Indulgence Insider #30 – Lifeline Bookfest & My Shelves

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Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves, Bought, Borrowed & Bagged and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

So I didn’t put an Indulgence Insider up last week because I just haven’t been in the mood to. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office, the pathology, radiology and now the specialist. I thought it was all related to my food allergies, but now it turns out it may be more serious. Only time will tell I guess.

This weekend I had 4 days off, went to the bookfest for two of these days and picked up an awesome haul! Met up with Chiara and Bec again to catch up over books and to help Bec do the Find Me Tag. It was lots of fun! Basically with Bookfest, the convention center is divided up into several sections – such as Sci-Fi, Paperback Fiction, and Children’s. The books aren’t sorted in any order, you really have to dig through them to find out any titles that you may want. Finding something on your TBR is like hitting a gold mine, and they’re only around $5 each for a good quality one as well. Plus it’s supporting Lifeline which is a bonus!


I was also forced to rearrange my bookshelf because my boyfriend moved it. After I got over the initial shock, I was able to organise all the series and authors and get rid of books that I didn’t want to read anymore. Loving my shelves more than ever! Just ignore the bottom shelf. That’s my swap/review pile.


Oh yes, there was also rude comment left on my blog. Thanks for all of your support on Twitter, I really felt the love.

Other than work, watching the Flash, trying to finish Arkham Origins before the next game comes out and playing board games with friends, I haven’t been up to much else at all.

Book Haul



Here’s my bookfest haul! All are books that I am genuinely interested in reading, and I got all of them for around $5 each.

Review copies


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – SO EXCITED!
The Sound of Whales by Kerr Thomson
Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas
Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson – Pyr from Netherlands saw my extremely enthusiastic comment on Books Bones and Buffy and contacted me for a review!

Thank you to Scholastic Australia, Bloomsbury, Penguin Random House, Pyr Books and Harper Voyager for these review copies. 



I swapped books with Chiara and Bec at the bookfest. Have been wanting to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children for ages, and The Truth About Forever fits my Sarah Dessen collection nicely.

Reading Update

I’ve read the following books in the past 2 weeks:

minnowbly kissinginamerica findingaudrey becomingrain

Reviews to come! Which reviews would you like to see first?

Book Photography

Some of my recent posts on bookstagram: (click on the picture for the original link)

IMG_20150530_085001 IMG_20150603_055614 IMG_20150606_140148

Discussion Posts

Check out some of my favourite discussion posts this week:

Bookish News

  • Check out the latest Aussie YA Bloggers Newsletter for June, where we featured recaps of Teen Con 2015. Why not subscribe for the latest releases here?
  • Cassandra Clare & Holly Black are coming to Australia! They’re attending the Brisbane Writer’s Festival to promote the latest Magisterium book in September. Love YA Festival is also happening again this year on 5 September. 
  • Perth has been announced as hosting Penguin’s flagship YA events, PTALive! Details are here.

Geek & Gamer News

  • Check out my review of Game of Thrones: Episode 4 (Telltale Games) here.
  • Fallout 4 has been announced! Fallout 3 is definitely one of the best post-apocalyptic games I’ve ever played, so I cannot wait. View the trailer here.
  • XCOM 2 has been announced as a PC exclusive. Interesting enough, the sequel follows the bad ending where aliens take over. Trailer here.
  • Nvidia is giving out free copies of Arkham Knight with qualifying graphics cards. I’m definitely taking advantage of this offer!
  • Legends of Tomorrow, DC’s superhero compilation trailer has been announced as a new series for The CW! If you love The Flash or Arrow you will LOVE this. I’ve watched this trailer many times 😀

You May Have Missed…

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How has your bookish week been?

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59 responses to “Indulgence Insider #30 – Lifeline Bookfest & My Shelves

  1. I actually went to the very same bookfest! I know it is a traveling one and it was here in May I think… and then I went and bought about 20 books because they were so cheap. I mostly got classics though, because that was what I was in the mood for ^.^ I am glad you had a good time there!
    My recent post Book Haul #5 Part 1 ~ I Think I Won the World

  2. lab1990

    I hope you're doing okay and it's not anything too serious!

    It looks like you got some awesome books. I really love Gillian Flynn. She's one of my favorite authors; Dark Places is my favorite of hers, so I really hope you like it!

    I just recently read Miss Peregrine – I really enjoyed it. Love the photos.

    My recent post Locke and Key Graphic Novel Series by Joe Hill

  3. danielleisbusyreading

    Dear Lord, look at all those books! Haha. That seems like an awesome festival! I hope you enjoy your new haul.
    And you're definitely in my thoughts, girl! I hope you find answers soon and that it won't be too serious. <3

  4. First and most importantly, I really, really hope everything is okay with your health! I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way 🙂

    But whoa, that book place! I would have so much fun just digging through the books, ah, it's like Disney World for bookish people! Your bookshelves look absolutely gorgeous! And you're a very nice girlfriend, because I wouldn't have been moving my books anywhere 😉

    I am really sorry about the rude comment. I saw it, but quite a long time after the fact (Twitter had told me what was popular in my feed hah) and that is SO uncalled for. I have seen things like that on a few blogs lately, which is really sad. I am SO glad that everyone was there for you too!

