Indulgence Insider #32 – E3 Gaming Highlights & Blogger Love

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Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves, Bought, Borrowed & Bagged and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

What a week of ups and downs in the book blogging world! There was heaps of tension around the blogosphere as of late, which, even if you’re not active on Twitter you’d be able to tell from the types of discussions that are out at the moment. For me, I was getting a little demotivated seeing all of the negativity, but that’s over now thanks to the #BookNerdBoost held by @YAIndulgences @@skizzles22. I woke up to so many wonderful messages of positivity, encouragement and support and it truly brought tears to my eyes! (ILY ALL SO MUCH). While there may be drama every now and then in this community, that can often be tiring, it’s just what happens with people. I stick it through the ups and downs and in the end, we are reminded that it’s not all for nothing.

Upgraded to Ultimate Book Blogger v3 which is very neat! It now supports multiple reviews and has a tonne of new features. If you haven’t got this plugin yet and you’re on WordPress, you need it, it is awesome! It saves so much time, automates so much and makes everything so easy, plus Ashley offers the loveliest customer service ever.

This week was the most exciting week in a gamer’s world, E3 was on with heaps of announcements and major releases! It was awesome getting hyped up about all the games coming out. Check out my Geek & Gamer News below for the highlights…

I managed to post a lot this week, but next weekend I’ll be away for work so there’ll be no Indulgence Insider.

Book Haul


Review Copies 


Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot – Princess Diaries 11!! Wow, I had no idea there were so many, so I look forward to this one!

Thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for this review copy.



Some of my trades came in this week from @LovelyGirlReads and @unfinished_book! Trading is totally addictive! I’ve been wanting to read the Scarlet series for a while, now I just need to get the other books as well.



I have been wanting to read Stolen Songbird for ages (even though I have a Kindle copy). Hoping I love it, plus these covers are so beautiful! Had no idea there was a Miss Peregrine’s Graphic novel out as well!

Reading Update

mebeingme sunshinegirl msmarvel2 whatsheleft

Reviews to come!

Book Photography

Here’s some of the posts I put up on bookstagram this week:

IMG_20150617_140027 IMG_20150619_080051 IMG_20150616_064127

Discussion Posts

Some of the discussions I enjoyed this week:

Bookish News

  • Shatter Me has been optioned for TV by ABC Signature and Tahereh Mafi will be a consulting producer! Follow @ShatterMeTV for news!
  • Cara Delevingne, super model and Paper Towns actor has opened up about being gay. So awesome and brave of her!
  • The sequel of the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is called the Glass Sword.
  • Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is also coming to TV! 
  • Hachette YA Bloggers Night is happening again in Sydney, on 17 August Evening. A special guest will be coming (not sure who yet).

Geek & Gamer News

  • The Batman Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition featuring the batmobile has been cancelled, a week from release. I’m glad I’ll still be getting my Batman statue!
  • Today’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sale! Have you picked up heaps of bargains? I bought Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, DLC for Bioshock Infinite, XCom Enemy Within, Life is Strange and The Detail. There’ll be lots of gaming for me!
  • E3 was on this week with lots of exciting gaming announcements! For a summary of announcements, click here. My highlights are below!
  • Telltale Games announced the 3rd Season of Walking Dead, which will feature a 3 part series focused on Michonne’s story.
  • We got an awesome preview and release date for Fallout 4! We can build our own base, customise our weapons to the max and build our own turrets. I managed to nab a Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition which sold out worldwide in 2 days, featuring a real life Pip-boy!


  • Final Fantasy 7 remake has been announced for PS4! Check out the trailer below, it looks amazing!

  • Mass Effect 4 has been announced with a sneak preview, which there was more!

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What’s up in your bookish world?

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71 responses to “Indulgence Insider #32 – E3 Gaming Highlights & Blogger Love

  1. It's sad that there is so much drama in the community sometimes, but luckily there is also enough positivity. I always try to focus that and ignore the drama when possible.

    I got three games for real cheap during the steam summer sale. It's about the only time in the year I buy games, it's just so nice to be able to buy games with such big discounts. The Clicker monster game was fun as well. That's neat they will be making a remale of FF7, I think it's one of the more popular older FF games, but I still haven't played it. I once lent it from someone, but I couldn't save game for some reason. I don't have a ps4, so i doubt I will be able to play this new version either, but it sure looks ncie!
    My recent post Review: What Happens in London by Jen McConnel

  2. Have you seen all the latest happenings with Arkham Knight now its out? What ever made them think it would be okay to make the PC version shitty? So many of my friends have refunded it.

