Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review

May 1, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Movie Reviews


If there’s anyone that’s going to be excited about the next Marvel movie, it’s me. I went and saw Age of Ultron on release day in my favourite Captain America dress (yes…I have more than one). While the movie started out in the midst of an action scene, with all Avengers in tow, I found myself getting more and more disappointed as the story went on. Sure, there’s that awesome Hulkbuster fighting scene, but with all of our superheroes together, where’s the witty banter? Where’s the personality and the Stark…I mean spark?

I was sadly, disappointed with Age of Ultron. I even found myself nodding off halfway through the movie, with the forced romance and the boring Ultron taking it’s helm. Trust me, there’s no one more mortified than me that I fell asleep in another Marvel movie (the first one was the first Captain America, but do you really blame me for that one). Marvel is meant to be the epitome of movie development! This is why we go to the cinema, to experience the awe of the action coming to life on the big screen.

That doesn’t mean the action wasn’t impressive. I loved seeing the introduction of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, evolve into their superpowers over time. I enjoyed seeing Ironman (or Ironmen) come to the rescue and seeing him and Bruce Banner putting their sharp minds together. I loved seeing all of the Avengers working together to dispatch anything and anyone that gets in the way of avenging. And most of all, Hulk vs Hulkbuster did not disappoint.

After all the complaints that Hawkeye and Black Widow are pushed to the side, I actually didn’t enjoy their character development at all. They both have a bigger part in the movie, with Hawkeye showing us a few surprises in his life and Black Widow evolving into a romance. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of the better characters didn’t get the screentime, and we know both of these heroes have personalities as bland as a doorknob. I enjoyed seeing Black Widow’s past though, I do hope Marvel comes out with a standalone movie for her.

Speaking of Black Widow, the romance was totally forced. It’s as if there was nothing better for the movie to go on, so they manufactured some forced chemistry out of thin air between Black Widow and the Hulk. How freaking awkward is that? It’s as terrible as it sounds everyone, there was nothing sweet or romantic about it at all. If I looked like Black Widow and I could have anyone I wanted….well let’s just say my eyes are on Steve Rogers. But that’s just me.

The entire time, Age of Ultron felt like it was setting up for awesome action scenes, with a convoluted plot and not a whole lot in between. There were bits and pieces that were setting up other movies and tie-ins, but the story for this one never really came into fruition. Sure, you’ve got the baddy Ultron, who was meant to be funny but felt like a bland, awkward, paler Megatron. His jokes kind of fell short, and there were no haha moments.

The whole reason why we have all these heroes together is so they can poke fun and jibe at each other, which I didn’t feel like there was much of. But it’s Marvel, and it’s the Avengers. If there’s any movie that you should watch, it should be this one…right? If only for the credits at the end (there’s a scene after the credits, but not after the full credits)

Marvel, please don’t stuff up Captain America: Civil War. I will never forgive you.

Rating: 3 out of 5

See it for the action scenes.

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42 responses to “Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review

  1. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I JUST saw this movie, and I'm still raging over the romance. Jeann, how could they do this to us?! Bruce and Natasha were incredible characters on their own, but put them together and they just… fizzle. When she made that stupid remark about taking a shower together I almost got up and left. The romance was awkward and uncomfortable. I also agree that Steve is a better choice. I mean have you seen him in a tshirt? 😉
    The Hawkeye twist bothered me because it seemed like they just did it to build up the Natasha/Bruce ship.

    Also, what the hell happened with Ultron? At first he's like "why am I here?" and all of a sudden he's a psychopathic maniac? It was so fast!

    I did enjoy the addition of Vision, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Wanda's powers are BAD ASS. I loved Quicksilver's banter with Clint. It was so cute. And honestly Vision is probably one of my favorite Avengers right now.

    I saw it in 3D, so I think I enjoyed the cinematography a lot, however some of the fight scenes just annoyed me. It was pointless action and destruction just until the next scene was available.

    Overall it just felt at times like because it was supposed to resolve by 2 and a half hours of movie, that sometimes the important parts were rushed through. While unnecessary things like the romance were dragged out.

    I would LOVE a Black Widow backstory. That short scene was enough for me to want to see a full movie of it.

    I hope they don't screw up Civil War.

  2. readerswonderland

    I also saw this on release day in my Avengers outfit, great minds ;D I would also rate this one 3/5, sadly. It's really a shame, and I hope it's not a sign that Marvel is losing its spark. Civil War has great potential. The forced romance I couldn't agree more! When the Black Widow and Hulk thing was introduced I was SO confused. I'm not a comic reader so I always thought Widow and Hawkeye had a thing. I literally spit out my soda when his family popped up in the movie and my friend was like "WHAT THE HELL?" It would have been so much better if Widow and Hulk just had a nice friendship, they could still have her be the one to bring him back to normal but the actual romance was….weird. The romance lines between them had me cringing. I laughed so much in the first one but didn't find this one funny that much at all.
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    • Heheh yay for our Avengers outfits! I'm really excited about Civil War still, especially now Joss Whedon has stepped down 😛 Yeah, the whole family scene was really awkward and weird. I wasn't keen on that widow and hulk romance at all!

