Read Play Blog #9 – Single Player or Multiplayer games?

March 16, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! This month’s question is:

Do you prefer single or multiplayer games? 

I love both single and multiplayer games, so I don’t really have a clear preference. Multiplayer games are so fun for socialising with your friends over a game at home. I love the social aspect of Left 4 Dead, Borderlands 2, and Starcraft 2, mostly games that are purely focused on the multiplayer aspect and doing it well. Single Player games with multiplayer tagged on aren’t usually worth it, but then again I haven’t explored that a lot.

I find it stressful sometimes in multiplayer games to go along with what your friends are doing though, and trying to skill up as much as others, so when I want to relax and enjoy the story, I usually prefer single player. They seem to be more achievement based as well, I don’t have a lot of time to play single player games though, so I prefer episodic ones that I can play in short bursts without losing the plot of the story, like Telltale Games.

Currently Playing & Recommendation: Animal Crossing: New Leaf


I’m recommending a game that is great for both single player and playing with friends. I am so addicted to this game at the moment!

You create a town filled with cute animals as your neighbours, and it’s actually quite relaxing because you can do whatever you want with it. You can make friends with the neighbours, visit other towns, go fishing and shopping, and renovate your house. It also suits me because I don’t have a lot of time to play games, so I can hop on a little bit everyday and still have fun.

The only downside is that it runs on real time, so sometimes I miss out on the shop opening times or on certain events because I’m busy that night. If you play AC too, let me know your friend codes!


I also recently discovered StreetPass (you’d think I’d be new to this whole DS thing but I’ve had one for a year lol), where other people you pass who also have StreetPass activated will be notified of your little Mii character. It’s such a neat concept and always interesting to see who’s out there! I feel like us Nintendo people are in some sort of underground club lol.

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41 responses to “Read Play Blog #9 – Single Player or Multiplayer games?

  1. Nice way of working i like it keep going on and thanks for sharing your this informative job with us,what did you feel while starting this popular website/blog?

  2. The majority of the games I play are multiplayer. I just love being able to play with both people I know and don't know. I've been really into Counter Strike: Global Offensive lately! The multiplayer aspect of it is the best!
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  3. thesepaperhearts

    I usually prefer single player games, since I can go at my own pace and it's not so competitive for me (I can be really competitive lol). I do enjoy playing the Marvel Lego game though with my sister in multiplayer mode 🙂
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    • Yeah, single player games do let you experience a bit more than just playing to beat other players I guess. Hehe playing with siblings is always fun!

  4. Faye M.

    I only like multiplayer games if it's an MMORPG like World of Warcraft or Everquest 2. Otherwise, I stick to single player games because I oftentimes want to play at my own pace as I tend to explore and revisit areas and farm levels as much as I can in a place. I'm casual that way and I know how it can drive certain people crazy especially if they're on the go!

    • Ah yeah, I\’m not the biggest fans of MMORPGs because they go on for such a long time. I do like playing at my own place too!

  5. rotanrm

    I usually prefer single players though I also like multiplayer especially if all the people I'm playing against are in the same room. I love L4D 2 for multiplayer and what me and my friends used to do was play in a room about the size of the safe room with the lights off! Haha it was great for the effect although non of us could walk in dark hallways alone for weeks! great post! Animal Crossing looks cute! it kind of reminds me a bit of harvest moon.
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    • Ah yes, networking games used to be so much fun hahah! Sounds really scary! Yep, Animal Crossing is a lot like harvest moon.

  6. readerswonderland

    I prefer single player games because I like to be in control xD I don't think I've ever had a really good experience with multiplayer games so I tend to avoid them.

    AC is great! I was obsessed with it at first but now I rarely play because I'm more of the "Okay, but what do I do now?" type of player and prefer goals and quests (currently playing Skyrim haha) I think the only open ended game I really play is the Sims.

    Saw your rec for the Pokemon games, can't go wrong with those 😉 Love 'em,

    Streetpass is so cool, right? I always put it on when we are on roadtrips or vacation and the amount of people you pick up is INSANE, especially because they are from all over, it's so awesome to me.
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    • Yeah, sometimes multiplayer games you're kind of swept up in the crowd sort of thing. Oh gosh, I'm so addicted to AC at the moment! I'm setting my own goals at the moment. Hahah how far are you through Skyrim? I sunk about 40 hours into it and wasn't getting anywhere so I stopped.

      Oh my gosh how cool is Streetpass! it's so exciting when I get home and realise it's picked up a few more people!

      • readerswonderland

        What kind of goals do you make? I want to get back into it but the lack of knowing what to do is kind of discouraging. I too have about 40 hours in it and am almost done with the main questline so I'm doing a lot of the sidequests. Did you get stuck on one part?

        It really is, I want to take it to campus with me one day and see how many people it picks up because I see people all the time with a 3ds out!
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        • I guess renovate the house, get more public works projects, try and get villager pictures, etc. I have been looking up FAQs on ideas on stuff to do every day too. Yeah, I got stuck I think the part after the mountain temple near the start and the next location you have to go is like way further in. So of course I decided to go to every other location except that one, then it got tedious because a lot of dungeons were similar.

          That would be the funnest part! I'm always surprised when I bump into people on the go.
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  7. Jae

    I think single player games are my favorite. I'm a lover of rpg games and the one's I love have all been single player games. First player shooter games actually make me dizzy and I suck at them anyway lol. So games like the Tales series or FF or Kingdom Hearts are my babies. But I do like games like Dynasty Warrior and Mario Party 🙂 I have a friend who plays Animal Crossing and she loves it!
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    • Ah yes, RPG games are so much fun Jae (good to see you here!) I used to love the FF series, but I haven't found the time to play those long games as of late. Dynasty Warriors is so much fun!

  8. I really want to get into gaming. I think I would prefer a handheld because then my husband wouldn't feel like I'm moving in on his Playstation territory and it's portable, Hello lunch break! I've been looking at PSP's since I'm most familiar with Sony. Do you know much about the pro's and con's of a DS vs a PSP? Ugh decisions!
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    • Oooh fair enough! I haven't ever used a PSP, so I wouldn't know, but if you're more familiar with those franchise games, then go for it. A DS has a touch screen which switches up how you use it.

      • Anne

        Absolutely! I loved DA:I, but the multiplayer paled in comparison to the single player. I honestly probably won't mess with the multiplayer version. But that's why Borderlands was awesome! It is the best of both!
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  9. I absolutely love Animal Crossing! I play it constantly for a month or two but then I usually stop until I get another craving and then I streamline it again.

    I totally understand what you are saying about the time thing. I definitely don't have the time I used to to play large single player campaigns that span hundreds of hours probably. Telltale games is great with their episodic games, I loved Wolf Among Us.

    My recent post Read Play Blog

    • I know right, it's so much fun, I've been checking my little town every day! YESSS I love Wolf Among Us, apparently they are making a second one!

  10. inlibrisveritas

    I totally keep forgetting to send you my friend code…but if I'm being honest it's because I haven't touched my DS in like 3 months. If I'm playing games on my Xbox then I'm not playing them anywhere else, and vice versa. I love Animal Crossing though, it's super cute and addictive…but I had to make my town stay open later because I do all of my gaming at night, lol.

    • Hehe that's not a problem Michelle, I hadn't touched mine for such a long time and now I'm totally hooked! It's so addictive lol!

    • YESSS I am loving my 3DS! The games are really intuitive and fun, even if you're not a hardcore gamer. Some recommended games would be Pokemon, any sort of Zelda and Animal Crossing 😀