Blog Tour & Author Interview: City of Fae by Pippa DeCosta

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Blog Tour & Author Interview: City of Fae by Pippa DeCosta

Blog Tour & Author Interview: City of Fae by Pippa DeCostaCity of Fae by Pippa DeCosta
Published by Bloomsbury Australia on May 7, 2015
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Genres: New Adult, Paranormal
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From the moment Alina touches London's hottest fae superstar, breaking one of the laws founded to protect all of her kind, her fate – and the fae – close in.

Below ground, the fae High Queen plots to claim the city as her own and places her pawns, ready for the battle to come. A battle she cannot lose, but for one small problem – Alina. There are four ancient keepers powerful enough to keep the queen in her prison. Three are dead. One remains … And to fight back, Alina risks sacrificing everything she has come to love.

This New Adult urban fantasy is packed with action and suspense and will have you yearning for more forbidden fae romance.

There are two things that caught my eye with City of Fae – the fact that it is a new adult urban fantasy and it’s setting in the London underground. The cover looks completely breath-taking as well!

Q&A with Pippa DeCosta, Author of City of Fae

1. London ruled by a fae underground city – what an awesome concept! How did you come up with the idea behind City of Fae? 

I’ve always wanted to write about the fae, but I didn’t want to go over the same mythos that’s been done so many times already. I had to somehow put a slight spin on it, so I asked myself how to shake things up a bit. The answer? Take the fae out of their ‘natural habitat’ and put them in the city, walking among us. But that still wasn’t enough. I needed more to make City of Fae really stand out. The underground idea came to me while I was spending a few days in London. I’m a country gal, so travelling on the London Underground feels unnatural at the best of times (fun though!) and it was while travelling back from sightseeing on the tube that the idea really started to sink its claws in. What if there’s something else under London? Something hidden, yet so close, just below our feet. There are miles and miles of forgotten tunnels under London, the perfect place to hide a race of beautifully deadly fae, and other lethal creatures.

2. Alina sounds like a really spunky, inquisitive, kick-ass character. Which characters inspired Alina as a character?

Alina is really unique. I can’t say too much without revealing spoilers, but she’s feisty enough to not let anything or anyone stand in her way, and yet she’s also incredibly vulnerable.

3. What is your favourite scene in the book (without spoilers)?

Gosh, there are so many. I had a lot of fun writing the scene in Reign’s Kensington apartment. There’s so much going on between the two main characters. Humor, sexual tension, frustration, exhaustion and the lies! Mix all together and you get a fabulous scene overflowing with conflict. There’s also a scene at Victoria Docks, where some truths are revealed, but I can’t talk about that without revealing a major plot spoiler!

4. You’ve written paranormal, urban fantasy and sci-fi books. How did the writing process differ between genres, was it difficult to switch?

I write what I love. I grew up watching Buffy, Highlander, and Farscape, to name just a few. I’ve always adored fantasy and science fiction. I’m a total geek at heart. Start talking to me about Warcraft or Star Wars (is anyone else super excited for the new Star Wars movie?!) and you won’t be able to shut me up again. I blame my teacher in primary school who had the class listen to Jeff Wayne’s musical version of ‘War of the Worlds’, during lesson time. I haven’t been the same since.

So, no it wasn’t difficult to switch between genres. My style and voice remain consistent no matter the genre I write. I love sci-fi and fantasy equally, and have no problem devouring research for the worlds. It’s true what they say; write what you love. The readers can tell.

5. I’ve heard you like gaming too – what games or gaming characters represent your books? 

Ooh, good question. I’ve already mentioned World of Warcraft. I haven’t played it for a while, writing commitments have gotten in the way, but Warcraft still calls to me. My level 85 night elf rogue needs some TLC to get her to level 100. She was my first ever character, and while I’ve rolled loads of other characters since her, she’s the one I always go back to. There’s definitely some night elf rogue traits in Reign, from City of Fae! Once I start playing Warcraft though, I can’t stop, and those deadlines don’t meet themselves.

I really enjoyed Mass Effect, and Fable, and Halo (new Halo coming soon!) oh gosh, there are so many. Inspiration for my books comes from anywhere and everywhere, and gaming definitely adds to the huge backlog of utterly useless facts floating around my imagination. I’m sure bits of all the games I’ve played end up in my books in some form or another.

About the Author

orn in Tonbridge, Kent in 1979, Pippa’s family moved to the South West of England where she grew up amongst the dramatic moorland and sweeping coastlands of Devon & Cornwall. With a family history brimming with intrigue, complete with Gypsy angst on one side and Jewish survivors on another, she has the ability to draw from a patchwork of ancestry and use it as the inspiration for her writing. Happily married and the Mother of two little girls, she resides on the Devon & Cornwall border.

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Thanks to Bloomsbury for organising this author interview and tour! 

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31 responses to “Blog Tour & Author Interview: City of Fae by Pippa DeCosta

  1. So far this is the second book I've come across that's New Adult set in a fantasy world (the other being A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J. Maas)! Definitely loving that there are more and more genres popping up under NA; the pure romances have been getting old for a long time now. :/ Anyways, City of Fae looks and sounds so interesting! The cover is gorgeous and I love all the pretty colors. *O*

    Hehe, Pippa's idea of giving the typical fae story a spin worked! This book sounds so unique and like you said, it's really original how London is ruled by an UNDERGROUND fae city. Also, I'm curious to read more about Alina. Right now she sounds like your typical heroine, but the fact that she's described as "incredibly vulnerable" makes me want to know more.

    Omg, I seriously need to start Mass Effect soon. I have all three (or two? Can't remember lol) of the games at home but so far haven't felt the urge to play them yet. I know they're good though! I love that some of the characters in City of Fae were inspired by WoW, too. 😀 Thanks so much for sharing, Pippa and Jeann! I don't think I've added this book to my tbr, but I'm definitely going to now — it sounds great! Awesome interview! 🙂
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    • I konw, I'm really interested in NA books set in fantasy, there needs to be more of them! Although a lot of paranormal romance seems to bridge the gap, so who knows. It sounds like an incredible premise, I'm really interested! Oh my gosh, I've played the first Mass Effect and really loved the story. I hope you'll pick it up and wil learn to love it too! Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Megan!

  2. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books

    I love how she suggested to write about what we loved. Fully agree with that. And about what you know too, because when you don't know what you're talking about, it clearly shows, too. I have this one to review, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it, TBH. Great interview though! Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Since finishing ACOTAR, I've been looking to try other fae themed books and have just added this one. It sounds perfect for me, magical without being over the top and with an urban fantasy setting as well. I love how the fae inhabit our world, rather than creating their own elaborate setting. Sometimes I end up lost within the world building with fantasy, having not read all that many. Have you or will you be reading it too Jeann? Be interested to see your thoughts on it. Thanks for sharing, this looks like an awesome read <3
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  4. Kara Terzis

    Bloomsbury Spark is a digital only thing, right? A bit of a shame, really, because I just cannot concentrate on ebooks AT ALL but I'm still interested in this one. I mean… New Adult with Fae!? What's not to love about that? Awesome interview. 😀
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    • Glad to hear you love the sound of it! This is one of the first NA paranormals I've heard of as well.