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November 7, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Chatterbox, Features, Reflections

I get really involved in my fandoms as you may know. I really enjoy being absorbed in them and chatting about them. Here’s some of the TV shows that I currently love:



Ever since I saw a preview of the pilot at the cinemas of this in 2005, I have been a proud fan of Supernatural from the very beginning. Supernatural is my favourite show of ALL TIME, I love paranormal and creepy things and this feeds the need perfectly. The best thing about the show is the cast though, I mean Dean & Sam  are definitely easy on the eyes, but their spunk and brotherly bond is definitely unmatched throughout the series. I loved the story arc from Season 1 – 5, it was all preplanned from the beginning but unfortunately I feel like current Supernatural is just a shadow of its former self. Still not complaining about it though!

The Walking Dead


I LOVE ZOMBIES. Zombie games, comics, books, shows, movies, I’ve been a zombie buff all my life. The Walking Dead is the first continuing zombie show that isn’t just about a standoff after the zombies have arisen. It’s about survival and the extreme lengths that humans will go to in order to survive. It’s brilliant, disturbing, gory and wonderful. And I just love how the actors and actresses actually LOOK like they are starving in the apocalypse, realism. Watch this show! Here’s my post about why you should read the comics.

Game of Thrones


This one is pretty self explanatory, the unexpected plot twists, the MASSIVE host of characters and kingdoms and the beautiful settings. Plus the show boldly goes somewhere where no show has gone before with the violence, nudity and sex. I refuse to read the books so I won’t know what’s going on, plus I feel like the book will be too confusing for me. Just looking at the amount of characters on the show is like studying an encyclopedia.

Big Bang Theory


I was actually late to the party on this one but marathoned the first 4 series and absolutely loved it. I actually understand some of the geeky humour and these guys are totally hilarious! Where other series and jokes have failed, Big Bang Theory just makes me GUFFAW continuously. I love it.

Pretty Little Liars


I just love the fashion, the intrigue, the multi-layered plot that keeps you guessing. It’s just super frustrating though because to keep the show going, there is no big reveal for the mystery that has been building up over several seasons. I just want to know who the real A is, not to have them throw a million red herrings! I guess I have a love hate relationship with this show.

Sleepy Hollow


I love Sleepy Hollow, I feel like it brings back a lot of that old school scariness in earlier Supernatural seasons. I find it creepy and awesome, plus Ichabod Crane *swoons* I like how the two main characters are not in a romance, for something different. They have a terrific friendship.

Do you watch any of these shows? What TV shows do you currently follow?

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43 responses to “Chatterbox: My Current Favourite TV Shows

  1. Supernatural: you know how I feel about this one! Gosh darn, I love those brothers and Castiel. DESTIEL IS CANON. IT IS.

    The Walking Dead: so I pretty much wanna marry Rick. He is my perfect guy. I refuse to believe he is fictional and not waiting for me to find him and spirit him away to our happily ever after.

    Game of Thrones: ugh, I couldn't do it. I watched one season and a half and I was just bored. Sorry, Jeann >.<

    Big Bang: Sheldon <3 There was a time when I was binge watching this show every day. But now I haven't watched it in AGES and I am so behind D:

    Pretty Little Liars: I also have a love-hate relationship. I just want to KNOW ALREADY ARGH.

    Sleepy Hollow: holy freaking crap, Jeann. I just. Ichabod. I cannot. With his face. HIS ENTIRE BEING. *FAINTS*
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  2. I am so behind with all of my TV shows, so I'm not currently "following" any. HOWEVER, I REALLY want to get back into Supernatural. I watched it up until the 4th or 5th season (?) and then stopped for some reason…I'm going to have to marathon the entire show when the last season comes out on DVD, I think.

    I also planned on starting The Walking Dead, but I don't think I'm going to bother anymore. There's just too many other shows that I'm interested in more. I love Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory though! I guess I follow TBBT, come to think of it. Although I'm always missing new episodes. 🙁 I also want to start watching Sleepy Hollow sooner rather than later.

    The first season of Pretty Little Liars really disappointed me, and although what I saw of season 2 looked as though I would've enjoyed it, it's become another of those shows that I don't think I'll be bothered with anymore, unfortunately.

    Lately I've been watching Skins (UK) series 7, Peaky Blinders series 1 and Grimm season 1.

    • Ebony you\’d probably have fond memories of supernatural if you stopped at that point, I remember season 6 or 7 being one of the worst ones I\’ve seen lol. Marathoning shows is so much fun, I always need to set a big block of time for it. There are so many great shows to follow and it does take dedication to watch all the episodes lol! I did try and get into Grimm but watched a few eppies and stopped.

