, and that those feelings may not be unrequited—but losing him when he finds out what she’s involved with will be more painful than any other sentence awaiting her.

WOAH if Ten Tiny Breaths was intense, Cain’s story in Four Seconds to Lose is completely off the radar when it comes to sexiness and intensity. Everything about the story, from Cain himself, to his love interest Charlie, to owning a strip club and the secrets they had to keep was a powerful, intense and romantic thrill ride.

As a strip club owner with some past demons, Cain is a noble man who treats his employees like his own family. He does everything that he can to provide the strippers with a better life than they would have on the street, and that includes interfering with their personal lives and beating up their cheating husbands. Cain is probably my favourite male character out of the ones presented in this series so far, because he is so noble and has good intentions. He is as chivalrous as they come, and even with women flaunting themselves at him every night, he never lays a hand on them.

That is, until he meets Charlie, the young, mysterious girl who reminds him of a previous lover, who walks into his office wanting a job. Charlie holds some dark secrets of her own, and everything she does is cold, calculated, and an act. She’s caught in a dangerous web of lies, and the guilt, self doubt, disgust and conflicted feelings that Charlie felt throughout the novel was portrayed really well. She is a complex character to write about, and K.A. Tucker pulled her off perfectly.

The Cain I’ve been using as a prop onstage all these weeks is an emotionless man who wants nothing more than sex. He’s aggressive and demanding and walks away when he’s gotten his fill. Aside from a lustful crush, it’s difficult to picture myself forming an attachment to a man like that.

But the Cain I experienced last night is nothing like that prop. That Cain is passionate and gentle and, I’m afraid, has the ability to consume me.

Pretty much the first half of the book involves drawn out foreplay between Charlie and Cain, as they tease each other mercilessly before they finally act on it. It is worth the wait though, because Cain doesn’t do anything halfway. The passion that they have for each other is intense and enveloping, especially when the book picks up in the second half. The plot of the book really speeds up and comes to a head towards the end, with everything from drugs, sex, gang involvement turning the whole story into a blockbuster action flick.

There is no beating around the bush (excuse my term lol) here, with Cain working as a strip club owner in the sex trade, there is a lot of boobs, sex and action. The number of times Charlie described another male staring at her chest started to grate after a while, as it seemed like every male besides Cain and his buddies were horn dogs. The cattiness of the other strippers and their relentless gossiping and competitiveness was something I never got used to, but I was thankful that Charlie was different.


Four Seconds to Lose is one of the best books in the series so far with it’s intensity, action, complex characters and really, really hot romance. Usually I’m not a fan of cliche romances with damaged characters, but with K.A. Tucker’s amazingly powerful writing and deep, well developed characters with an air of mystery captured my attention and I was enthralled.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. 

New Adult Reviews #1: Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker & Ricochet by Krista & Becca RitchieRicochet by Becca Ritchie, Krista Ritchie
Series: Addicted #1.5
on May 22, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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As a sex addict, Lily Calloway must do the impossible. Stay celibate for 90 days.

Cravings and fantasies become her new routine, but while Loren Hale recovers from his alcohol addiction, Lily wonders if he’ll realize what a monster she really is. After all, her sexual compulsions begin to rule her life the longer she stays faithful to him.

Progress. That’s what Lily’s striving for. But by trying to become closer to her family—people who aren’t aware of her addiction—she creates larger obstacles. When she spends time with her youngest sister, she learns more about her than she ever imagined and senses an unsettling connection between Daisy and Ryke Meadows.

With Lily and Lo’s dysfunctional relationship teetering and unbalanced, they will need to find a way to reconnect from miles apart. But the inability to “touch” proves to be one of the hardest tests on their road to recovery. Some love brushes the surface. Some love is deeper than skin.

Lily and Lo have three months to discover just how deep their love really goes.

Review contains spoilers for Addicted to You – the first book in the series. Review here. 

Wow, even though Ricochet is a companion novel, there is nothing that was lacking about it. It offered so much character development for Lily, Lo, and the cast of characters and couples that it is unmissable if you pick up this series.

Firstly, I am just SO proud of Lily for the growth that she undertakes and the restrain that she practices while Lo is away. She’s not perfect, she is a sex addict, but slowly but surely, she tries and does right by Lo. Rose enrols her into therapy and she wants to get better, if not because she needs to recover, but because she doesn’t want Lo to leave her after he gets out of rehab.

There’s so much development in their relationship even though Lo is away, Lily shares some of their pivotal moments during their teenage years that led to them being attached at the hip, and she also shares some pretty saucy fantasies of Lo. Ricochet is a lot more blatant about Lily’s actual sex addiction, as she watches porn, practices self love, and fantasizes about Lo. She sinks to her deepest moments as she compulsively tries to fill the need without Lo, and the guilt eating away at her as she can’t exercise self control over her own addiction. I really, really felt for Lily during Ricochet, because it shows that she’s destructive on her own without the sleeping around as she did in the first novel.