    You got a lovely batch of review books too, I really hope you enjoy them all 🙂
    My recent post (Way more than) Ten Upcoming Must-Reads

    • Thank you Shannon! I think it will be all alright 🙂 Yup, the Book fest happens twice a year here and I always get a great haul here! Oh man, he moved it and I had a meltdown, it was panic station lol. But then I ended up loving it 🙂 Yeah, I just don't know why some people feel like they can say anything when they're hiding behind the screen! Have a lovely week x
      My recent post Indulgence Insider #30 – Lifeline Bookfest &amp; My Shelves

  5. I saw some comments on twitter about the rude commentor. It's so sad people actually leave comments like that, I checked your post and it was nasty. And your review wasn't even that negative, so I wodner why she felt the need to comment like that. It is nice to see bloggers banding together when things like that happen.
    You got a nice haul this week, must be great to get all those books for cheap prizes. We have a similiar event here in the netherlands where you can get books for cheap that can't be sold for some reason. I have visited a few times when it's close by, although it can be hard to find the books you really want as it's pretty random whcih books they have.
    My recent post Review: Nemesis by Emma L. Adams

    • I know, I just couldn't believe it. I'm pretty over it now though, I definitely ranted and said my piece. Definitely a great time going to book sales!

  6. I saw that rude comment and I also replied to it as well..

    Your book haul looks amazing & wow $5 a book, that's pretty cheap when they're new copies. I recently found a bookstore near me that sells books for $1, I shall go there tomorrow! They're mostly used books, but many are like new. Look forward to your posts soon & your bookshelf looks so neat and organized! I double row them too.
    My recent post More Happy Than Not ♥ Review

    • Thanks Benish, I appreciate you sticking up for me! If it gets out of hand I'll just delete it lol. Yeah, definitely cheap, they aren't new but they are in good condition. Some of them are relatively untouched! You should get Twitter Benish so we can chat <3

  7. I hope you're okay Jeann and that it won't turn out to be something too serious 🙁 You keep us updated okay? *sends positive thoughts your way*

    I am glad you were able to meet up with some bloggy friends and do fun things which probably made the week a little bit better for you!

    I kind of wish I was there so I could have browsed through the books at lifeline bookfest!!

    I SEE SHADOWS IN YOUR HAUL, JEANN. You better read Shadows soon and you better tell me all your feels because it's a fantastic book! AND EMBER IN THE ASHES. I am hoping you'll like this one and at least you can go into it knowing there will be a sequel!

    I hope this week will be A LOT better for you *hugs*
    My recent post BEA 2015 Recap Post

    • Thanks hun, I appreciate it! I don't think it's too serious, but at least I can get some answers to manage it. I wish you are here always Rashika <3 Haha yes my library copy is nearly overdue so I decided to just buy it! I know I have to read it soon 😛 I hope so too!

  8. I am so sorry someone left a hurtful comment. Life is too short for that kind of negativity. The bookfest looks awesome, but overwhelming. I tend to get anxious when dealing with unorganized book It is awful and annoys me about myself but I wouldn't have lasted five minutes. I hope you have an amazing week Jeann!
    My recent post Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

    • I totally agree, but it's bound to happen every once in a while. Thankfully it's only happened to me twice in 3 years. Definitely overwhelming, it takes a lot of time to browse through the piles!

    • Great to hear, I was recommended it by a friend and looks like they had loads of fun with it. Thanks!

    • Thank you hun! *hugs* definitely not dire don't worry!

      Ah, moving is the best time to clean up I think. Good on you Pili! I donate to my library too, but they only want new releases.

  9. LilysBookBlog

    Jeann you're making me want to attend a bookfest ASAP! LOL, i miss the vibe of those places!

    Also, amazing haul! I recently got The Night Circus too so i'm interested in hear what you think of it. Gillian Flynn novels are always amazing and i've heard nothing but good things about Finding Aubrey and an Ember in the Ashes.

    • Yesss they are the best to grab bargains! I loved Night Circus, I reviewed it ages ago. It was great and atmospheric, but there was a romance at the center. I loved Finding Audrey!

  10. Angel @Angel Reads

    I want to go to Bookfest fo bad!! I would buy too many books that I would need a suitcase just for them, to fly back to Melbourne.
    So excited that Cassie and Holly are coming to Aus, really hope they come to Melbourne.
    Hope you feel better soon
    My recent post Book Review: Modern Monsters by Kelley York

  11. Aww Jeann, I'm sorry things have been so naff for you lately with being unwell and bad bad people putting out nasty comments over nothing, it's rubbish and so not fair on you, so hopefully things improve and get better ASAP for you! Thank you for linking me hun, it means a lot, and you've got some great books to read, best of luck!<3
    My recent post Amanda's Series Relationship – 2015 Update

    • Thanks lovely, sometimes it's going to be like that I guess. Hopefully that means I have fairies and chocolate on the horizon! No problems <3 I appreciate it!

