Indulgence Insider #28 – End of Days & Binge Reading

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Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves, Bought, Borrowed & Bagged and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

So I’ve been sick in bed all week, missed most of the working week. I blame it on the flu shot, I haven’t been sick in ages until I had it. So other than reading furiously and catching up on Gossip Girl, I haven’t gotten up to much this week.

I posted the latest version of Read Play Blog yesterday where you can check out my gaming setup. If you game and you blog, why not join up? All you need to do is answer next month’s topic, post your gaming recommendation and what you’re currently playing. It’s a great way to discover and share new games!

Book Haul


Review copies

Cherry Blossom Dreams by Gwyneth Rees
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
End of Days by Susan Ee

Thank you Hachette Australia, Penguin Random House and Bloomsbury for these review copies! 



A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab Thanks to The Social Potato & Tor Teen for this prize, it came with a signed poster as well!

Reading Update

endofdayscover giveyouthesun mrkissandtell gravemercy

Also read some graphic novels:


  • Saga Volume 2, which was brilliant, charming and hilarious. I’ll review this series soon, I absolutely love Saga!
  • The Walking Dead Book 11 which was super action-packed and interesting because we got to see what happened several years into the future.

If you haven’t read either of these series, I highly recommend both of them!

Book Photography

Some of this week’s posts on bookstagram: (click on the picture for the original link)

splitbooks endofdays rainbowbooks

Discussion Posts

Bookish News

You May Have Missed…

How was your reading week? 

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62 responses to “Indulgence Insider #28 – End of Days & Binge Reading

  1. A great post, and I hope you are feeling better! I am going to be reading Angelfall this summer – I have the first two books and cannot wait to get started. Also, I have been meaning to try Saint Anything. I have read two Sarah Dessen books and happened to not like both, so before I write her off as an author not for me I wanted to try that out!
    My recent post Devon's Choice (Review)

  2. Ahh I'm so glad you read Grave Mercy! I finished the series recently and can I just say: it only gets better. I hope you have a wonderful reading week.

    p.s. What season of Gossip Girl are you on? I watched to halfway through season 2 and then started binging on Suits! (So good!)

    My recent post Review: Prisoner of Night and Fog

  3. inlibrisveritas

    Why are they putting out so many editions of Fangirl so quickly? O_o

    I really need to make my friend get Saga Vol. 4. I'm still grudgingly liking it, but it's definitely a fun series. I made him read The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1 and he basically sent me a text at 10pm full of curse words and excitement, lol. I want to read A Darker Shade of Magic so badly, it looks fantastic!

    I hope you enjoy your new books!!
    My recent post Review: Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult

    • I think they're becoming collector's items or something, but yeah, I already have 2 copies lol don't need more! They are really pretty though. Oooh I've heard good things about The Wicked & The Divine, will have to track it down at the library! I'll let you know how I go if I pick it up!

  4. EEP End of Days! I STILL haven't read World After, but now I'm kind of glad because BINGE READ TIME 😀 I love not waiting between books, and now I have gotten rid of any waiting time for that series – hurrah!

    And also you got the ADSOM poster!! :O I am not ashamed to admit that I am MIGHTY jealous of that and totally want to steal it off you, haha XD

    I own a copy of Grave Mercy but have yet to read it because oops I never actually read the books I buy because I am weird that way. But YAY for it being good! I hope I like it when I (eventually) get around to reading it!

    And EW at being sick! I hope you are feeling super better now, Jeann <3 I am now even more hesitant to get the flu shot >.>
    My recent post Can You be an Author &amp; a Book Blogger?

    • Oh my gosh you'll have the best time binge reading it Chiara, that means you won't have to wait like the rest of us. I really liked World After, but you'll miss Raffe, but you're lucky cos he'll be in End of Days a lot.

      Oooh I have the same problem as well, but I'm glad the Aus YA Bloggers challenge makes me want to read a lot more of what's on my shelf and buddy read too %_%

      Thanks hun, I'm still recovering sadly T_T

  5. Thank you for sharing my link ! 🙂 I'm glad you could enjoy Grave Mercy as well, I personally loved it. I hope to read your reviews soon especially on Saint Anything and End of Days. I thought the final book was good, but not as epic as I would have wanted it to be you know? It was still a good ending though. I'm going to miss pookie bear.. Hope you're having a great week Jean 🙂
    My recent post ARC: The Ice Twins by S.K Tremayen + Giveaway(US/UK/CAN)!

    • No problems Benish, Yeah, I was slightly disappointed with end of days, but the ending was great 🙂 Hehe Pooky Bear was a major character!

  6. So I see all this Saga love! I need to see if they have that in the library just because from your instagram it sounds awesome! And End of Days! I haven't even started that series, but lots of people are looking forward to it! I see you only rated it 3 stars though!
    My recent post Rochester Teen Book Festival!

    • Oh dear, that would definitely put you off getting it again for sure! Thank you, I'm hoping I do as well.

  7. Ooooh the signed ADSOM poster!! That’s exciting 😀 I love the UK editions for her books… but the US ones are beautiful as well! I guess I’ll just have to get both 😉

    Yeah this is why I’m not rushing out to grab End of Days 🙁 I’ve heard the same thing from multiple people, and I kind of want to preserve the perfection of the first two books for just a bit longer!
    My recent post Weekly Update #80 | Beautiful Bookmail

    • Yesss it's so pretty! I totally know what you mean about end of days, the ending itself was good but the rest of the book was kind of…bleh.