And then I begin to wake up from my dream. He’ll see what a fiend I am. He’ll realise how needy and gross I can become, and he’ll toss me away as a friend and as a lover. If I cross the line – if he fills this need inside of me – what will become of us? What will become of me? 

Ricochet featured great glimpses between the other two couples that will eventuate – dynamo couple that is Rose and Connor, as they are already on and off again and fighting incessantly. The two are just too smart for their own good, and their constant snipes at each other was endearing and just so true to their natures. Daisy and her fearless attitude with her supermodel friends and her ability to be able to match Ryke’s intense, intimidating personality was refreshing, although I’m still weirded out that she’s only 14 and wonder where that’s going to go.


Ricochet features some great character development and Lily while she sinks to her darkest moments with Loren away, and it also offers a great glimpse of the characters as they began to develop their destructive relationship. It’s a companion novel that is not to be missed, and I can’t wait for the two to be together again.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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28 responses to “New Adult Reviews #1: Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker & Ricochet by Krista & Becca Ritchie

  1. Oh I know, I just love every single character in that series so much, they are all flawed but are so endearing! They really have a lot of depth. Oh wow what I can't wait to read their book, I've heard so much about them. I CANT WAIT.

  2. Lily and Loren are such precious and broken characters and I am really addicted to their story!

    I was a bit weirded out by the fact that Daisy was only 14, too – I don't think the authors quite got her age correctly (by the way she acted). BUT WOW I KINDA SHIPPED HER AND RYKE EVEN SO??? I cannot wait to read their companion novel *evil cackling*

    Just wait until you keep reading this series, Jeann. The feels get SO INTENSE.
    Chiara @ Books for a recently posted…So You Wanna Know MoreMy Profile

  3. Glad to hear you enjoy NA as a genre, especially the more unique ones. It is good when it's done well – I think you'll enjoy those KA Tucker books, it is definitely different from YA. This one does have second book syndrome, but lucky all of the books are standalone, so some people have skipped that one in particular.

  4. HEhe thanks Joy, I haven't read much NA outside of Tucker and Hoover but so far as long as I am picky with it, I am enjoying it! KA Tucker has really amazing writing and I love her books. Oh you have to discover the Addicted series, they are so good! There is lots of love out in the blogosphere for it 🙂

  5. Oh I know, everyone just says how awesome it is and I just want to read it all now but I know I will apprecaite it more if I take my time! Oh yes, Ten Tiny Breaths the first book was alright but I found it kind of typical, so was really surprised to see Four Seconds to Lose take it even further and be totally awesome! Thank you Tanja 🙂

  6. Oh I know it was definitely indepth and I'm glad the author didn't skimp out on the characters or the actual stripping and stuff lol! Five Ways to Fall is going to be the next NA I read, I can't wait!

    RICOCHET THE PHONE SCENE. Just wow it is so freaking amazing, I love it so much! I just bought Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower from the sale today, oh I need to read them ASAP but taking my time and enjoying it 🙂

  7. Glad to hear Lily, oh my gosh Four Seconds to Lose was definitely hot and different to other books I've read! It really did go into the setting in depth! Lol oh I need to read more of the series, I can't wait!

  8. Oh I just loved the slow burn romance and the chemistry between the two Carmel! The strippers were definitely catty and some were stereotypical, but yeah, it suited the setting I guess. Thank you Carmel!

  9. JEANN! You know how I am with New Adult, so, unfortunately, I think I'm probably going to pass with these because they don't sound quite up my alley. Nonetheless though, if I'm ever looking for a good NA read for whatever reason, I'll definitely have to keep these in the back of my mind. Thanks for sharing and, as always, FANTASTIC reviews! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite T recently posted…The Infinite SeaMy Profile

  10. Four Seconds is the whole reason I even started reading the series, yet I still haven't read the second book. -sigh- I will. I can't wait to get to Cain.

    And Ricochet! Yes! If you think there was character growth in this one, just wait until you read the rest. 😉
    Christy recently posted…The Hook Up by Kristen CallihanMy Profile

    • Oh I don't blame you for not reading the second book yet – I wasn't a big fan of it, even though KA Tucker's writing is amazing. Cain will blow your mind! CANNOT Wait to read the rest of the series it is amazing!