    A friend bought me Life is Strange to try and cheer me up – I had one of my dogs put down and he thought this games name was fiting. I haven't played it yet but I will soon. I hope you enjoy it.

    I heard the Pipboy version was already sold out!

    I hope you enjoy your new games and books 😀

    My haul
    Lauren @ Northern Plunder
    My recent post Review: The Baking Life of Amelie Day by Vanessa Curtis

    • I know, I'm a bit scared because I need to upgrade my PC to play it and I don't even know if it's worth it. I bought the collector's edition because I wanted the statue, so I'm hoping by the time it's out it's patched. Hop[e you enjoy Life Is Strange as well, let me know how you like it!

  3. Falling Into Place and Stolen Songbird were both beautiful novels, although I liked the second one much more. The trading idea sounds super fun though 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week Jeann <3

    • I really enjoyed Falling into Place, although I didn't like the main character too much. Thank you Benish, hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. thesepaperhearts

    I love the new UBBv3 too! So many cool new features. I love the new Goodreads currently reading widget.

    YAAAY So happy you'll be reading Stolen Songbird soon! It was one of my favorite books last year and the sequel was really good too. I'm interested to hear what you think of it 🙂
    My recent post Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

    • Oooh I didn't realise there was a GR currently reading widget – I'll have to go and check it out! I'm picking up Stolen Songbird today, I'm excited about it because of all the raves.

  5. danielleisbusyreading

    Awesome new haul! Lady Thief is my favorite of the Scarlet series – you will cry and you will swoon. (good luck!!)

  6. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I've missed the drama (thankfully) but I did notice the book blogger love on twitter which warmed my heart. I'm so glad that people are turning negative things into positives! Stolen Songbird! Yay! I hope you'll love it – in my opinion this is NOT the case of a gorgeous cover misleading you into a mediocre book! 🙂
    My recent post Review: Rook

    • That's probably a good thing Charlene, the blogger love is the best part about it. Oooh I'm excited, if I love it enough I'm going to add it to my collection!

    • That's probably a good thing Christy! UBB3 is the next upgrade to the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin, some pretty neat things in there.

  7. So many great things here!! I really need to get on the UBB bandwagon- I've heard it's really amazing, and it seems to be well worth the investment. Plus, you're totally right, Ashley is really awesome. 😀

    Looks like you got some fantastic books this week!! I haven't gotten into trading yet, but I feel like I would be so addicted to it as well. Falling into Place is absolutely stunning, so I hope you enjoy! Challenger Deep also looks pretty good.

    A lot of drama this week, ugh, but I loved seeing that new hashtag as well. Such a lovely response to all the negativity! <33

    Hope you have a fantastic week, Jeann!! 😀

    • Absolutely, UBB is really awesome it saves so much time Aneeqah! Trading can definitely be addicting to refresh your collection. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and thanks for visiting!

  8. STOLEN SONGBIRD!!! I can't wait to see what you think of that one Jeann, I absolutely adored it. I so loved Lady Thief as well, that whole series was painful and awesome:) And thank you for letting me know the title of the Red Queen sequel, I was trying to guess based on the clues they put out on Twitter, but I wasn't even close 😉
    My recent post Review: Twisted

    • Really looking forward to reading it Jenny! I just picked it up and no doubt it's going to be awesome. I've heard good things about the Scarlet series, just need to locate the first one somewhere!

  9. rlsharpe

    I am dying to find out who the special guest is going to be at the Hachette YA blogger night. I have no idea who it is going to be.

    I'm surprised The Haunting of Sunshine Girl isn't scary, it looks really scary and the reason I haven't bought it is because I thought it was going to be scary, and I don't like reading scary.

    The Glass Sword! I can't wait to read it. It's forever away though!

    Thanks for the update 🙂
    My recent post A Writerly Update 71.

    • I know, there's talk about it being either Cassandra Clare or Holly Black because they're coming to BWF? Yeah, maybe I'm just looking for real horror lol, this one was pandered down a little.

  10. First, I LOVED the whole #BookNerdBlast thing, it was so amazing and so positive! And UBB v3!!! I NEED. I cannot wait until Ashley upgrades her hosting clients. Like, tears of joy, I tell you! And Shatter Me TV. I need this in my life. OHH how I need this. Hope you enjoy all of your lovely new additions, and have a fabulous week 😀
    My recent post Review: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

    • I thought it was fantastic as well Shannon! It was amazing and made me really teary. I had to upgrade mine manually, I hope you get yours soon! Thank you lovely.

