Read Play Blog #11 – My Gaming Setup

May 16, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Gaming, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! This month’s question is:

Show Us Your Gaming Setup!

I mainly game on my PC and my 3DS which is pictured below, I had to clean up my desk beforehand haha. My computer here is actually due for an upgrade, it’s the first computer I built myself (or with the help of the boyfriend) back in 2011. It struggles with all of the latest games but I still love it dearly!


Recommendation: The Stanley Parable (PC) 

This game is so much fun, it really breaks the conventions of what a game is about. You’re an office worker who does a repetitive job day in and day out, and all of your fellow workers have disappeared. As you venture out into the world, you can choose to obey or disobey the narrator at certain points and explore the hilarious narrative and multiple endings that will ensue. You’ll start and restart this game many times as you choose different pathways. Quite a creative game, the narrator reminds me of the berating GlaDoS from Portal.

Get it on Steam here.

Currently Playing: None

I’m not actually playing any games at the moment which is surprising. I think I got bored of Animal Crossing New Leaf, and I check it every once in a while, but otherwise most of my time these days is consumed with reading, blogging and catching up on shows. I can’t wait for the next Game of Thrones episode to be released though, then I’ll be playing that for a while.

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19 responses to “Read Play Blog #11 – My Gaming Setup

  1. laylapalooza


    I got The Stanley Parable in a Steam sale a while ago, but still haven't played it yet. I'm really looking forward to it, though. (I like branching narratives, and also things that are like GLaDOS).

    A friend of mine really likes Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and was reccing it for the Nintendo 3DS, but I have not had time to play with that recently. Alas.

    If I could be in any game: Christine Love's Analogue! It's another branching narrative, but you're on-board a spaceship and trying to figure out what happened to all the people who were on it. You speak with the AI and read a lot of journals – sounds perfect to me. When I finished, I felt a real sense of loss because I wanted it to be real so badly!
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  2. The hubster built his late last year and saved hundreds by doing it himself. he started with a case and bought a few parts each week and as they came on sale. The money he saved, he put it towards a big HD monitor and it's the best husband sitter a wife could ask for 😀 If you need a list of cheap and reliable online retailers to purchase from, hit me up on Twitter <3
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    • Wow, definitely let me know what online stores he uses! I am going to use a combination of PC Case Gear and Umart. Hahah husband sitter, the bf's PC is more like a 2nd girlfriend

  3. literateture

    The only games I play are Apps and my old DS. I used to love Harvest Moon hihi Have you played it? and also anything with Mario. I also love Sims!!!!

  4. I got bored with AC:NL too. I always do that with those game … go in hard, and then one day I'm just over it. now my mom plays it and took over my town. So it started with my son, went to me, and is now my mom's. lol.
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  5. janceewright

    I really, really, really like The Stanley Parable! I played it for hours trying to get all the alternate ending!

  6. inlibrisveritas

    I need a new computer too…I have my laptop, GlaDoS, that I bought in 2009 and it wants to die so badly. Another reason i'll be super happy to move, because then my boyfriend and I can finally share the gaming computer.
    And YES to the Stanley Parable, it's so much fun!
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    • Ohhh my bf and I have our own gaming computers side by side lol! I love how you named it GlaDoS 😀

  7. Faye M.

    Ah, I wish I could post my gaming set-up! I only have a Ps4 for now because my laptop is literally too weak to play games… I have to have a big fan right beside to even play Child of Light! One day, I'll have a computer awesome enough to play the bigger games xD For now I'll stick with my ps4!
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