Indulgence Insider #19 – 300 Instagram followers & Reverse Hauling

January 25, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Indulgence Insider


Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

So, this is the 4th Indulgence Insider I’ve had in a row, I’ve been spoiling you all!

This week I posted a really passionate post about blogger drama. I’ve seen these posts crop up now and then with bloggers commenting on the drama, and I felt strongly about it all. I was super nervous about posting it, but thanks Kelly for the encouragement.

Instead of hauling books, I’ve been reverse hauling and cleaning up my shelves and getting rid of those series that I’m not going to read. My tastes have changed since the paranormal phase two years ago, and let’s be honest, I’m never going to read The Immortal Series (Evermore) or the rest of the Fallen series. Some of it will be going on ebay and the rest will be going back to the Bookfest where most of them came from, lol.

It’s my birthday next week on January 30th! Mark your calendars 😀 I have a big international giveaway planned (and the day off from work, wooo).

I also got my retro Lootcrate this month. I love the Voltron Tshirt, but some of the stuff is now on ebay. If you are joining up, help me out by using this link!


I finally reached 300 followers on Instagram! Man, it was excruciating watching the follower count go up and down and up and down lol. Here’s my favourite Instagram pics I posted the week: Click on the image to go to the original pic

tfios classics tea

Book Haul

Review Copies/Won


Golden Son by Pierce Brown – I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK. It turns out I should have re-read the first one because I only remember bits and pieces from Red Rising, but man. I just love how ruthless and dramatic everything is you know?

Thank you to Hachette Australia for sending me this for review!

The Good Girl by Mary KubicaFunny story about this one. I was going through some of my first Bookstagram photos and I noticed the first one I uploaded was one for a Harlequin Australia competition. They posted on my photo to say I had won the book back in September! But me being an instagram noob at the time had no idea. The publisher was kind enough to send me the book many months after, and it actually sounds like a pretty good thriller.

Thank you Harlequin Australia for the prize! 

Reading Update

goldenson kissthesky

    • Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie – Rose and Connor’s installment was absolutely SIZZLING!
    • Golden Son by Pierce Brown – YES it is awesome and epic and everything I wanted so far. Although Darrow has just briefly passed a place called “The Lost Wee Den” *immature giggles*

Reviews for these books are coming soon!

Discussion Posts

Posts I enjoyed this week..

Bookish News

  • I list out my 2015 Reading Resolutions at Brisbane Libraries Ibrary page.
  • The next Throne of Glass book name has been announced and it’s *drumroll*: Queen of Shadows! What a fitting name for the series! Check out The World of Maas for more!
  • The official Mime Order Blog Tour has launched and you can win a Skype chat with Samantha Shannon here! There’s also a great deal where the first 100 purchases of The Mime Order will receive The Bone Season free (Australians only). The first 500 Mime Order Pre-orders will also receive a limited edition pamphlet! Check it out here.
  • Egmont USA has announced that it is closing it’s doors this Spring 2015 (US). It’s always sad to see a prominent publisher go.

On The Blog

You may have missed…

What did you add to your shelves this week?


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55 responses to “Indulgence Insider #19 – 300 Instagram followers & Reverse Hauling

  1. So many exciting things on this post, Jeann! <3 and I loved your Spread Love post, although I didn't leave a comment anymore. :*

    ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL! <3 I hope you get all the books from the magical book gods.

    And yay for 300 IG followers! Love that TFiOS photo. 😉

    KISS THE SKY ASDFGHJKL. Funny, I read this post while rereading a few scenes from the book. ;D Can't wait for Fuel the Fire!!

    LOVE the Queen of Shadows as a title. So elegant and sexy, yeah? 😀 So sad to see Egmont go, though. :'(

    Thanks for sharing my post! Weee! 😀 And so sorry for this incoherent comment. 😉
    My recent post Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross: New Adult at Its Finest

    • Thank you so much Aimee, I'm counting down the days and it's not long to go! I already got a bookstore gift voucher which I'm super excited for. OH MY GOSH KISS THE SKY is amazing! I think I prefer it to Hothouse Flower which I'm reading at the moment, but it's a bit more angsty and stuff.