  11. Great haul! I really want to read The Royal Wedding, but a little afraid that I don't understand what's going on since I haven' read the previous books. Falling Into Place sounds interesting too! I have a copy of it but haven't read it yet. I'm super excited for Shatter Me TV show! It's one of my favorite series and I hope the producer didn't messed it up!
    My recent post Review : A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

    • TBH I haven't caught up on a lot of the previous Princess Diaries either, but I think I'll still enjoy it because of what I read I enjoyed back in school. Falling into Place was great, I liked the way the story was put together but wasn't the biggest fan of the main character. I need to read Shatter Me still too!

  12. Zoe

    WOW! Amazing haul Jeann! <3 I can't wait to see what you think of all of these – especially Falling Into Place & Stolen Songbird as I loved those two. <3 Thanks for sharing and happy reading! xx

    • Comics are fun when you don't feel like reading anything too serious or are in a reading slump! I still need to read the Miss Peregrine's book.

    • Yeah, I'm pretty much the same Benish, gotta keep up with the hype. I did like Falling into Place, even though I didn't like the character too much.

  13. Romi

    Oh no! What's been going on in the book community, Jeann? I've definitely missed whatever it is, although generally the things that do bring about tension are "authors behaving badly", plagiarism and jealousy from people outside the community/fellow bloggers. Hope it's nothing too awful and I'm glad it's getting better.

    Thank you so much for the link, Jeann! That was s kind of you and I'm really so incredibly touched that you enjoyed the post. You're an absolute darling!

    Stolen Songbird! I hope you read it because I want to read your review, Jeann. I want to have even more cause to read it myself! *laughs*
    My recent post A Q&amp;A and a giveaway! (Open AUS)

    • Just lots of drama but I think it's settled down for the most part. No problems Romi, glad to share the love! I've just started Stolen Songbird and loving it.

    • Oooh that's exciting, I've heard great things about Ruby Red and I think I will enjoy it! UBB v3 needs a bit of setting up, so make sure you have a bit of time set aside for it when you do upgrade.

    • I can totally understand Braine, sometimes it gets too much especially when you have your own problems to worry about.

  14. I'm really intrigued by Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane As You Being You! A book told entirely in lists? I've never read one quite like that. Yay for Falling into Place and This is Not a Test! Both of those are great! I've had my eye on She is Not Invisible for a long time because of that gorgeous cover. 😀

    The #BookNerdBoost is exactly what this community needed! So many bloggers have been down lately and I was happy to see a lot of their moods improved. 🙂
    My recent post Sophomore Spotlight on . . . Stephanie Diaz

    • I know, it was told entirely in list which made it really interesting and creative! I kind of wish I liked it more though. It was really lovely to embrace the blogger love again 🙂

    • That's a good thing actually Sophia! Yeah, this one is the first adult installment too which is interesting!

  15. Jackie

    Of all the games that are being released this year, I'm most excited about Fallout 4. About dang time!!! I'm also pretty stoked about Kingdom Hearts 3. I've not really followed video games news for the past year, so I didn't even know one was in the works!

    • I'm the same Jackie, I ordered the collector's edition as soon as I could! Yeah, the KH3 announcement just came up so you're not too late 🙂

  16. redizabzh

    American golds on TV ?! Oh YEAH !!!! I'm gonna stalk this, thanks for sharing !
    I'm sad to see so many arguments about freedom of speech, that we have to think twice before posting anything our *our* own blog in fear of what the reaction may be. Fortunately, it has never happened on mine but I avoid Twitter like the plague ! Have a great week 😉

    • No problems, I still need to read my copy I think! Yeah, it's a sad repercussion sadly but I think from now on people will feel more confident. Thank you!

    • No problems Kara! Great to see you enjoy the Shatter Me series. I've heard so much about Stolen Songbird! I'm excited to read it.

  17. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    I still need to upgrade my UBB to 3. I need to do it when I have more undivided time because I am afraid I am going to accidently do something to screw it up (slight anxiety issues pertaining to technology, blogging things, and anything else where I have no idea what I am doing!) I am very excited for the multiple review feature and have actually saved some that I want to use it with. I also loved scrolling through the #booknerdboost tweets. Looks like you had a great haul – Enjoy!