  3. Supernatural is that one show I NEED to watch, and soon. And I loved the first three seasons of The Walking Dead! I haven't been watching it lately now though because it has gotten a wee bit weird right now for me, but my boyfriend is still loving it. AND BIG BANG THEORY!!! That's the sitcom that can make me laugh every 5 seconds. I looove Sheldon. Sleepy Hollow is indeed interesting, and Ichabod can be charming with his ignorance of the modern world. Haha!
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    • Oh my gosh Faye I can't believe you haven't seen Supernatural – it is AWESOME! There's a reason why it's still on TV with such a heavy fanbase. It definitely did get weird in TWD, I love it and watch it religiously as soon as it comes out though. Sheldon is so hilarious haha. Oh I do love Ichabod *blush*

  4. Hi Jeann! I watch Supernatural too but I still have a long way to go before I can catch up haha(I'm just about to start season 7!) And I got into Game of Thrones late but it doesn't mean I'm not excited for the next season to come. :p

    I tried watching The Walking Dead but for some reason I didn't like it. My dad and boyfriend does though haha!

    Other shows I watch are The Vampire Diaries, Grimm, The Originals, Grey's Anatomy, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Reign, Suits, Revenge, and Arrow. These are not all the shows I watch, I still have a lot on my list haha!
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  5. My friends always think I'm crazy because I've never seen Supernatural or The Walking Dead 😛 I've seen clips and such but don't really know what it's about. I need to change that soon, everyone seems to love them. Game of Thrones, hell yes. I only got into it this year but I absolutely love it.
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    • Oh my gosh I can't believe you haven't seen them Alise! I remember when everyone was watching Breaking Bad and talking about it and I felt so left out lol. So glad you at least got into Game of Thrones 😉 it's AWESOME!

  6. Jeannnn I've watched all of these except Sleepy Hollow. I loveeee Supernatural but agree with you, 1-5 was superb but it's definitely gone downhill from there. I've actually stopped watching because I can't stand how much it goes around in circles anymore. I also stopped watching the Walking Dead on season two…heh. It got really boring with the drama and not enough zombies. Definitely need to pick it up again though because everyone tells me it gets better! And I will not comment too much on the others except to say they're super good as well! xx
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    • Oh my gosh I stopped watching Supernatural as well in Season 7 or 8 I think because it just got too lame. Filled with filler episodes and there doesn't seem to be a heavy plotline anymore. I love Walking Dead, although I have to admit that S2 is terribly boring. It gets better afterwards though because fans complained 🙂

  7. Haha at least it's all TV shows I know! I've been meaning to get into Supernatural and Game of Thrones, but the amount of episodes there are is really intimidating. I have watched most of BBT and The Walking Dead, but I haven't caught up to the newest season yet. Life has been pretty busy for me, and I haven't even played any video games recently either.

    For new TV shows, I've been meaning to watch Gotham and Arrow, but just haven't gotten around to it.
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  8. Supernatural is one of those shows which everybody has been continually raving about but I just haven't had the chance to watch yet. It's probably going to take me a while to catch up once I do start it, but I'm sure it will be worth it! I've watched all four seasons of Game of Thrones, and like you I'm not going to read the books now either because I'd rather be surprised (and since they are pretty dense, I don't think I have the motivation right now). Sleepy Hollow looks really good *adds to to-watch list*. Thanks for sharing Jeann 🙂
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  9. I think I am a lot older then you, but I love The Walking Dead and enjoy Sleepy Hollow too. I also watch Vampire Diaries, Blacklist, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Grimm, Castle, The Good Wife, and Criminal Minds. I watch entirely too much tv for sure, cause I do know I am leaving some out!

  10. Isn't it a little bit funny that they're almost all American tv shows? Lately American TV shows have been dominating. As for me, I'm currently watching: The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash, How to Get Away with Murder, and Dancing with the Stars on TV. I'm catching up on Supernatural, Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones, and Beauty and the Beast thanks to Netflix and other streaming services I have (I have a very basic cable plan… I need to find other ways to entertain myself, lol).

    How to Get Away with Murder is amazing! If you can, definitely watch it, Jeann! It's kind of like reading Dangerous Girls, trust me.
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  11. AWESOME LIST HERE, JEANN. The only ones I haven't watched are The Walking Dead (which I've been meaning to get to for some time now), and the Big Bang Theory. While I LOVE the GoT books, I see what you mean about the large cast of characters–sometimes, because there are so many, it's hard to keep straight who is who, whereas in the show it's easier because you have physical appearances/actors to go off. I can't wait for the next season! <3 Have you ever watched Sherlock (BBC version), Jeann? If not–I highly recommend it. I was SO sceptical of it at first… but I've ended up loving it. <3
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  12. I love The Walking Dead! I originally watched it as a trade off with my boyfriend (he would watch Pretty Little Liars if I watched Walking Dead) and never expected to fall in love with it the way I did! The character development is astounding (esp. Beth and Carol) and the whole thing is just awesome.

