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Happy Eternity Discussions are regular discussions where Chiara and Jeann chat, fangirl, tease each other and snark over movies, books, TV shows and other things.

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed anything, but Happy Eternity Discussion is back for another round of fangirling, snark and commentary on your favourite movies! Chiara and I saw Mockingjay recently so the details are a bit hazy, but let’s give this a shot.


Jeann: So I liked Mockingjay Part 1 more than I thought I would, I was frustrated that it was split into 2 parts but you know what? It actually turned out okay! I thought it was done really well, there were a few parts that weren’t in the book but translated really well on screen. I loved all of the quiet, reflective moments between Katniss, Gail and Prim and the action was subtle but done really well. What did you think of it?

Chiara: No one hate me, but I didn’t like it. When it finished, I turned to my friend and we were both just like: absolutely NOTHING happened in that movie. And seriously, when you think about it … what happened? Katniss decided to take on more Mockingjay responsibilities and they got Peeta back. I’m sorry, but I did not need to see a whole movie for TWO plot lines. It was just really annoying and a ploy to get more money (by making one book into two movies when it SO DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN).

Jeann: HAHAHA oh that is a controversial opinion my friend! Which makes me wonder, have we ever 100% agreed with each other in these discussions? At least we both loved The Winter Soldier <3

I do think splitting up the finale movies is pretty annoying especially with the cliffhanger, and we have to wait A WHOLE YEAR before we see what it builds up too. Why can’t we just have a time machine? Although nothing much really happens in Part 1, I do think it offered some pretty great character development for everyone, especially Gale. I don’t think anyone can complain about seeing more Gale. *heart eyes*

It was kind of sad seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman in a movie especially knowing what happened to him in real life. I was creeped out because I know they had to overlay his face onto another actor at some point, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

My heart was totally breaking every time I saw Peeta on screen, especially knowing what was going to happen eventually in the movie. I could just see Katniss’s heart breaking over him!

Chiara: IKR. *defends self from thrown rotten fruit* I think we agreed on The Fault in Our Stars and The Winter Soldier 😀 And besides, these posts would be totally boring if we were just agreeing with each other the entire time, right? ;D

Hmm. I’m not sure if I think that the character development was enough for me to actually think this movie was worth it. And I don’t really like Gale, so there’s that, haha! I know a lot of people are giving the movie props for dealing with Katniss + PTSD, which I admire, but they could have tackled that if the book had been made into one movie, too.

Uhm, I was totally creeped out THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS WATCHING because I kept on thinking: is he dead yet? Which I know is 100% morbid, but each time he was in a scene, I was thinking about whether or not he was real or CGI. And then I got to thinking: how did they get his voice to say lines after he died? Like, did they cut words from other movies? Letters? HOW??? A lot of the time I was thinking about this.

I actually tweeted about thinking that Peeta was at his ultimate hotness when he was all extremely skinny and life threatened. (I admit the weirdest things in these discussions, I swear). But I stand by the fact that he looked totally adorable! Maybe I am drawn to the ones that need fixing. But yeah, whilst it was great to see Katniss all heartbroken over a brainwashed Peeta – again, NOT WORTHY OF AN ENTIRE MOVIE, PEOPLE.

Can I also mention how totally weird it was to see Katniss’s capillaries in her eyes pop when Peeta tried to strangle her? It happened so randomly, and then they disappeared not long after, which pissed me off because they would stay for longer than an hour or whatever >.>

Jeann: Haha we still love you Chiara! Partly because you said you didn’t like Gale, so that leaves less competition for me 😀

I did like seeing the effects of Katniss dealing with PTSD in this movie. The whole movie felt darker overall, with the Capitol’s bombings and Katniss visiting the victims of war herself. In Mockingjay Katniss realises that her role was so much bigger than saving individual lives (she really is part of all of this as a girl who just wanted to save her sister), that she can spark a movement. That in itself, was really powerful for me seeing on screen.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was creeped out, surely they could have digital enhanced his voice or something. I’m forever in awe of the movie making industry and for them to make a dead man walk and talk, that’s super freaky.

Ohhhhh myyyyy. You do like them broken and battered don’t you? 😉 I wouldn’t go so far to say he was hot…but glad to hear you appreciated him. Yeah, it was really creepy when her eyes all popped and stuff! We’re all for authenticity right?

