Read Play Blog #8 – My Valentines Date and Favourite Couple

February 16, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Gaming, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! With a new year and many new releases on the horizon, our question this month is:

What Gaming Character Would You Take on a Valentines Date?

I really struggled with this one because I just realised I don’t have any gaming crushes. So I’m just going to have to go with Commander Shepherd, because HELLO. He’s a Commander of a ship, so incredibly honourable, totally badass and saviour of the universe. *makes rude ship riding joke* Anyone else play the male character in Mass Effect? (No spoilers please, I’ve only played the first game).


Recommendation: Final Fantasy X


I’ve recommended this game before here, so I’m going to mainly focus on my favourite gaming couple: Yuna and Tidus. His happy go lucky attitude and Yuna’s serious, focused personality are such a fantastic compliment. The love story between this couple and how they support each other was totally heart warming, and the ending made me cry!

Currently Playing: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

We’re finally getting around to playing this game and I forgot how much fun Borderlands was! I’m addicted to collecting the loot and the zany characters. The zero gravity double jumping is a lot of fun and I have so much fun checking out all the weapons. Can’t wait to see what the Handsome Jack DLC entails after we finish the campaign.

Next month’s question: Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer games? Recommend your favourite! – post your answer, recommendation & currently playing on the 16th or anytime during the month and link up!

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16 responses to “Read Play Blog #8 – My Valentines Date and Favourite Couple

  1. imzadirose

    I was too busy with my new Gaming PC last week to post. I've only played one game with a couple ~ Kairi and Sora and I LOVE them. 🙂 I'll be back next time!!

    BTW, I’ve nominated you for an award (or two). I was recently given some blog awards from some very special bloggers, and I’ve nominated you for those same awards. Come take one, or all (you’ll see what I mean!!) Thanks for having a great blog. Come get your Blog Award!
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  2. Charnell

    I actually played as the female character on Mass Effect and I love her! She's awesome, but definitely agree that the male Shepherd would make a great date. I love that series, although I was so disappointed with the 3rd and final game… until they brought out an alternate ending. It's an amazing series and I really hope you love playing it 🙂

    • Ah, I kind of wish I played her as well, but I still enjoy the male version hehe. Yeah, quite a few people were disappointed, glad I\’ll get aroudn to playing with an alternate ending.

  3. Jackie

    I love the Mass Effect games! I've completed the first two and played part of the third. Then I had to start all over…long story. I've never played as male commander Shepard though– just as…JANE Shepard 🙂

    I also love Yuna and Tidus. Love the Final Fantasy games, especially FFX! Also freaking love the Borderlands games!!! They're my favorite. I haven't played the pre-sequel yet, but it's absolutely on my wish list.
    My recent post Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

  4. I actually love multiplayer games like MMO s but then I realize when I am in an MMO I still like to play a lot by myself but I like having the option of playing with people. It is so hard for me to play video games sometimes because I get motion sick easy, World of Warcraft was my favorite. I haven't been able to play anything recently. I did try the MMO for Final fantasy and hates the way the quest logs worked. Is Borderlands amen FPS? I suck at those but the loot and zany characters sound so cool
    My recent post Review: Soulprint by Megan Miranda

  5. Jeann I must confess something! I'm definitely not a gammer but you know the male character in Final Fantasy? I used to have a tiny crush on him when I was younger. I remember my friends playing the game and me being over and well he wasn't an unattractive game character! LOL
    My recent post Becoming Rain (Burying Water #2):Review

  6. Jaz

    FFX = BEST GAME EVER. PERIOD. MY SHIP <3 Ohgod I ugly cried for 15min straight from the moment I started sending my aeons until Suteki da Ne in the credits finished.

    I would LOVE to read a book that's as epic as FFX – getting the world building right, the depth to the party, the storyline, the romance. Alas I haven't found one yet.