    Liars, I love that too although I'm a bit behind. And I've been a Big Bang fan since day one! I also watch copious reruns of Friends :p
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  13. I love The Walking Dead. I watch Game of Thrones too but I get confused a lot. So many characters! I never got into Supernatural but I really should try because it's pretty much the kind of thing I like to watch. Of course, now I'm, what, 10 seasons behind? I watched the first few episodes of the first season and didn't watch any more but I can't remember why.
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  14. The Big Bang Theory is filled with cliches, but I eat it all up 😀 I'm a scientist myself and I do recognize a lot of things that happen in the show, haha. It's all so funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Game of thrones. Such a good casting and every episode has me hooked – and they all seem to feel like they are only 15 minutes long. That's when you know you are watching something good 🙂
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  15. I really need to catch up on Supernatural, I think I'm like 2 seasons behind and I miss my boys.

    Right now I watch: The Walking Dead, which is finally starting to win me back…I just want them to kill off some of the side people already. My boyfriend and best friend insist that they characters are actually amazing, but I just get irritated by them (*cough* Eugene and Abraham…). I need to try and catch up with the comics too.

    Legend of Korra, which in my opinion is finally getting the episodes it deserves now that it's been moved to The first two seasons were good, but nothing like Last Airbender, but season 3 really amped it up and this season rocks!

    Project Runway (and all the spin-offs), I've been watching this for years now and I'm so addicted to it. I love watching people make amazing clothes and it's always fun to see the drama of course, but the designers are so talented.

    Stuff I need to get back into: Game of Thrones – I have to wait until we can afford to splurge on the season 3 boxset. *Cries*. I'm reading the books as well, but the show deviates a lot.

    The Borgias – I'm almost done with this so I'm going to start watching it again because it is just too good! It's one of those shows where you feel like you should hate the main characters but end up loving them.
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  16. And you watch all this! Woha I admire you girl. With my studies, books and blog I really have no time for TV. I actually don't remember when was the last time I turned it on. If it wasn't for my dad that thing would probably be useless in my house. Anyhow I love The Big Bang Theory. I used to watch it but I am waiting till they start showing the last season here. Great post, Jeann 🙂
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  17. Ty

    You've named a few of my favorites here: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and Sleepy Hollow. A couple more that I'm hopelessly addicted to are Grimm and The Blacklist. Grimm has created this great alternate world where fairy tale creatures are real. I just love it. And on the Blacklist lives my choice for the best character on television: Raymond "Red" Reddington. Talk about your great anti-heroes. James Spader is absolutely perfect in that role. He's truly fantastic!

    • Ah, I actually did watch the old Doctor Who when I was young when it was on TV. It has such a big fandom I wonder what I'm missing out on 🙂

  18. YES I HAVE A MAJOR, MAJOR LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH PLL. I'm the only one of my friends left standing with that show; everyone else abandoned it. But not me. I'm determined to know the "truth". Plus it doesn't hurt that all the guys are easy on the eyes and that everyone is just so damn stylish. If Rosewood didn't have all those murders, I would even be tempted to live there LOL
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  19. I haven't tried at Sleepy Hollow yet! Iiiinteresting. Gotta love Walking Dead though, always.

    Do you watch Arrow / The Flash? Super heroes FTW! I'm quite interested in checking out American Horror Story too as it seems wonderfully creeptastic and we all know I love to be scared

    • Oh my gosh I love Walking Dead so much, have been hanging out for my weekly Monday fix. I haven't gotten into Arrow or the Flash yet, but you know I love superheroes hehe! Oh American Horror Story would be way too creepy for me *shudders*

  20. I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with PLL, haha. 😛 You want to stop watching because of the lack of answers, but you can't stop because YOU REALLY NEED THOSE ANSWERS!!!! XD

    And yeah I really loved Supernatural for the first few seasons, but when the angels and all that stuff came in, it went downhill for me because I'm not very fond of that stuff. I can't get past season 7. 🙁 But Dean…
    Bieke @ Istyria book recently posted…Bookish Babble: Top Ten Sci-Fi Books & MoviesMy Profile

    • Yeah it's so frustrating but it makes us still want to watch it lol! I like the fashion but it's just implausible with how so many people keep dying in a small town. Me neither, I stopped around Season 7 as well but I want to watch more 🙁

  21. I suddenly very much need Sleepy Hollow in my life I think. *nods* I only discovered TV series this year, so I'm making up for lost time. XD I love and adored watching all of Psych and LEVERAGE, omg, have you ever tried Leverage?! It's the ultimate heist show and I'm partial particularly to Elliot who punches people but is a big softer.