  12. Omg, that is an incredibly mean tweet. I'm kind of shocked actually *whispers* I think I would've deleted it. I've had a WHOLE LOT of comments like that and I almost always delete them, but it really hits me kinda hard. Why do people go out of hteir way to be rude?! FREEDOM OF OPINON. HECK YEAH.
    Anyway. I hope your health issues aren't scarily serious. *hugs you* That's definitely worrying. 😐

    Ooooone daaay I will get to that Lifeline bookfest. xD IT LOOKS SO AMAZING. All those books!! I would love to just prowl through those aisles looking for deals. *happy sigh* ANYWAY. I love that you go so many Brandon Sanderson books!! I need to read more from him for sure. 😉

    • I know, I guess I felt like I did nothing wrong at all and why should I be removing evidence of someone else's meanness? I think the bigger you get, the more open you become to people leaving those sorts of comments. After all not everyone is going to appreciate our awesomeness. Thank you Cait *hugs back* I honestly feel fine, but at least we can figure things out from here. One day you should!

  13. I hope you'll figure out what's not the way it should be health wise, Jeann.
    You've had some busy days, and the book-fest sounds like a lot of fun. Meeting up with bloggers is the best of the best!
    Have a fantastic week and happy reading!

  14. Tests, nasty things and even worse when you're poked and prodded and they can't pinpoint what's wrong. Hopefully it's nothing serious and please let us all know how you're doing.

    Ooh, so many bargains this week! I'm surprised you were able to limit yourself Jeann, I would have gone bonkers and bought everything I could get my hands on. Such a worthy cause as well, hopefully one day we'll see it in all states.

    Have a wonderful week Jeann and hopefully you start to feel better soon <3
    My recent post Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

  15. Romi

    I'm so sorry to hear you've had a bit of a difficult week/month, Jeann- I hope things continue to look up with your health issue and the support of our blogging community. I'm really sorry you got a nasty comment.xx

    Aah, that Bookfest looks AMAZING. Glad you got some good pick ups! xx
    My recent post From me to you and back again -3-

  16. Kara Terzis

    Hope you're all right, Jeann! I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    Ohh, isn't the lifeline booksales just wonderful?? I love them dearly. <3 So glad to hear you liked Minnow Bly, too. It's definitely one of my favourite books I've read this year as well — it was BRILLIANT. I have no idea HOW I'm supposed to write a review for something that good, haha.
    My recent post Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (63) &amp; Stacking the Shelves (43)

    • Thanks so much Kara, I appreciate it. I know, I love getting bargains at the bookfest! I totally agree with Minnow Bly, I loved it so much!

  17. rotanrm

    I literally just finish Kissing in America when I saw your post. Really like it though it took a while for me to connect with the story and I love how it ended. Also for gaming me and my friends have been playing Life Is Strange which is freaking amazing and we get into theories and heated debates on what's gonna happen to the story ! Each episode gets better and better and personally I like it more than the Telltale games as it allows me to take my time and relax with the game and the environment. Great book haul! I just realised that The Intern has two covers as I only saw the black one in bookshops
    My recent post Book Review: A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin

    • Yeah, it took a while to connect to didn't it? It definitely felt more realistic to the ending though. Oohhh I've heard so much about Life is Strange, it's on my Steam wishlist! Will chat with you about it when I get the chance.

  18. rlsharpe

    Looks like you got a great haul from bookfest. I added Minnow Bly to my TBR recently after a glowing review and am glad you liked it too. I didn't know Finding Aubrey was about anxiety, I'll have to check it out.
    I'm so excited that Cassandra Claire and Holly Black are coming to Australia! I wonder if they'll be coming Sydney way at all? I hope so.
    Thanks for Sharing, Jeann.

    • Thanks Rochelle, was definitely a lot of books I was looking out for. I LOVED Minnow Bly! Hope you do too.

  19. Eugenia

    Bookfest looks like a reader's heaven! Great to see you got some new reads to enjoy 🙂 I'm starting Kissing in America at the moment, and it's pretty good so far so I hope I like it. Hope you have a good week and remember that we're here for you and love your blog 🙂
    My recent post My #booksfortradeAU Wishlist

    • It definitely is, we're so lucky to have it twice a year here! Kissing in America, took a while to get into but it was alright. Thank you so much Genie!

  20. macyavenue

    I loved The Night Circus and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I hope you'll like them too. 🙂 Happy reading!

  21. Oh heaven! Just heaven. Your bookshelves are lovely, Jeann! I wish mine looked as organized as yours. You've got some pretty interesting books this week! It's been a while since I've been to a book fest such as this. I hope you'll enjoy your purchases, Jeann.

    Have a lovely week!
    My recent post Photo Vomit [17]: Book Photographs

    • Heheh thank you Joy! I was pretty much forced to rearrange it but I do like it now. Definitely a lot of different books! Thank you lovely, you too.