  3. inlibrisveritas

    Ah damn, this is the sort of review I was hoping not to see. Apparently Joss Whedon and the Marvel heads had a lot of disagreement over what they wanted to do with this one, and I think their division made the movie suffer. I haven't seen it yet, but I think we might be going next week sometime. I already had a bit of disappointment when I learned the Loki scenes were taken out, I know they are not integral to this particular story…but he is sort of sitting on the throne and WHERE THE HELL IS ODIN? So I get to wait year (two years?) for Ragnarok. I'm looking forward to seeing the dynamic between the characters evolve, because I know their relationships need to break down some…but honestly this one has me super nervous. Also I agree the first Captain was boring…a good film? Yeah, but boring.
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    • Yeah, I read all the stuff about Joss Whedon not wanting the Hawkeye scene and I can totally tell that there was a lot of contention even when watching. Lots of weird things happening!

  4. Anne

    Oh I loved it — I actually thought they were poking fun at each other more in this movie. Some of the running gags were my favorite (the hammer, Cap's "language" remark). Too bad this didn't work for you! I do agree though, the "romance" was lackluster.
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  5. Francine Soleil

    Too bad you didn't like this as much. I actually enjoyed watching it, but then again, I didn't really expect much from it. I do agree though that the first Captain America movie was terrible. And that romance in Avengers 2 was just way too weird. It came out of nowhere!
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  6. Black Widow and the Hulk… WHAT? I was cringing while reading that. Forgive me.

    I want to love this so much because I actually enjoyed the first one. of course, I did end up nodding off in the first one because it had a bunch of boring scenes in the middle but at least, I could understand that it was necesary for the development.

    To tell you the truth, i actually don't know what this movie is about, which is kind of weird… I probably should look it up before wanting to watch it lol

    • I know right, that's totally what I was doing in the movie as well. It was so awkward! LOL about the nodding off, hey at least it wasn't just me.

  7. keionda

    Oh goodness. It sounds like the movie was a mess. My boyfriend went and he LOVED it. I can't stand forced romances because then it's just like…. Um.. okay. How am I supposed to FEEL? If I don't have any feels coursing through me, the scene didn't do its job. Sorry you didn't care for it as much as you would have liked girlie.
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  8. Tanja

    No witty comments and funny scenes! NOOO that's what I was looking forward the most. Boomer! I loved the first one and even though I'm not a hardcore fan myself I really was looking forward to seeing this. But well I guess we will have to wait for witty Loki to come back. I hope it'll be soon.

  9. Patty

    Oh god a romance between Black Widow and Hulk just sounds awkward as hell! I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy the first one that much. I watched it a little after everyone else and I think the hype got to me, so I won't be going in to this one expecting all that much.

  10. Emma

    I seriously can't wait to see this movie. I adored the first one and after the ending of Iron Man. I need some Stark in my life again. *fans self* Sorry it wasn't as good as you wanted it to be. Hopefully I'll enjoy it when I see it next week. Great movie review, Jeann.
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  11. thebigfatf

    OMG, THE FORCED ROMANCE KILLED ME. The whole time in the cinema, I'm cringing. The scene when Banner gets out of the shower and Black Widow's there, I'm like NO!!! I still enjoyed this movie and I loved that prevailing joke about Captain America and 'language' but there was just too much action scenes and not enough banter. Thanks for the AWESOME review!

  12. (I totally won't judge you for falling asleep when watching Captain America. That movie was crazy confusing.)

    I totally agree about the romance! Is it bad that I've always shipped Black Widow with Hawkeye? And then she started getting goo goo eyes for the Hulk and I was turning into the Hulk myself. xD The first time they did the hand-touching Jane-meets-Tarzan thing, I literally cringed and told my mom, "Yuck."
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  13. (I'm jealous you already got to watch this, haha, it doesn't come out for a few more days in Canada)

    Aww I'm sad that it wasn't a 5 star for you! I'm a little scared my high expectations for it will make it a bit disappointing, oh well. It's Marvel, I'll still watch it, haha. Thanks for the review, Jeann!
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  14. Bec Graham

    I have to agree with you about the Hulk/Widow thing. That was so random it hurt. The romance, if that's where they wanted to go, should have been developed more! Tiny little gestures and throwaway lines in the first Avengers would have helped. But no, in the first Avengers, Widow was SCARED of Hulk. So they really screwed themselves over.

    I was so sure Widow and Hawkeye were going to be a thing. Especially when Widow was wearing that arrow necklace in Winter Soldier? And then the whole Barton family secret gets spilled and I was blown away. But argh, I don't want Widow to end up with Cap. They have such an amazing bromance that they shouldn't end up together. BUT, according to a friend of mine who reads the comics, Widow and Cap end up married. Goddamnit.

    I have to disagree on all other counts though. I loved the movie. Maybe I was blinded by my fangirlishness and Evans' pecs, but I thought the balance of hilarity and action was spot on. And when they all helped each other out, using each other's weapons and stuff? Epic. And the cameos from the other movies? Even more epic. I did feel like there was a big jump between teamwork in Avengers 1 and Ultron. It was a little jarring. But ah well, I forgive Marvel most sins.