    Fight the fairies. FIGHT THE FAIRIES.
    Cait @ Notebook Sist recently posted…Beautiful Books Linkup #2: How’s The Writing Going?My Profile

    • I totally think you should Cait, I just love how creepy it is and everything! Oh my gosh WHAT? YOU ONLY DISCOVERED TV SERIES THIS YEAR? Oh well, better late than never I guest! I haven't read either of those, but Elliot sounds adorable!

      I am just SO GLAD THAT YOU LOVE SUPERNATURAL. SAM AND DEAN AND CASTIEL are like the best character of like ever. They are just so hilarious and I love their dynamic together. YES FIGHT THE FAIRIES

  22. I watch pretty much every TV show you do except for sleepy hollow! I am in LOVE with Supernatural at the moment, I've nearly finished season 9 (major improvement considering earlier this year I was only at season 2) and I can't wait till I'm up to date. Walking Dead has been so good lately and I feel like the plot line is going to get even more crazy. I agree with you on Pretty Little Liars, I'm a bit undecided on whether to continue it or not. They're dragging it on for way too long and they NEED to find out who A is already! I don't watch Big Bang Theory religiously but I love the eps that i watch occasionally. I must say I've never tried Sleepy Hollow, I might have to give that one a go 😉
    Francoise recently posted…{Review} Black Ice by Becca FitzpatrickMy Profile

    • Aha, that means you and I have good taste. I just love Supernatural so much but after Season 8 I just can't bring myself to continue! I have heard the episodes are getting better but still. Oh my gosh Walking Dead has gone off this season, it's amazing! I have already abandoned TVD I think, it's so frustrating. Sounds like you'd like Sleepy Hollow too ^_^

  23. Game of Thrones I'm pretty much behind on it, but I do plan to catch up before the next book comes out next year!

    As for my fave current shows… I'm watching Castle, Arrow, The Flash and Constantine. For now… Doctor Who I think I'll eventually watch this whole season once it's done and I'm thinking of starting watching Hannibal!
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  24. I watch Supernatural and TBBT too! Though I was a bit behind on Supernatural, I haven't picked it up since the finale scene where Angels are falling out of the sky from EVERYWHERE. That was an epic scene! I feel like TBBT may be struggling a bit, the jokes up there now are sometimes a little borderline insulting(?) to people I identify myself with…but nonetheless I still watch that thing every week 😛 I also follow Grey's Anatomy, Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle, Bones, and Criminal Minds. Yep, I follow lots of crime drama shows, they are my favorite!
    Angel @ Spare Reads recently posted…Review: Sisters Red (Fairytale Retellings, #1)My Profile

    • Those 2 are the best shows hehe. Oh I just loved the whole Angels and Demons angle, they've done it really well! Ah, that's a shame with the jokes kind of insulting. I find it self deprecating though, so I can appreciate it that way. I did start watching Agents of SHIELD but I couldn't keep it up, I found it kind of cheesy. My bf loves those crime drama shows!

  25. I seriously SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY need to watch Supernatural. I use the gifs in like all my blog posts lol. It's getting drastic. I'm just kind of intimidated by how many episodes there are O_O I pretty much watch one TV show at a time. It was How I Met Your Mother for a few months, and now Community. Thinking of starting Orange is the New Black as well (can you tell I like comedy?)
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    • Oh my gosh Emily, I think you totally should! I mean it's a really great show and it does get really funny later on when it finds its' feet. Oh I would love to start Orange is the New Black too, I've heard great things 😀

  26. I agree Seasons 1-5 were the best in Supernatural. I love Dean more than Sam though. Sam is quite self-involved in my opinion. Dean has his share of problems too, I know, like clinging to Sam. Abandonment issues. But either way I prefer Dean over Sam, but the show has started dragging now, and I wish they would finish it off.

    Seen a bit of Big Bang Theory, it's hilarious. But it's repeats have come so many times on T.V. it's getting on my nerves. Even now Zee Cafe is starting the show from Season 1. And they've already done is like 5-6 time in the past two years.

    Used to watch Pretty Little Liars. Loved Aria and Ezra together. And yes it is quite intriguing. Keeps you on your toes. But even this sow comes so erratically on T.V. now, that I've missed a lot of Season 3 and 4.
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    • I love both Dean and Sam but Dean is so hunky hehe! I find Sam a bit whinier though, but he's definitely toughened up in later seasons. They both do have a bit of issues lol. I love Big Bang Theory so I don't mind repeats but I have to admit I don't watch it on live TV much.