  8. I am reading End of Days now, and I will admit, I am scared! I am not really ready for it to end, though I don't really see HOW it could have gone on for 5 books, so it was a good call. I LOVE the ADSOM win! Congrats! And I am so sorry you've been sick, I hope you are doing better now!
    My recent post This Week At Midnight (61)

    • Thanks Precious, still recovering but better than last week! Yeah, I was super keen on End of Days as well 🙁 Oh well.

    • Oh man, I thought I said Pretty Little Liars lol, I marathoned that, not Gossip Girl. Oooh exciting about Dark Triumph!

  9. I hope you feel better soon, it's not nice being sick, although you did get a lot of reading done this week! I am looking forward to your Grave Mercy review as I own that book, but still haven't read it. I haven't participated in Read Play Blog for a whilenow as I don't game enough nowadays, maybe I'll join in when I am gaming more again.
    My recent post Sunday Post #126

    • Yeah, it's annoying being sick 🙁 Gah, hopefully I can kick it soon. Come join in anyways, I just list that I'm not playing any game atm but can still recommend & answer q's.

  10. rlsharpe

    I was sick all week too, Jeann! I didn't have the flu shoot though.

    You got some great books. A Darker Shade of Magic looks awesome. I just started reading Grave Mercy, I'm about 50 pages in and really enjoying it.
    My recent post Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan.

    • Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better now Rochelle! Glad to hear you're enjoying Grave Mercy, it's so good!

  11. booksbonesbuffy

    Oh Jeann, so sorry you're sick! I've always avoided the flu shot for that reason, but this year I got a really bad case of the flu, and so now I think I WILL get a shot next year. I've just started reading SAGA too and it's awesome! I hope you feel better soon:-D

    • Thanks Tammy, yeah I don't think I will get it again lol, unless the same thing happens! So glad to hear you're loving Saga now 🙂

  12. All About A Book

    I hope you feel better soon. Fining Audrey needs to be on my to read shelf, Sophie Kinsella is one of the authors that I read a lot of. Have a good week.

  13. Aww that sucks that you were sick. HOPE YOU'RE FEELING BETTER NOW JEANN!! GG binging is ALWAYS fun!

    I feel like I'm having the same thoughts about End of days. Like I LOVE Raffe and Penryn BUT at the same I read 12 chapters and haven't touched it in 3 days, you know?

    • Thanks Jess, I'm still recovering but hopefully soon! Gah I accidentally said GG instead of Pretty Little Liars, whoops! Yeah, a shame about EoD….at least you've got a good ending to look forward to. Can't wait to hear what you think!

  14. I LOVED that poster (and book) Very pretty design. I'm glad you got to finished Grave Mercy after all <3 I have so much love for that series. I need to get my hands on End of days soon. Happy reading!

    • I know, on the other side there's a different book design too which is neat! Yess I love Grave Mercy, can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  15. Aw. I hope you're feeling better, Jeann. I've had a cold from hell for weeks now, actually. I just can't shake it. Bah. Anyway, I'm sad End of Days was all over the place, but I probably would feel the same way as you do. It'll be all worth it if not for Pennryn and Raffe.

    Have a great week!
    My recent post Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 148

    • Thanks Joy, I'm still recovering which is annoying! Looks like we're twinning XD I hope you feel better soon as well, sometimes these things take a while. Yeah, End of Days was kind of meh…but oh well. You too!

    • Thank you Aimee, I'm still recovering from being sick agh. I'm so excited about ADSOM! And yes, Grave Mercy is awesome <3

  16. Zoe

    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear you're down in the dumps Jeann. 🙁 That's really unfortunate. I hope you feel better soon! <33

    And A Darker Shade of Magic sounds amazing – I've heard so many wonderful things about it! I hope you end up enjoying it as much as everyone else seems to have when you end up reading it. xD

    Thanks for sharing Jeann and, as always, wonderful recap! <3
    My recent post Vanishing Girls

  17. Greg

    Nice reviews of Veronica Mars, I have not read those but have been curious. They looks like they'd be really good.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  18. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    Boo to being sick. I hope you feel better soon! Awesome book haul – Finding Audrey is one I am looking forward to. And LOVE the Fangirl special editions. Have a great week!
    My recent post Weekly Rewind ~ 5.17.15

  19. redizabzh

    A friend of my mother (a nurse !) got terribly sick after a flu shot, so I'm not surprised. I hope you'll be yourself again very soon 🙂 I've read book #4 of Saga this week and last week, it was book #22 of Walking dead, we have common tastes in comics it seems 😉 Relax and take care !
    My recent post The sunday post #47 : What’s up ?

    • Glad to hear it wasn't just me and it's not just a placebo thing! Ohhh I will be reading Saga soon! What other comics do you like? I need some recommendations hehe

  20. Woah, I want to all the Fangirls. ALL OF THEM. They are so pretty. :') I think books should come out with just ONE cover and not tempt we poor bookworms, hehe. xD But really that book is so incredible and I want to reread it… XD
    I hope you get fully better real soon!!!