Indulgence Insider #27 – New Reviewer & Happy Mother’s Day!

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I’ve just gotten home from a full day’s worth of celebrating mother’s day with my family and my partner’s family. A Happy Mother’s Day to all of you hard working mums out there! I hope you all had a lovely day.

Got an exciting announcement for Happy Indulgence – Kristy aka A Queen of Babble is joining Happy Indulgence as a Guest Reviewer! Kristy is an Aussie blogger and tumblr queen who has an amazing sense of humour, and a great taste in books as well. I’m excited to have her join us! She’ll be reviewing every two weeks or so, I hope you’ll all make her feel welcome.

There was a really lovely blogging love movement on Twitter this week, where we all shared the love around our favourite blogging inspirations <3 I was really touched and it was really lovely seeing the blogging community come together over something so positive. If I can offer any advice, never forget the people who helped you get there. Some of my earliest blogging inspirations are now my closest blogging buddies!

Oh yes, I finally fixed the coding for my mobile site, it’s been appearing strangely for a while. Thanks Laura for my unrelenting coding questions!

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Book Haul


So I’m not the most diligent with checking my post box, and my postie isn’t the most diligent with leaving parcel pickup slips, so we went to the post office and came home with 4 packages that were sitting there! So excited to read these books!

Review copies


Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland – I can’t stop staring at this cover.
What She Left by T.R. Richmond – What can I say, I’m on a bit of a thriller kick lately.
Black Iris by Leah Reader – Can’t wait to read this emotional, raw lesbian NA book!
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – This came with a whole bunch of chocolates!
I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson – I’ve heard so much about this as well!
Lullaby by Bernard Beckett – An interesting thriller that I haven’t heard of.

Thank you to Walker books Australia, Text Publishing, Penguin Random House and Simon and Schuster Australia for sending me these review copies! 



After Free Comic Book Day, I finally plucked up the courage to visit our local Comic book store and pick up the next few volumes of Saga.

Replaced my estranged Grave Mercy which I lost on the bus last week, now I can figure out what happens to Ismae and Duval!

Reading Update

As you can see I’m on a bit of a fantasy kick lately…

sineaters gravemercy halfwild graceling

Reviews to come!

Book Photography

My favourite Instagram photos I posted this week: (click on the picture for the original link)

reviewcopies6mayinsta rebelmerciless sineaters

Discussion Posts

Bookish News

You May Have Missed…

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Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes Review: Diverse & light thriller – I listed the pros and cons

What did you add to shelves this week?

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40 responses to “Indulgence Insider #27 – New Reviewer & Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. What a great haul! Personally I would really like to try Grave Mercy at some point because a lot of people have seemed to enjoy that one. Also, I have a review copy of The Rest Of Us Just Live here and I am excited because it is going to be my first Patrick Ness book.
    My recent post Devon's Choice (Review)

  2. danielleisbusyreading

    Yay for a new guest blogger! Welcome, Kristy. 😀
    Loooooved I'll Give You the Sun (that's such a gorgeous cover, too) and Grave Mercy! Can't wait to see what you think of those. 🙂
    Happy reading, lady!

  3. Lisa @ Lost in Lit

    I'm so eager to hear what you think of Black Iris. I tried to read it, but it was just TOO dark for me. I have a feeling you're going to be able to handle it though, and totally love it!! 🙂 Definitely let me know what you think.

    And welcome Kristy!!! I'm looking forward to seeing posts from you too!! 🙂
    My recent post Book Blitz: Out of Control by Sarah Alderson

  4. inlibrisveritas

    Yay for Free Comic Book Day and a new Guest Reviewer!!

    I feel bad about the heat Joss is taking right now, it seems a bit unfair considering how vast these movies have to be and the amount of 'compromise' involved. But I haven't watched it yet, so I'll withhold my judgement until Wednesday.

    My friend and I are trying to find Volume 4 of Saga, which for some reason is hard to find. I'm still only so-so about the series, but it's different so I appreciate it.
    My recent post Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Really Want to Meet (Again)

  5. I hope you had loads of fun celebrating mother's day, Jeann!

    And also, YAY FOR FANTASY. It's weird because I am going to pick up a contemporary soon but I haven't read contemporary for so long and I keep putting off the read even though I was so excited for it only a while ago. BLAGH.

    I am really glad to see the Sin Eater's Daughter was awesome for you because THOSE TWISTS THO.

    AND I HOPE YOU REALLY LOVE GRAVE MERCY. It was an amazing book and hopefully you enjoyed Duval and Ismae's journey. They are so great together :')

    Have a fabulous week, hon!
    My recent post ARC Review: The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

  6. thesepaperhearts

    Welcome Kristy! I'm sure you'll be happy here 🙂
    The Sin Eater’s Daughter is still one I need to read. Too many books to read! *hides* Promise of Shadows looks interesting and that cover is beautiful *stares* It's been getting average reviews though. Interested to hear what you think of it.
    My recent post Review: Seraphina

  7. It ate my comment. Why *shakes fist in rage*

    Let's pretend this comment is really insightful then. A guest blogger? Hooray! Looking forward to meeting her. And possibly peppering her with all sorts of inappropriate questions. I'll Give You the Sun was absolutely lovely. So lyrical and I completely fell in love. You must read it ASAP. I demand it. Just so, so beautiful. I tried to read The Promise of Shadows, but just couldn't get into it and have put it on the backburner for now. The first chapter was like opening a book at a random page and reading half way though.