How complicated was that love triangle though? When Gale preyed on Katniss because Peeta was away, just to see whether they had a real thing going. The kiss between them was awkward and yucky and I hated how Katniss went and did it anyway.Then Gale just throws it back in her face! GAH that was a terrible moment for me. She’s lonely, vulnerable and hurting and that was just bad timing.

One of the most memorable parts was where Katniss was made to say these lines for them to screen as a commercial and she tried her hardest, but it still sounded really scripted and out of character. I loved the comic element in a very serious movie, and it feels like there needs to be more of it you know?

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24 responses to “Happy Eternity Discussions: Mockingjay Part 1

  1. I like how we got two different opinions on things here! I have read the books myself and especially hated this last one, so I think seeing the movies will be intriguing because I know I will either love or hate it. I will have to see which it will be for me!
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  2. danielleisbusyreading

    I'm definitely in the "it should have been 1 movie" camp. I felt like hardly anything happened and it could have been condensed into 45 minutes tops! I just found myself bored on several occasions. :/ Plus the last book is my least favorite, so there's that.

    You two crack me up, though. 😀

  3. I finally watched this and felt kind of split. When it finished I was a bit like Chiara and thought not much happened. But when I thought about it, it actually did. It felt more emotional, with the districts and everyone building up for he uprising. It wasn't as fast paced and action packed as the first two movies, but it was still important.
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    • Yeah, I think it provided heaps of character development but still, I don't think it justified a whole movie.

  4. *throws rotten fruit at Chiara*

    HAHAHA kidding, kidding! Really value your opinion girl, I think I really enjoyed the movie because I went in with pretty low expectations and ended up being surprised with the way they went. I think Mockingjay is a book that's definitely split down the middle in terms of whether readers love it or not (not for me). I felt it was extremely rushed so it's nice to see scenes fleshed out a lot more in a live format. Definitely don't think it should have been split, but I did really enjoy it!

  5. Zoe

    To be honest, I agree with both of you. Like Chiara, I think splitting the book into two movies made it drag a bit since the action wasn't as strong in this one as it was in the previous two movies. However, on the other hand I agree with Jeann in that it provided quite a bit of necessary character development. *shrugs* And I agree that the cliffhanger with Peeta was torturous. *sobs* Definitely curious about how the final movie's going to turn out though! Thanks for sharing Jeann & Chiara and, as always, wonderful feature! <3
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  6. I think I agree to this girls, watching the film is very creepy, I also had those questions in my head Jeann! I kept wondering if the Hoffman there is CGI or if its actually him haha.

    • I know right, I just couldn't get my head around it! And it looks like he might be in the next movie too. Man that's going to be weird.

    • Yeah, I'm really annoyed about it getting split into 2 movies, (just like Allegiant, ARGH!) I can't believe we forgot to mention the song!

  7. I can understand why you girls liked certain parts, I just, couldn't you know? It felt too different and on screen it just felt messy in a bad way. Nothing seemed or feel to happen, characters just felt disappointing and yuck and yeah, not good.. BUT, I'm reading the second half of this discussion now, still, first half was great! 🙂
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  8. I watched this film on our flight back from the Philippines. I did love it, but I'm still not a supporter of Josh as Peeta. He's just…not who I imagined to play the role. Also, the chemistry between the two are virtually nonexistent.
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    • I'm actually the same Joy, but then again I don't think there was really much chemistry there in the book, either. I mean she's pretty much forced to like him you know?

  9. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    Even though I actually did enjoy Mockingjay, I still wish they didn't make it into two movies. That cliffhanger with Peeta has a lot of impact, but there was so much filler in between. It would have been nice to get the closure already without waiting. But if they have to do it this way (and I know monetarily they do!) then I think the Hunger Games is one of the better choices to split final books.

    I didn't even look into what they did with Hoffman – I kinda assumed they had all his scenes already. It's going to be a different experience watching him in this film now.

    Really enjoyed your first parter discussion of Mockingjay part 1! 🙂
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    • Yeah, there was definitely a lot of filler, which I can see after watching the Honest Trailer for it lol. Thanks Charlene, glad you enjoyed it!