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December 30, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Chatterbox, Features


You know I love my movies and I can’t get this year end without listing out my favourite ones of the year. This year delivered an epic blockbuster of movies, from my all-time favourite superheroes to awesome YA to movie adaptations.

8. The Fault in Our Stars


For a movie that has legions of nerdfighters to please, TFIOS did really well to immortalise the book and bring Gus and Hazel to life in their truest form. It was witty, smart and made me cry all the tears and I loved it. Read our Happy Eternity Discussion here.

7. Maleficient


Seeing Angelina Jolie play the villain-turned hero in this Sleeping Beauty remake was amazing! I loved the adventurous, different angle to a well loved fairy tale and she had the presence to do it.

6. Divergent 


I loved this movie so much I watched it twice (and only some of that was for the perving). Aside from the Dauntless being silly hooligans, I thought it translated the world of Divergent quite well. Check out my discussion review here.

5. Mockingjay Part 1


Mockingjay really brought a lot to the movie as Katniss experiences some quiet and heroic moments. I will love each and every Hunger Games movie.

4. Gone Girl

gone girl screenshot

This movie was creepy, chilling and disturbing and left a really lasting impact after the twisted psychological thrills occurring within it. It was as good as the book. Read
my movie and book review here.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy


I can’t believe I waited to see this on DVD, I loved it so much! There were many laughs to be had at Starlord’s hilarious quips and Groot is the best character ever.

2. Captain America: Winter Soldier


The movie that made me LOVE Captain America and James Bucky <3 It had everything from lots of action, double crossing, character development for our favourite superhero. I loved it so much! Check out my Happy Eternity Discussion review with Chiara.

1. Xmen Days of Future Past


The Xmen movie that wiped out all of the previous spin-offs, I just loved how this one was intelligent and featured time travel. It was incredibly trippy with the mishmash of Xmen characters from the prequel and the originals, and it had such a different feel to the other Xmen movies!

What are your movies of the year?

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51 responses to “Chatterbox: Best Movies of 2014

  1. Obviously I’m late to the discussion!
    I have actually seen few of these movies, though I would definitely but Mockingjay and Maleficent on my favourite- though I didn’t watch the latter until a few weeks ago. It’s such a beautiful film, just the kind of thing I am bound to like.
    I only watched a bit of Divergent, skimmed it, really, but I actually was quite disappointed. My love for the books spiraled downwards during the second, so by the time I watched it I liked them less already- could’ve made a difference if I’d gone in loving them, or even liking them more, but I think I’d still have felt a bit disappointed. I hope the second is as good for you, though! It does look good, I must say. Xx
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  2. Great list ! 2014 was a good year for fandoms I guess.So many good books made into movies and sequels of movie franchises coming out.

    I really liked Maleficient.I've always loved books or movies that show the vulnerable side of villains,and it was a great retelling with a twist.

    Gone Girl was truly amazing!I haven't read the book,but I was chilled to the bone and mind blown by the movie. Rosamund Pike was wonderful as Amy,I think that an Oscar nomination might be on the way for her.
    I've always seen Ben Affleck as a great script writer and director but he proved that he's also a great actor in the movie.
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  3. Numbers 2, 3, 7, and 8 are definitely my favourites on this list! I absolutely loved all of them for so many different reasons.

    I only recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I do not know why i waited so long because it may even be my #1 2024 release movie. I simply loved everything about it. Groot, especially! I cannot wait for the sequel, and I really hope they do it justice.
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  4. HAHAHHAHAHHAHHA I WATCHED ALL THESE MOVIES MUHAHAHHAHAHA. I do have to agree with the ordering of the list, though I kinda have mixed feelings with X-men, because I had so many questions from coming out of that movie. But I really like Mystique so I cannot complain much.

    Also, Groot <3

  5. Goodness, the only one I've seen of all of these is Divergent. I've been so slack and catching up on TV shows like TWD and The 100 as well. The only one I'm really desperate to see is Mockingjay really, I was planning to see it and then the puppy got sick and I forgot all about it.

    Wow, some YA reader I am 😀

    Thanks for sharing Jeann, might check a few of these out and preorder a few when they get to Blu Ray <3
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  6. readerswonderland

    I absolutely loved Winter Soldier because of Steve and Bucky, I hope they really explore that relationship in the next movie(s). Guardians of the Galaxy was probably my favorite movie of 2014-so good. I thought Jolie made an awesome Maleficient but I didn't enjoy the movie that much plotwise :/ Gone Girl was epic. Great list!
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    • Steve and Bucky had a great relationship in the 2nd one and it was really interesting seeing how it was manipulated by everyone else. I think GoG is a lot of people's favourites of the year, definitely totally AMAZING! Thank you Alise!

  7. The only one I haven't seen on your list is Maleficent, but I really want to see it now. I definitely agree with the rest of your list – those were the best movies this year. 🙂

  8. kezia1098

    COMPLETELY AGREE ABOUT X-MEN!! It was amaaaaazingggg I was mindblown! And Nicholas Hoult was also an eye candy teehee 😛 I thought Winter Soldier and Mockingjay Part 1 were boring but YES GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! I saw with with my friend and we both cried when Groot did you-know-what. Divergent was also a great adaptation!
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    • YESSS I know right? So glad to hear you loved it too, I just couldn't believe how good it was! I need to re-watch it. Hehe my love is always Hugh Jackman XD Groot is such an amazing character, I got a Dancing Groot for my Christmas present hehe.