    I need to sort something out with my mobile site as well, it's not active at the moment, and looks odd on my Kindle when I try to access it even. Have a wonderful week of reading Jeann <3
    My recent post Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

  8. thebigfatf

    NEW BLOGGER? OOO, I'm so excited! That is going to be so much fun! I'm also thinking about perhaps co-blogging but I never really have the time to think about it. But I'm really excited to see that here! Great haul, btw. Those books are amazingly colorful altogether!

  9. Shannelle C.

    The Rest of Us Just Live Here came with chocolate?! *grabby hands* What a nice thing of a publisher to do. Although if that happened here, all I'd have is melted chocolate, and that would be disgusting.

  10. Faye M.

    Giiiirl, thanks for linking my discussion post! YES TO MORE NORMAL AND ORDINARY LOVE INTERESTS! I'm still waiting for my chubby nerd (as I have a chubby nerd of a boyfriend) to appear in the books I read… bahaha. And also, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOUR MOM! Thank her please for bringing you into the world because you're super duper fabulous!
    My recent post BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

  11. Romi

    Ooh, happy to see your new reviewer, Jeann! I'll really look forward to her posts!
    I'm excited to see what you think about Lullaby, I just finished it on the weekend and am pretty mixed, so am keen to see the feedback others have. It was a really quick read, though, which is definitely a positive! Nice to get through books really quickly.
    YAY for Gracelling! It's really such an excellent book, and I actually named my dog after Katsa! Though… I named her Kasta. Mistakenly thinking that was the protagonist's name. OH WELL. xx
    My recent post Books for when you're… (20)

  12. So many great books, I love your haul! It's great that you've found a co-blogger. It was a big relief when I found mine as it's taking off quite a bit of the pressure, plus it's fun to talk about books.

  13. Congrats on the new guest reviewer Jeann! That's awesome! ☺️ And I was undecided with Black Iris but ended up loving it once everything started connecting. You know how much I love paychologically disturbing books haha. Fantastic haul Jeann! And I'm glad you fixed the mobile version of your site 🙂
    My recent post Guess Who I Met~

  14. downrightdystopian

    Great haul this week! I'll Give You the Sun is such an amazing book, so I will definitely be looking forward to your review on it! I can't wait for Patrick Ness's new book. It sounds so amazing! Happy reading. 🙂
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian
    My recent post Stacking the Shelves (59)

  15. Precious

    The entire His Fair Assassin series is absolutely amazing! I actually read the entire trilogy in like four days 😛 Graceling is another awesome read, although I haven't read the rest of the books in the series. Have a great week!
    My recent post Mirror, Mirror

  16. Emma

    I'm so glad you enjoyed The Sin Eaters Daughter. I loved this one so much especially for a fantasy novel. There was so much love on Twitter on the blogging community it was so nice to be a part of it. I've got The first book by Jandy Nelson which I'm a little hesitant to start which I must confess. Hope you enjoy I'll Give You the Sun!!!

  17. HELLO KRISTY! We will not bite (hopefully) so we hope you enjoy working with Jeann! Jeann, thank you so much for linking me, that means an awful lot, seriously. You're images are always beautiful on Instagram, I need to get back into that, really.. OH, also, wonderful books you've got yourself there, I know someone who's very jealous about Patrick Ness, so do enjoy that!<3
    My recent post 7 Design Resources I Can't Live Without

  18. I'm glad you've had a great Sunday, Jeann! Sounds like a busy, but amazing day for you 🙂
    Congrats on your new reviewer! You must be relieved to have found someone you really like to help you out.
    Nice haul, too. And I wonder if your postman and mine may be cousins? We sometimes get mail in our mailbox weeks after we should have normally received it. Very strange.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    My recent post The Sunday Post #31 – Ready for Take-off!

  19. Kara Terzis

    Glad you're on a fantasy kick! Fantasy is and always will be my favourite genre. <3 <3 Gosh — I must be the only person to not like Graceling? I think it was a case of it's-not-you-it's-me, but meh, I didn't like Fire, either. I haven't read the third in the series, and probably won't. Looking forward to your review, though!
    My recent post Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (61) &amp; Stacking the Shelves (41)

    • I love it, and realised I had some great fantasy YA books to catch up on. Oh dear, too bad about Graceling and Fire!

  20. YAY FOR FANTASY KICKS. I'm still on one. XD I can't seem to get enough of it! And Clockwork Angel was definitely the highlight of my week. omg. So much awesome and I neeeed the next book. GRACELING WAS SO MUCH FUN. Are you going to read Fire? I want to, but I'm dubious because it's not solely about Katsa, so yeah. >.> I'm dubious.
    xD Yay for delicious books! And chocolates!