    • Yeah, there's quite a few changes so you need to do it when you have time to sort out and follow the instructions. I learnt the hard way lol, but I'm loving it now. Thanks Grace!

  18. Jae

    This book blogger plugin sounds intriguing. I'm so use to blogger though even if I can't comment most of the time via chrome T__T. But ouuuu so many books! I really want to start reading more comics, are you enjoying Captain Marvel? 🙂

    I feel like I've been so out of the loop in the blogosphere and the discussions. I need to catch up with everything! I didn't even notice anything negativity but I did see all the blogger love today/yesterday <3 <3

    E3!!!! I can't get over how gorgeous FF7 looks. It makes me want to rewatch Advent Children just for the animation. I'm incredibly excited for KH3 as well. I'm such Square Enix trash lol.
    My recent post Week in the Nest – 6.21.15

    • I actually haven't picked up Captain Marvel yet but I enjoyed Ms Marvel, even though the later installments felt a bit too "young" for me. I know, the blogger love was definitely a good thing to arise from the recent tension. I'm excited for FF7, we don't have a PS4 but I'm definitely considering it!

  19. Ooh, so much news. *clicks on all the blogging links* I kind of missed the showdown on twitter, but Rachel's post was epic and all the #booknerdboost tweets have been AMAZING TO SCROLL THROUGH. <3 I really think we have an epic community. Not perfect, sure, but epic all the same. Ohhh I hope you like The Wicked Will Rise! I ADORED THAT ONE. I never read the Princess Diary books and don't really feel like reading 11 of them…but I got an ARC of Royal Wedding too. >_> I'm hoping just having had seen the movies will get me through it. hehe.

    SHATER MEEEEEEEEE. YAAAAAY!!! I hope it happens soon, unlike These Broken Stars getting optioned and then having nothing happen there. *pouts* XDXD

    • Yippee, glad to hear you find them of use Cait! It's great that you missed it, sometimes it's stressful seeing those sorts of things. I love our community so much CAit. I'm looking forward to reading The Wicked Will Rise, because I loved Dorothy! I'm pretty sure this one can be a stand alone Cait. I've only read the first 3 or so when I was still in school which was a looong time ago. I need to read Shatter Me! THESE BROKEN STARS WOULD BE AMAZE.

  20. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I am saving up for UBB as we speak. I love the version I have but to be able to write multiple reviews at once… YES. Also I think Cara's announcement is awesome because feeling comfortable in your own skin is all that matters (that interview was all over the place, though. I got really confused reading it, lol). I really want to read Me Being Me is Exactly as Insane as You Being You (long title!) because it's all about lists 😀

    • Ohhh if you have UBB already it's actually a free upgrade to v3! If you didn't get an email, I would email Ashley. I'm so happy for Cara, it would take a lot of confidence to do that. I think the interview actually selectively picked out lots of stuff from her original interview lol. Me Being Me was fun with the lists, but yeah it wasn't too much more than that unfortunately

      • Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

        Ahh thanks for letting me know! Will email Ashley immediately 🙂

  21. Awesome round up, hun! I really love the cover of The Royal Wedding. 🙂 Ahhh I'm in your discussion post round up? *dies* I'm excited for this Shatter Me tv show, should be interesting. Who will play Warner though?! Glass Sword. I'm intrigued… What does it all mean?! Happy weekend <3

    • Thanks Rachel, I'm looking forward to reading RW because it is the first Mia adult book! Heheh you're welcome Rachel, it was a great post you had! Thank you, hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

  22. I AM EXCITED FOR ALL THE GAMES. Fallout 4 LOOKS AMAZING. I still need to watch that trailer for The Lost Guardian, and OMG KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IT'S BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED I DON'T THINK MY POOR HEART CAN TAKE IT. And yessss MASS EFFECT and UNCHARTED 4. E3 is always the best.

    I have also been sucked into booksfortrade. I don't know if I'll be able to get out 😛
    My recent post Review: The Storyspinner

    • I knowww, oh my gosh Fallout 4 I was totally fangirling over it and the modding for the weapons and base building. I need to play a KH game still! I'm going to have to catch up with Mass Effect, that's for sure. I started playing the first Assassin's Creed, I know I'm a few years behind but better late than never. Books for trade can be addictive!

    • Hehhe glad to clear it up Vane! Yep, I'm looking forward to it, I need to read the book first, though. I adored the Book Nerd Boost, it was perfect to boost up the community and have it feeling more positive again!