  9. DreWolf

    I have not seen Gone Girl and Xmen Days of Future Past. I need to catch up on 2014 movies! But there are so many that are showing in 2015. I don't even mind watching in theaters alone 😀
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    • Oh mannn they were both amazing movies Dre, I hope you do watch some of them. Being in theaters alone would definitely be a relaxing experience!

  10. Sunny @ A Sunny Spot

    LOVED TFIOS, this book is so special to me so I was thrilled with the faithful delivery of this adaption! This really was a year jam packed with book adaptations wasn't it? Divergent and Mockingjay Part 1 were also great, I liked MP1 much more than I expected and I'm really interested to see where part 2 takes us. I hope you have a lovely lovely year! All the best for 2015
    My recent post A Sunny Spot End of Year Survey 2014

    • It is such a fantastic book and they did so well with the movie that we all loved! There were so many amazing movies and book adaptations, and yes even though MP1 was relatively uneventful it was still so fantastic. Thank you so much Sunny, I hope you have a fantastic 2015 as well! Happy New Year lovely.

    • YEESSS SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE CAP in that movie. I wasn't too fussed on him before watching it but now I am fully converted. Steve and Bucky, they were so touching and I loved their roles in the movie. SO MANY FEELS!

    • It took me ages to get around to Maleficent so I watched it on DVD, so glad I finally did though, it was a wonderful fairy tale retelling. There were so many wonderful movies out this year! Too bad Hobbit wasn't a big love for you but look at all the amazing movies that were out to compete!

  11. ezinwanyi13

    Honestly, I didn't enjoy Fault in our Stars movie as much as I enjoyed the book. I saw Shailene W. making all the same facial expressions including biting her bottom lip after a hot kiss just like she did in Divergent.

  12. I haven't watched too many amazing movies this year but Divergent is definitely a stand out for me. I feel like I've watched so many other amazing movies this year I just can't think of any. D: Cheers to a year of amazing movies in 2015!

  13. Gone Girl, GotG and Winter Soldier are all such good movies, for all completely different reasons lol they're definitely three of my favourites *sigh* Peter Quill is my spirit animal. I feel a Marvel marathon coming up. Maybe New Year's Eve, because that's how I roll (that's not nerdy at all, is it?)
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    • I know, I felt like they excelled in their genres and they were so freaking fantastic! Peter Quill was just SO FUNNY. I loved his hilarious antics and banter and STAR LORD. I hope you had a fantastic Marvel Marathon and happy new year Wattle!

    • Oh my gosh that Xmen movie was so good. It was completely epic and wiped out a few of the other Xmen movies and you know what? I was okay with that. Hope you love it too Jess, let me know what you think!

  14. I totally agree with Maleficent & Captain America. I liked The fault in our stars, but it wasn't my favorite. I NEED TO SEE MOCKINGJAY. Divergent was mweh for me. I must see Guardians of the galaxy soon.

    I would add La belle et la bête, which is a gorgeous movie. The hobbit: battle of the five armies, hands down one of the best movies I've seen this year. The box trolls was very cute. 22 jump street was hilarious. I fell in love with Dracula: untold.

    Is it okay if I make a post with my Top 10 and link back to you as inspiration? 🙂

    • WOAH you haven't seen Mockingjay yet! There were so many fantastic movies this year, so glad to hear you loved Dracula Untold and Hobbit. I never got into LOTR but I have heard good things about Dracula actually. I look forward to reading your favourite movies Mel!

  15. I really love all the tear-jerkers I saw this year (If I Stay, TFioS). Unfortunately, I don't watch too many movies, so my list would probably be short. Lol.

    • Lol fair enough Joy, I know movies are sometimes a luxury to get away to have free time from! TFIOS was fantastic for a tear jerker.

  16. loonytuney

    I loved so many of these as well!! TFIOS, Divergent, Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent…also The Book Thief. That was awesome. And I tend to RE-watch a lot of movies too…
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    • Oh yes, I don't re-read much but movies, I definitely do. There were so many, in fact I think I rewatched most of these except TFIOS and the ones that haven't been released on DVD yet.

  17. I've seen all of these except Xmen and I really really want to see Xmen i just haven't gotten around to it yet! XD I LOVED TFIOS AND MOCKINGJAY SO SO MUCH. I loved Divergent, but I thought Shailene Woodley made a better Hazel, imo. *shrugs* Gone Girl gave me nightmares. 0.0 okay, lol, not really, but I hadn't read the book so TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING WHAT IT REALLY WAS ABOUT. heh.
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    • OMGGG WATCH XMEN CAIT! It is sooo good, I promise you'll love it. I did love Divergent and it's interesting to see people say she was either a better Tris or Hazel, although I'm not going down that pathway because I thought they were such different movies. Hehehe it really does sound like Gone Girl freaked you out lol!
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  18. I still need to watch Maleficient and Mockingjay. TFIOS and GG were really good. I can't even remember what other movies I watched this year… umm … I loved 22 Jump Street. lol! OH and A Million Way to Die in the West. I love that movie!
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    • Hehe I have heard great things about 22 Jump street, although I do prefer action movies. I watched Maleficent on DVD ages after the release and was pleasantly surprised!