Indulgence Insider #25 – Food Depression & Supanova

April 19, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Event Recaps, Features, Indulgence Insider


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A quieter week this week, I got my food intolerance results back and it turns out I’m reacting to soy, wheat, dairy (which I already knew), eggs, pineapple and green peas. So I’ll stick to a strict diet for the next 3 months avoiding these things, and hopefully some of them will get better. As a foodie, I have to say it’s been pretty emotional not being able to eat what I want. Haven’t been in the motivation to do much lately, but hopefully I get used to it.

Been watching Daredevil on Netflix and I AM IN LOVE. What a fantastic, gritty superhero show! The characters constantly skirt the line between an empathetic villain and a conflicted hero. ALSO CHARLIE COX IS SUPER HOT. YOU MUST ALL WATCH IT.

Also went to Supanova Gold Coast yesterday and caught up with the lovely Chiara! We saw some awesome cosplays and also went to the panel of Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin from Gotham). He is such a lovely, bubbly and energetic actor and so humble as well, I really enjoyed it.

chiarajeann robinlordtaylor

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Book Haul

Review copies


Hacked by Tracy Alexander
I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan 
The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey – Have heard awesome early reviews on this book!

Thank you to Scholastic Australia and Hachette for sending me these books for review! 

Reading Update

liars inc dissonance

I’m still reading both of these books, so reviews to come in due time.

Book Photography

Most of the photos I posted up this week were in last week’s Indulgence Insider. Hoping I get more inspiration this week coming. (Click on the photos for the original)

IMG_20150413_074641 firecountry sydneyhaul

Discussion Posts

Here’s some discussion posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

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How was your bookish week? Tell me below! 

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62 responses to “Indulgence Insider #25 – Food Depression & Supanova

    • Yeah, definitely limited with the egg and the soy as well, I want ramen T___T Thank you so much Jess <3 YES I AM CHIBI MOON AND YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON WHO\'S REALISED THAT <33

  1. Woohooo for having an awesome time at the con!!
    I'm super sorry to hear that you've got some food allergies, it sucks! I got results for having a mild gluten intolerance, so I usually avoid it but I can still eat it without allergic reactions…

    I must check Daredevil, I keep hearing great things about it!
    My recent post Waiting On Wednesday #91!!

    • Yeah, I was eating so much food that I would be reacting to that it would make it extremely uncomfortable 😐 Yesss, watch Daredevil and then tell me about it!

  2. danielleisbusyreading

    I'm sorry about what's been going on with your food intolerance. 🙁 That really, really sucks. I'm a picky eater, so I'd be pretty upset if I was told I couldn't eat my favorite things.

    I hope you enjoy your new book haul. Hang in there, girl. <3

    • Yeah, I\’m just getting used to what I can and can\’t eat now, took a while to get into >< Thank you lovely!

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry about your food issues 🙁 I know how much they can suck. Fingers crossed the restrictive diet pays off and you can enjoy things again soon!

    Daredevil IS SO GOOD OMG! I watched it all the weekend it came out. I just could not stop! I totally have a new Marvel crush haha <3
    My recent post Book Review: Wait! by Stacey Nash

  4. inlibrisveritas

    I'm really sorry about the food problems, and I totally understand. I'm allergic to dairy & strawberries…two of my favorite things to eat. I'm not as good at avoiding them as I should be, but I've learned my tolerance levels. I can avoid strawberries, but it's incredibly difficult to avoid things like cheese since it's basically on everything around here, lol.

    I think I'm going to start Daredevil soon, I tried to get my boyfriend interested but it didn't work so I'm just going to watch it without him. 😛
    My recent post Review: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

    • Oh man, dairy is the hardest thing to avoid isn\’t it? It\’s in absolutely everything, I\’ve made a habit of checking the nutrition labels on food now. DO watch Daredevil, let me know how you go. I just finished it and it\’s sooo good.

  5. rlsharpe

    Sorry to hear about your food intolerance. Cutting those things out would be hard, hope you can use to it fairly quickly and you start feeling a lot better.
    That pic of you and Chiara looks great.
    I loved Girl at Midnight and hope you love it too.
    My recent post A Writerly Updaye 63 + My Book Haul

  6. fangswandsfairy

    I was a foodie but discovered I have celiac. There's lots to do with what you can eat – it's an exploration. There are a lot of resources to help with it – but it is not easy It looks like you will have to avoid a lot of prepared foods. You'll be eating really healthy stuff! And I can tell you not eating the things I have issues with has made a huge difference in my life! And, food became less important to me.

    • Oh nooo, you poor thing! Glad to hear you ended up working things out. Yeah, life isn't fun being sick at everything you do, and watching what you eat isn't a bad thing. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Oh man, I guess we can both totally relate to each other. I was pretty weepy and depressed as well hehe. Thank you lovely <3

    • Thanks Leeanna, definitely make the most of whatever events I can hehe. Definitely check out Daredevil, I love it so much!

  7. samantha1020

    I love looking at bookish pictures! They are just so fun and always seem to put me in the reading mood. LOL! It looks like you have lots of great reading ahead of you. I hope you enjoy your new books!

    • Yeah, pretty much Braine. I was wondering why I was sick all the time. YESSS so glad to hear you love it too! SOOO GOOD

  8. That is a long list of food allergies. My brother was allergic to eggs and milk the first several years of his life, so we got pretty good at being creative. Good luck altering your diet, and I hope it works!