  2. Congratulations on the followers, that seems like a huge amount seeing it's only a photo site. It's all those provocative mermaid outfits you've been buying 😀

    Hubster is reading Golden Son at the moment too and pretty sure he's really enjoying it as well. I wasn't into the series, but he's been telling me all about it. It's almost like reading it myself again 😀

    Are those pixel glasses? Come on Jeann, are you telling me you wouldn't wear those? Come on 😀 Lovely little haul this week <3
    My recent post Professor Birdbrain: Red Rising Review

    • Thanks Kelly, I do have an addiction to mermaid outfits hahaha! Glad to hear he's enjoying golden son. Seeing as he enjoys it so much, I might try and sneak Red Rising in front of the bf when he feels the withdrawal of Brandon Sanderson, haha. HAHA okay you got me I may wear those pixel glasses if it doesn't sell

  3. livvvy75

    That picture of The Ring and the Crown with the teapot is so pretty! And congratulations on getting 300 Instagram followers! Not bad at all 🙂

    Oh no! I had no idea Egmont USA was closing. Do you know what will happen to Hardie Grant Egmont? I'll have to look it up. *sigh*

    And happy birthday for 3 days!

  4. I go through book phases all the time. My whole childhood I went through a historical fiction phase (and it most certainly has lasted into the present), a few months ago I went through a fairytale retelling phase, and now I'm in a fantasy phase. *sighs* Luckily, I borrow most of my books from the library, so I don't really have to do reverse hauls. AHHH! I love the book photos. I aspire to be a good book photographer, and I have some bookish photos coming up for some of my future reviews. And I kind of really need to read Red Rising and Golden Son.
    My recent post Book Review: She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

    • Ah, that's good you can find most of your new reads from the library! I feel guilty going there, even though I'm not buying because I have so many unread books on my shelf. Thanks Ana, I look forward to seeing your photos!

    • Thanks Laura, glad to hear you're enjoying it! It's starting to get a bit stressful so I might take a break from the challenge next month. Red Rising is great!

  5. readerswonderland

    Ah yes, the paranormal phase. I feel like everyone had one, I know I have two whole shelves of Paranormal from around three/four years ago, ha. I just can't get rid of them although I know I should really pass them on xD WHOA I had no idea about Egmont USA! :C
    My recent post Reading Recommendations: Fresh Starts

  6. Yay for 300 Instagram followers, Jeann! That's awesome 😀 I recently hit 100 followers and I was pretty surprised since I barely post on there, haha. Once I get a phone that can use Instagram, I'll probably be posting more!

    UGH I need to clean out my shelves but what if the book/s I chuck away are new favourite/s that I just haven't read yet? Gosh, it's so hard for me to give away/donate books. THEY'RE MY BABIES.

    I really need to read KISS THE SKY! Whilst Rose + Connor aren't my favourites, I really do ship them. Maybe I can read this in March (that's how busy my schedule is at the moment – I am planning when i read books D:).
    My recent post Review: Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block

    • Thanks Chiara, it's so exciting, I hope you get that phone soon so we can tweet each other on the go more hehe 🙂 It's really hard but I need to do it, otherwise I'll be drowning in books. Just means you'll gain some new ones too 😉 I really liked Kiss the Sky! I'm on Hothouse Flower at the moment, just couldn't stop!

  7. danielleisbusyreading

    Thanks for linking to my post, lady!
    I've been doing a lot of reverse hauling/shelve cleaning myself! It feels good to narrow down my TBR and "let go" of some of those books I know I'll never get to.
    I hope you enjoy your new books, and happy early birthday!

    • I know, I just loved Kiss the Sky so much, one of hte best of the series. Can't wait to hear what you think of Red Rising!

  8. rlsharpe

    Happy Birthday for the 30th! And congratulations on reaching 300 instagram follower's 🙂 It is sad to see a publisher closing, such a shame no one wanted to buy it.
    I am so excited for Queen of Shadows! I need this book now!

    Great post, Jeann thanks for sharing.
    My recent post Review: Egg and Spoon By Gregory Maguire.