    OK, rant over 🙂
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  15. Oh no:(Why Marvel why?
    Btw,Black Widow and Hulk?Who in the world even thought of that?
    I've always shipped her with Hawkeye.My poor shipper heart:(

    I am just losing faith in superhero movies nowadays.After Nolan's Dark Knight,I thought that they'll follow the trend and will be awesome.
    Instead,they're disappointing me.

    Thanks for the heads up anyway Jeann.I'll lower my expectations when I go to see this one!
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    • I know, weirdest ship EVER isn't it? *shudders*. I LOVED THE DARK KNIGHT too! SO MUCH! And the Xmen movies! But these days, they seem to be more about the special effects than anything else. Although I did love the Winter Soldier, hopefully the next one will be just as good.

  16. kezia1098

    Aw, I'm sorry you were disappointed 🙁 I agree about some characters not getting enough screen time and that Black Widow does need her own movie. We need to get to know her better and yet she's the only prominent avenger who does not have her own story. I did enjoy the movie though hahahaha. I love the actions and I can't fathom how come Chris Evans looks even hotter than what I could remember.
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    • Yeah, it's so weird that they kind of leave her in the background when she has a really interesting history as a aspy. CHRIS EVANS IS MY BAE

  17. Aw Jeann I'm sorry it disappointed you so much! 🙁 It's no fun especially because of how much you anticipated this. I still haven't gone to watch the movie myself but I'll know to lower my expectations when I do go into it.

  18. Faye M.

    Yeah, this movie was pretty much a disappointment when it came to the story (it was rushed. It was REALLY rushed, even Whedon admitted he had a frustrating time with it). In a matter of minutes, Ultron went from "who am I?" to "I NEED TO DESTROY HUMANITY TO SAVE THIS PLANET BECAUSE THOSE WHO ARE EVIL ARE THE HUMANS THEMSELVES" in a matter of 3 minutes. WTF?! I do appreciate the ending that "tie" up or at least consider the future Avenger movies (Hawkeye being possibly not there anymore and going to focus on his family – which reminds me, HE SUDDENLY HAS A FAMILY?! – to even Stark driving away wanting some alone time or maybe even settling (possibly because his contract might not renew + There's already Vision and War Machine in the picture, the former being more powerful than him and War Machine being practically his double, plus Hulk going off somewhere never to return maybe? We'll see! All of these are just rumors right now) The best part about this movie was the promise that there will be a bigger Avengers soon (the next one will be Ragnarok ish thingy, in 2018, right? Antman and Spiderman will be included, possibly Fantastic Four too, although this is speculation right now). Plus, SCARLET WITCH. Her powers are so mad awesome and so overpowered O_O This is actually one of the very few times where I wouldn't have minded a two part because this arc seriously couldn't have been contained in a 2 hour thirty minute movie. Thankfully, the next one will have 2 parts, I think?
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    • Yeah, ultron has this really weird personality that I couldn't appreciate lol. I have a feeling part of Hawkeye's surprise was so there wouldn't be a ship between him and Black Widow. War Machine is actually a pretty cool replacement, I mean there is no need to have both of them in the movie. Woah, the next Avengers sounds like it will be freaking epic! I loved Scarlet Witch, I mean all they really needed was her lol! Yep, next one is in 2 parts.

  19. LilysBookBlog

    I'm probably one of few humans on earth that LOVES marvel but didn't like the first Avengers movie. It just wasn't for me. I felt like IT wa daily and oversimplified and just not all that great. I love the characters and their own standalone movies but together I feel like they may just be too much to fit into a well developed movie *sigh*.
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    • Don't worry Lily, I was the same actually! It was a fun, funny movie but I didn't LOVE it either.

  20. Kara Terzis

    Oh, what a shame. I still don't know whether I'll end up watching this one — I might end up waiting until its on DVD — because I can't say I really loved the first one. I enjoyed it (but at the time it was the first superhero movie I'd watched and knew literally nothing about the characters and I thought that hindered my enjoyment a bit.) And gah, what I loved about the first one was all the witty banter and the spark! Maybe though if I lower my expectations I'll like it more. Great review!
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    • Yeah, there wasn't as much wittiness here I found. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of the first movie either!

  21. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    Sorry it didn't live up to expectations for you! I hate when you expect to love something, want to love something and then its more like eh. Hopefully, the next one will be better!
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  22. To be honest, I'm not into the whole superhero scene, but I love the cute, flirty little dresses. The only superhero type movie I've seen is the one years ago that Ben Affleck was in, and that was terrible. So for the superhero novice, what movie would you recommend I start with? I've got my fingers crossed that Captain America knocks your socks off <3
    My recent post Just A Queen by Jane Caro

    • Hehehe thanks Kelly, I'm glad you appreciate my geek fashion 😛 Well, I do love the Xmen movies, so there's that. Also the first Ironman would be a good place to start.