    I want to watch Dare Devil so bad! But the fiance is interested too, so we'll watch it together, and we haven't had time at the same time as each other lately. Sooo … we'll watch it eventually; glad to hear that you're enjoying it so much!
    My recent post Sunday Post: April 19

    • Oh dear, yeah milk is a hard one to get rid of because it is in so many things. Thank you so much Liza! Oooh definitely, we have been watching 2 a night, the episodes are about 1 hour each. It's so worth it though!

    • Thanks Aimee, I hope so too as well! It was fun meeting Chiara again hehe. I'm looking forward to The Girl at Midnight. ooh if you loved Liars, Inc, I'm hoping it will get better for me? Just the start was a bit rough.

  9. booksbonesbuffy

    I'm sorry to hear about your food allergies, that sucks! Good luck, I guess if you feel better soon it will be worth it? Oh wow you and Chiara are adorable! I love your cosplay outfits. I am going to a con soon and I need to start putting something together. I have The Girl at Midnight to read soon, it does look good. Enjoy your week, Jeann!
    My recent post Over-Booked [23] – A Book Haul Post

    • Yeah, it will definitely be worth not feeling sick every day. Thank you Tammy, it was so much fun! What are you thinking of cosplaying?

  10. That must have been hard learning you're food intolerant for some foods. I love food and can't imagine not being able to eat what I want, although I don't eat some things, but that's because I don't like them, so then it's my own choice. I hope you'll get used to it.
    Your cosplay looks cute and it looks like you had fun! I hope you have a great week!
    My recent post Sunday Post #122

    • Yeah, I was pretty upset afterwards and for the whole week lol. I hope I'll get used to it too, and that I'll be able to at least have some of them after the period. Thank you Lola!

  11. Supernova looks so fun Jeann, I'm so glad you had a blast there! I've refrained from getting Netflix yet, just so I can get back into the groove of work-life balance first haha. BUT THE TEMPTATION IS REAL. Aww you poor thing, I'm so sorry to hear that you're allergic to so many things. But better safe than sorry. I do hope it gets better, who needs green peas anyway?!

    • Sooo much fun Joy! Heheh don't worry hun, you'll get there soon! Yeah, definitely be safe than sorry and suffering all the time >< NO ONE needs green peas.

  12. I think I would cry if I had any new allergies, Jeann 🙁 I have started reacting to nuts and almonds, so I avoid those, but like you, I just love food and don't want to not be able to eat things. I hope you'll get some of your allergies under control so that you can occasionally eat some of the things that are on the 'no' list.
    I am very curious about Hacked, and can't wait to see what you think about it. I actually loved Dissonance and can't wait to get my hands on the second book. The alternate universes are well done, even if some of the explanations went a little over my head 😀

    • Yup, that's totally what I did as well 🙁 it just sucks because you have to be so careful and I always check the label and ask at restaurants now. I hope I'll be able to introduce some of them back into my diet eventually as well. Ah, I do think the alternate universes have an interesting concept, definitely can't get my head around some of it though!

  13. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    Boo to allergies! I can't wait to watch Daredevil but I am having trouble finding the time. I am hoping to catch up on a lot of TV this summer. Love the book photography – It is so much fun to take pictures of the book we love – Have a great week!
    My recent post Weekly Rewind ~ 4.19.15

  14. Kara Terzis

    HOW GOOD IS DAREDEVIL?! About halfway through at the moment and am trying to pace myself… not that it's working, of course. What a shame about those intolerances. 🙁 Hopefully, though, you'll have an improvement with your problems, and it'll be worth it. Hopefully Liars Inc gets better, I've heard such great things about it.
    My recent post Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (58) &amp; Stacking the Shelves (38) Minnow Bly, Daredevil, and I Break My Book-Borrowing Ban (Which, Let’s Face it, Wasn’t Going to Last Long Anyway)

    • SO AMAZING. I'm 2 episodes from finishing and mannn, it is so freaking good. Thanks Kara, I hope I'll feel better soon too as I get used to it.

  15. bingeingonbooks

    Oh that sucks that you have to stay away from those foods. I love dairy so much so that would kill me!
    My recent post Sunday Post

  16. thebigfatf

    Good luck with the diet! I seriously admire anyone who can do that because even attempting to be a vegetarian didn't work with me AT ALL. Gold Coast Supernova looked AWESOME!!!!! I'm waiting for the one down at Sydney to finally get the fun on. Love the book

    • Thank you Faith, it is so hard, but I have to if I don't want to keep on getting sick all the time. It was so much fun! Hope you enjoy the Sydney one when it comes around.

  17. redizabzh

    I'm so sorry about your allergies, I hope this diet will make you feel better very quickly… Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be watching Daredevil ! I am recording Gotham but haven't watched it yet. Take care and have a better week, I hope you'll find motivation 🙂
    My recent post The sunday post #44 : What’s up ?

    • Thank you, I'm feeling a lot better being more careful about what I'm eating, as depressing as it is. Yay, I hope you enjoy the show!

  18. Aww, I hear ya with the food, Jeann. I'm on a super strict diet atm too, which is supposed to help with anxiety (?!) but I just basically do what my mum says. HA. I AM A GOOD DAUGHTER. But it's similar to being Paelo, so basically I can't have aaall the things I love, like chocolate and fruit and anything sweet. *cries copiously* THE STRUGGLE IS TOUGH. I hope you survive your new restrictions :'(

    Ooh, that's bad news about Liars Inc. >_< I was so excited for that one. D: BUT SO COOL ABOUT SUPERNOVA.
    My recent post Weekly Fury #47 // My ARC drought breaks and I finish A Game of Thrones

    • Oh I know, it's super hard to adjust to a new food routine isn't it? Noooo, I totally feel for you too Cait. DEFINITELY Struggling. Yeah, I don't know, I'm just hoping Liars Inc gets etter.