  11. New Adult is actually one of my favourite genres, and I'm always looking for more of those unique ones! K.A. Tucker's books have followed me for a huge period of time, and I'm really excited to have the first two books in the Ten Tiny Breaths series in my bookshelf. Sequels to amazing first books are always difficult to create the same way and I find myself ending up with second-book-syndrome more than half of the time, but I'm really glad to hear that Four Seconds to Lose went well! After Siiri's fangirl moments above and with your honest review, I think I'm going to have to give the Addicted series a chance as well. 🙂
    Michelle @ A Thousan recently posted…What Happens Next, by Colleen ClaytonMy Profile

    • Absolutely, it was a really great installment of the Ten Tiny Breaths series, I loved Caine and Charlie! There was a good deal of mystery and thrills in there as well. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to devour the Addicted series. I'm trying to pace myself, something to look forward to. Thank you!

  12. Yay for Four Seconds to Lose! I actually really loved that story, a lot more than I thought I would. Cain was just such an amazing character and though it was cliche overall, I couldn't help being enthralled as well. I haven't read the second review and I'm little scared to because of spoilers but I do need to check it out! I mean, 5 out of 5?! Doesn't get any better than that!
    Laura Plus Books recently posted…The Bookshelf TagMy Profile

    • Oh it was definitely an addictive and compelling story wasn't it Laura? I really did like Cain and Charlie, they were really complimentary to each other and I just loved the epilogue. YES you need to read the Addicted series, if Siiri has any say in it hehe XD

  13. KA Tucker just isn't my thing sadly. I read book one (which I think was only going to be a standalone at the time), but it's too generic NA for me. We're broken, lets have hot sex and sacrifice a half decent storyline, no one will notice 😀 But I'm really curious about the Ritchie girls. I've seen nothing but praise for their series and it's actually one NA I'm really interested in reading, especially now after reading your review.

    Loved it Jeann <3
    Kelly recently posted…State of Grace by Hilary BadgerMy Profile

    • oh no, that's such a shame! That's literally what I thought of the Katie McGarry series, too generic romance. I think Ten Tiny Breaths was more generic, but her ones later in the series are not. Oh my gosh I'm really excited that you're keen on the Addicted series, it is freaking amazing.

  14. Welcome to the dark side eh, Jeann? 🙂

    KA Tucker is one author that I find no trouble reading. Regardless of how her work echoes most of what's in NA nowadays, I just can't say no to her. I was a big fan of Four Seconds to Lose as well, and hopefully her new one will be just as great.

    I'm not familiar with the second book, though. But you loved it! Makes me want to download a copy now, too.
    Joy (Joyousreads) recently posted…Confessions of an Addict [29]: BRB. I’m Reading.My Profile

  15. There is not much I can tell you about Addicted series after Siiri! Can I? But yeah I'm really so so happy that you loved this one that much and I really hope that one day when I get back to this series I'll get to see Lily's development and I'm super excited about it. Also Ten Tiny Breaths is another series I gave up too, but I did wrong. So yeah I'll get back to it as well. Amazing review, Jeann 🙂
    Tanja recently posted…The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake by Mary ParkerMy Profile

  16. Yeah, Cain's story really went there, didn't it? LOL. I wold have loved this book so much more if the ending wasn't that anti-climatic since the whole thing went down on a few pages and I felt like the whole build up was for nothing 🙁 but I'm so happy you loved it so much! Nothing in this series will ever beat Five Ways to Fall in my eyes though. THAT. BOOK. UGH. *HYPERVENTILATING* HOLY SHIT YOU READ RICOCHET AND I LOVE THAT YOU LOVED IT AND ASDFGHJKL YOU MENTION COBALLOWAY AND YOU LOVE LILY'S GROWTH AND I AM HOLDING MY BREATH AS I'M WRTING THIS BECAUSE EXCITEMENT AND MARK MY WORDS MILADY YOU WILL ADORE RAISY WHEN YOU GET TO THEIR BOOK OR EVEN IN KISS THE SKY ALREADY AHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU AND THIS REVIEW AND I NEED YOU TO DEVOUR EVERY BOOK IN THIS SERIES ASAP <333
    Siiri recently posted…Where’s Your Head At?My Profile

  17. Slow burn romance is the way to go IMO, and the teasing that goes on between Charlie & Cain in the earlier chapters is right up my alley. I can understand why the strippers' cattiness didn't jive with you, however I think that it was fitting given this book's setting. Mind you, Ryke’s age in the novella would have totally weirded me out too. Lovely reviews!
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Review: Taken by the Others by Jess HainesMy Profile

  18. RICOCHET OMG (when Siiri sees this, she will lose her shit haha).

    I LOVED this novella. You're right, Lily grew SO much and really matured, I think. She comes to terms with her addiction and even though it does get the better of her sometimes, she's still so determined.

    And that webcam scene with her and Lo? EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE.