2014 Recap & Blogging Highlights

December 31, 2014 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Chatterbox, Features


Happy New Year everyone! I had an awesome time at my beach getaway and got to relax by the beach and poolside and finish a few reads including RAVEN BOYS and Vicious! Now that I’m back with you all, I’ll be catching up on commenting and everything.

Here’s some of the beautiful beach views on the coast of Queensland:


Breath-taking views and so incredibly beautiful.

It was exactly what was needed to reflect back on a big year, which I recap below:

Blogging/Bookish Highlights of 2014 


Me & Laini Taylor

chiara jeann bec

Chiara, Jeann & Bec


Speaking at Love YA Festival 

This was the most epic bookish year I’ve ever had this year, and I sigh with happiness as I look back at all the highlights of 2014. I’ve had the chance to work with some awesome publishers, meet so many amazing authors and bloggers, and make friends and have so many amazing chats with so many amazing bloggers and other bookish people. I’ve learnt that blogging takes a lot of time, and it’s no secret that I’ve gotten stressed at times about it, but at the end of the day, it’s lead me to so many opportunities and friends that I wouldn’t have made without it.

Personally, this year was a bit tough at times with many health problems, where I sprained my wrist, got an infected cut and even went to hospital for an infection. But there have been many, many good times that I’ve had along the way, which far outweighs the bad. I was also actively training all year and lost 8 kgs through 5km runs and personal training, which has been a personal goal for ages.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in 2014 is that if you have a positive attitude and you change the negative thoughts into positive, then good things will follow. Let go of the hurt, disappointment and blame for people who let you down. People aren’t going to change because you tell them to, and the biggest person you are hurting is yourself if you hold a grudge. You’re the one in control of your feelings, not other people and if you learn to forgive and forget, you’ll be a lot better off.

I am eternally grateful for the support network I have, my family and my friends that I have in my life. It’s a good life guys, and I’ll look back at 2014 as a fantastic, fruitful, and brilliant year.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you have a fantastic 2015! 


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60 responses to “2014 Recap & Blogging Highlights

  1. piscesgirl1688

    You were so much more productive than me last year LOL. And awww! I hope this year's better than last in terms of health but YAY FOR ALL THE AWESOME THINGS. (YOU SPOKE AT A FESTIVAL HOW COOL IS THAT.)

    • It's definitely worth heading to the beach when the weather is warm, not something you can do year round! Thank you Christy, I hope yours is amazing as well.

  2. What an incredible year blogging Jeann, it's amazing when it's showcased all in the one post. On the YA panel, meeting Laini and Happy Indulgence has just gone from strength to strength. By next new year, you'll have conquered EVERYTHING. Just remember us little people 😀

    Such a shitty year for health wasn't it, but you had so many awkward injuries and illnesses, where the rest of us just get colds. Glad your back in good health now. Wow, 8kgs is huge, considering you're only little to begin with. How do you find going with a personal trainer?

    Here's to another year of love, laughter and more books than you can poke a stick at <3
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    • It was definitely one of the best years I've had and the blogging adventures really kicked it off as well! Thank you so much Kelly, you are always so supportive and complimentary and bah, I'm a little person myself 😉

      Going with a PT was nerve wracking at first but because she's a friend who doesn't push the limits, I felt a lot more comfortable. It was the best thing I did and really pushed me into my fitness goals for the year.

      Much love and an awesome year to spend with you too! x

  3. I am sooo jealous of you, I am not even kidding. This looks amazing. I wish it was hot around here. Instead we have half a meter of snow covering every flat surface. We decided to spend next Christmas and New Year in Australia. Let's hope the weather will be as good then as it seems to be now!

    • Wow, it definitely sounds like you had a white Christmas! I hope you do enjoy your time in Australia, we have beautiful beaches.

  4. Yay for everything that's happened this year! I'm so happy to see you achieve so much! Congratulations on losing 8kg and doing 5k even with all the other health setbacks! You are amazing. And you are so right about forgiving and forgetting. This year I also learnt that living without blaming makes life 1000x better. And that includes blaming yourself for things that aren't your fault. Being positive is such an important thing and I hope you can stay bright throughout this year. Cheers to an even more epic 2015!

    • Thank you so much Laura, I LOVE so much how you mentioned blaming yourself for things as well, because at the end of the day you can only control what you can. Thank you, we'll help each other with the positivity I bet! I'm proud of what I managed to achieve this year and hoping 2015 will be even better. Let's have an epic 2015!

  5. Faye M.

    Congratulations for the main milestones that you have achieved, Jeann!! I believe in you all the way, so I had no doubt you were able to obtain all the successes you had. I'm so happy that you and this blog have grown so much… I've known you for at least 2 years now, right?! Or almost! And I can really see how much you got better and I'm so proud of you for that 🙂

    Indeed, it's believing in oneself and being positive and turning all the negative thoughts into fuel to better oneself that really, really leads to success. You are a blogger to emulate <3 <3
    My recent post ARC Review: The Chosen Prince by Diane Stanley

    • Thank you so much Faye! You are one of my biggest blogger support networks and it's been so awesome having you there along the journey. Awww you make my heart really warm Faye <3 I could say the same about The Social Potato as well! Happy New Year lovely <3

  6. thebigfatf

    You've had such an exciting year, Jeann! And Queensland looks great! How are the beaches? How's your tan going?

  7. Zoe N

    It sounds like you had an amazing year Jeann! It sounds like you met a lot of your goals for the year and accomplished a ton of fantastic things. How cool to be able to meet some of your blog friends in person and to speak on a YA book panel! 😀 Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you! <333

    • Thank you Jess, YESSS VICIOUS OMGG SO GOOD! I want to read it again, it was really unexpected and I loved the coasting between good and evil. I did really enjoy Raven Boys, but admittedly it probably wasn't the best beach read for me because so much of it went over my head! That was a complicated story, but I did love every Raven Boy and the setting.

      Happy New Year Jess and I hope you have an amazing one ahead of you!

    • I know, I did it Bec, I read some of your recommendations and LOVED them! Although did I expect anything less? Happy New Year lovely <3

    • We have some beautiful parts of the coast definitely. Thank you so much Rachel, nothing serious that could be recovered from I guess! I'm so glad I have you to chat to and fangirl over too <33 Happy New Year Rach!

  8. LilysBookBlog

    2014 was kind to you Jeann! I love this post and hearing about the amazing things you have the privilege of seeing, attending, and being a part of. I'm not at all jealous 😉

    May 2015 be as beautiful a year as 2014 was for you.

    • I was very thankful to have an amazing year! Awww I am glad you were a part of my year too Lily <3 I hope you have a fantastic new year.

  9. cristinasbookreviews

    I can't believe you've met Laini Taylor!!! So jealous but in a good way! *wink* You've accomplished so much this year even though your health wasn't always at 100% but I'm glad those issues are behind you! ♥

    I'm wishing you the most AUH-MAZING new year and may it be filled with a ton of fabulous books Jeann! 🙂
    My recent post Redeployment by Phil Klay

    • Oh I can't believe she came to Australia, was definitely going to take the opportunity while she was here! Thank you so much Cristina, I hope you have a wonderful amazing year of reading and happiness 😀

  10. cristinasbookreviews

    I can't believe you've met Laini Taylor!!! So jealous but in a good way! *wink* You've accomplished so much this year even though your health wasn't always at 100% but I'm glad those issues are behind you! ♥

    I'm wishing you the most AUH-MAZING new year and may it be filled with a ton of fabulous books Jeann! 🙂

  11. booksbonesbuffy

    Wow, such an amazing year, Jeann! You went to so many author and book events, that's something I'd like to do more of this next year. Have a fab New Year's!

  12. I am slightly envious as I'm reading this post, looking at those amazing pictures, reading about you meeting Orlando Bloom.. It always seems strange to me to picture Christmas as something sunny, when Australians don't want to sing about snow 😀 but those beach pictures are gorgeous!

    I'm so glad 2014 was such an amazing year for you. It sounds absolutely incredible! May 2015 be just as awesome!
    My recent post New Year’s Resolutions &amp; Why I Want 2014 To Be Over

    • Hehe yes our Christmas has always been sunny, so seeing all the traditional christmas pics is kind of surreal for us! Thank you Inge, happy new year and I hope 2015 brings you an awesome new year.

  13. kezia1098

    Your year sounds fantastic, Jeann! Omg the beach looks beautiful! It's nice to be outside once in a while 🙂 And wow, you went to a lot of events this year! And you met Orlando Bloom? That's so cool!

    Happy new year, Jeann! Here's to another fantabulous year! <33
    My recent post Looking Back on 2014

    • Thank you Kezia, when I put it all together it does sound like a fantastic year! The beach was wonderful and not something I do everyday. HAppy New Year and I hope you have a great one too!

    • Thank You Cait, I've been doing it for a couple of months now and yes, I never thought I'd be a competent runner! Wow, you're totally motivated for doing it everyday but I'm so proud Cait <3 OMG I know Laini Taylor, I still can't believe it! Happy new year lovely.

  14. karawrites15

    Wow. Those pictures are down-right beautiful. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful Australia can be because I'm constantly living here, and I don't think about it. Then I'll see something like this, and be reminded. By the sounds of it you've had a pretty successful year. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of this blog next year. Er. Tomorrow. 😉
    My recent post My 2015 Writing Goals

    • It really is beautiful and worth travelling to see the coast when you get the chance! It has been a pretty awesome year. Happy New Year Kara!

  15. Jaz

    Welcome back Jeann! Sounds like you had a fantastic year despite the health issues. Congrats on achieving your personal goals 😀

    I totally agree about how much of a difference a positive makes!

    Here's to 2015 🙂