    • Thanks Rochelle, it's always sad to see a publisher closing, which reminds us we should support our local bookstores a lot more. YES to Queen of Shadows!

  9. JEAAAAAANNNN YO BIRTHDAY IS ON A FRIDAY. PLUS YOU HAVE A DAY OFF WORK. LONG WEEKEND. GO CRAZY WOOHOOOO. That coupled with Australia day means that you literally only have three days of work. THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING. Sorry I have no idea why I'm getting so excited about this. But man, the dates really work out HAHAHAHA Please ignore me

    YAY for decluttering shelves! I'm such a hoarder though but I should use you as my inspiration and get rid of my multiple copies hahaha Actually I'm about to clear out my wardrobe right now SOBS. I have so many things that I don't even notice when certain things go missing. LIKE THESE JEANS THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN IN THREE MONTHS. SOMEONE STOLE MY JEANS.

    You're totally beating me with the Addicted series! I plan on conquering them ALL this year 😀
    My recent post The Mime Order Blog Tour: Juicy Excerpt and Special AUS Competition

    • HAHA YES JESS it's a 3 day week and tomorrow is my last day of work this week! I am so excited 😀 Hahaha

      Oh gods I know what you mean, it's always those missing pieces of clothes that we mourn yet we have so many clothes that rarely see the light of the day in the wardrobe! I have to do another clean out because I'm running out of space lol.

      I delved straight into Hot house Flower and MAN it is amazing! you have to read these Jess!
      My recent post The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn Review: Fact or Fiction?

  10. Eugenia

    Giving books new homes is a fantastic idea for clearing your shelves! I'm not willing to part with some of mine just yet, but with shelf space rapidly declining I'm definitely going to have to consider some options. Hope you have a fantastic week Jeann 🙂

    • Loot Crate is really exciting getting a surprise in the mail each month! you really need to check if you like the theme though.

  11. piscesgirl1688

    OMG HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! Those pics of the penguin classics are gorgeoussssssss and I love your Ring and the Crown pics! CONGRATS ON 300!

  12. Bec

    Egmont was the first publisher that approved me on EW. It's sad to see they're closing 🙁

    Seeing The Golden Sun everywhere reminds me that I should probably think about reading Red Rising… I hope you enjoy it and the other books you got!
    My recent post Reading Recommendations: Fresh Starts

    • I know, they have some pretty terrific books, I wonder what will happen 🙁 My god, you'll LOVE it Bec! you must read it! Sci-fi high fantasy.

  13. OMG OMG!! I didn't realise the next ToG book had a name BUT HAAAHAHA I AM SO AWESOME BECAUSE I NEARLY GUESSED IT RIGHT!! *dies giggling* I was talking to Mime about what it'd be and I'm like "It's so going to be Queen of something" I was thinking of a weapon though. I had sword going around my head although queen of Sword sounded awful. x) It fits so so well and afjsaklfd I'm excited.
    okay. Calming. hehe. I just had missed that update.
    Erk! So many discussions I want to read! I'M CLICKING ALL THE THINGS NOW.
    And I'm so so so excited for Golden Son.

  14. Kim

    A reverse haul is a good idea. I did that recently when I was trying to rearrange my bookshelf. Got rid of the books I knew I just wasn't going to read. 😀 Yay for purging the stacks to make room for the ones we want to read/keep!

    Love your instagram, Jeann! You have the best pictures. 😉

    • Awww thanks so much for your kind words Kim! It's hard to keep going on Instagram everyday, I'm so glad my challenge is over XD

  15. I loved your post about being positive and trying to bring that positive to the blogging community instead of the drama!

    YAY! Golden Son is amazing! I read it like a week or two after I had read Red Rising (advantages of finally deciding to read Red Rising late) and absolutely LOVED IT! I cannot wait for Morning Star!!

    Happy reading, Jeann! And YAY for having your birthday off at work! I also ensure I'll have my birthday off work too!
    My recent post Saturday Pages: ARC Review of Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton!!

    • Thanks Pili, it felt really good to get that off my chest! I had a great birthday long weekend hehe. It's the best idea 😀 can do what you want. Oh my gosh, I just finished Golden Son and ALL THE FEELS.