Happy Indulgence Turns 3! Giveaway & my first vlog!

July 12, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Giveaways, Videos

I am super proud to announce that today is my 3rd year blogoversary (well actually, it was yesterday, but I spent so long editing my first vlog that I posted today, shhhh).

I’ve made so many wonderful friends, some of whom I speak with everyday and I’ve fangirled, squeed, ranted and laughed with you all. I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing authors, spoke at my own panel, attended some amazing bookish events and gotten amazing ARCs from publishers. I’ve also inspired some of you to start your own blog, or to have the confidence to write honest reviews and discussion posts, or to be brave and speak out. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and blogging has allowed me to do that, by reaching out to people with my own words.

So I wanted to do something special for my blogoversary today – Faye and Amir have inspired me to do my first vlog talking about my blogging journey for the past 3 years. Please excuse the awkwardness – let me know what you think in the comments below!

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My blogging journey wouldn’t have been the same without these amazing people:

Faye & Rashika @ The Social Potato / Aimee @ Deadly Darlings / Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity / Kelly @ Diva Booknerd / Alise & Bec @ Readers in Wonderland / Cait @ Paper Fury / Emily @ Loony Literate / Kayla @ The Thousand Lives / Benish @ Feminist Reflections / Joy @ Thoughts by Joy / Jess @ My Reading Dress / Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination / Allie @ Little Birdie Books / Nara @ Looking for the Panacea / Amir @ Not So Literary / Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer / Laura @ Laura Plus Books / Pili @ In Love With Handmade / Tabitha @ Not Yet Read / Carmel & Jessica @ Rabid Reads / Zoe @ Stories on Stage / Cyn @ Book Munchies / Val @ The Innocent Smiley / Lily @ Lily’s Book Blog / Becca & Lisa @ Lost in Literature / Joy @ Joyous Reads / Genie @ Genie In a Book / Cristina @ Cristina Book Reviews / Dre @ Sporadic Reads / Amanda @ Nellie & Co / Nick @ Nick’s Book Blog / Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer / Braine @ Talk Supe Blog / Mel, Celine & Larissa @ YA Midnight Reads / Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books / Jaz @ Fiction in Fiction in Fiction / Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales / Marianne & Jennifer @ Boricuan Bookworms

I’d also like to thank my fellow amazing Aussie YA Bloggers & Readers, all of the amazingly talented authors I’ve interacted with, the awesome Aussie publishers for all of the wonderful books and my other fellow bloggers, bookstagrammers and tweeters who I interact with. And of course, to you, my readers for supporting Happy Indulgence!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a giveaway. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win your choice of a $15 book on The Book Depository (as long as it ships to your country). International Giveaway ends 26 July 2015.

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Jeann is an Aussie YA blogger and mum who loves to read and recommend books! You can usually find me fangirling about books on my various social media channels including Twitter @happyindulgence, Instagram and Youtube.

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149 responses to “Happy Indulgence Turns 3! Giveaway & my first vlog!

  1. Okay, I really suck as a person and a friend that I am commenting on this post A MONTH AFTER YOU POSTED! But forgive me please, because life has been crazy for me last month and these past few days, so I only got a chance to comment now. Forgive, me please! *puppy eyes*
    AND YOU MENTIONED ME! Wow, this makes me so happy. *happy dances*
    Loved the vlog, btw!:) You're so adorable:)
    My recent post LITHW #6 : Let's discuss about discussion posts

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! It's honestly been so amazing watching your blog. I still remember the Blogger days. It just all seems like so long ago now! You're absolutely incredible at creating content and connecting with new and existing readers. I can't wait to see you bring you talents to the YouTube platform. You're honestly and inspiration! I'm so glad I've been able to be a part of your blogging journey! Cheers to many more years!
    My recent post How I Feel About Diverse Books

  3. jaimelester

    Happy Happy Birthday! Tank you so much for the giveaway! I hope your birthday was amazing!

  4. JEANN!! Congrats on THREE YEARS!! That's such a great accomplishment! I've been following your blog for a long time and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy your gaming posts too, as I'm a gamer myself. And please make more YouTube videos! I loved watching that, you're such a natural!! CONGRATS AGAIN!
    My recent post OTSPSecretSister Round 2:

  5. Renee Bookboyfriends

    Oh wow 3 years!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's a long time!!!! Keep being amazing! <3 <3 <3

  6. thesepaperhearts

    Happy Blogoversary Jeann! I think you first vlog was great! Plus, you accent is so cool 😀 I'd be way too nervous to do a vlog. I would feel so awkward talking to myself in front of a camera 😛 You are braver than I!
    My recent post Weekly Recap: July 12th – 18th

  7. randanicole

    I'm pretty new to the blogging world (my blog isn't the greatest right now but hopefully I find time to update it and get it looking good soon.) Anyways this is my first visit to your blog and it's to wish you a happy blogoversary. 😀 Congrats that's so exciting! I'm actually about to start splintered pretty soon and maybe I'll look into the Sci-fi series you mentioned, sounds interesting.

  8. HAPPY 3RD BLOGOVERSARY JEANN! OHMYGHAD. I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD FOR YOU! 😀 So happy to see you go so far! I can't wait for more bookish conversations with you! 😀 Congratulations again Jeann! 😀
    My recent post HI GUYS. I'M ALIVE!

    • Ahhh thank you so much Mel! I definitely plan on doing more it was so much fun! I don't intend to at the moment 😉

  9. HOW did I miss this!? My goodness, congratulations!!!! I have to go add this to my weekly recap! Okay, problem solved 🙂

    So, first of all, 3 years is so amazing! Your journey sounds a bit like mine, actually- I started book blogging because of a 50 Shades review too! I had a mom/life blog, and I HAD to write about how horrible it was and people LOVED it, so.. book blogging! And I did the indie thing too, and didn't really interact much, and when I did, BAM, life was changed!

    I am so glad it has been such an amazing experience for you too! I am going to try to take some of this advice to heart, because I have been killing myself lately and I need to not. So thank you for the words of wisdom!

    Also- HOW is this your first vlog!? You are a natural! I am not HUGE into vlogs, I mean, I only watch Faye's, but now I am DEFINITELY planning to watch yours too 🙂

    Happy Blogoversary!!! <3
    My recent post This Week At Midnight (70)

    • Ahhh thank you so much Shannon! <33 It definitely sounds like a very similar journey! I mean, we all have to start somewhere 🙂 I'm glad you found my advice useful as well! I'm so glad you enjoyed the vlog, it was so much fun!

  10. Ah, finally got around to watching your vlog! I always think maybe I should do more vlogs, but then I get lazy because it actually takes a fair while to edit and upload and things haha.
    Also, happy blogoversary!! 3 years is amazing- here's hoping for many more 😀
    My recent post Coffee Book Tag

  11. *showers you with confetti* I haven't known you that long, but I'm so happy to have found your blog, Jeanne! Congratulations on three years. That's just awesome.

  12. DarijaXO

    Just found out about your blog and I love it,I'll probably stalk you on GR from now on :D.Happy blogoversary!

  13. Ellen Mae Barrientos

    Happy 3rd blogoversary. I love reading blogs, i would love to start one also,but i dunno what to do 1st, or how to write properly & correctly. wishing you more success in your blog.

  14. danielleisbusyreading

    Happy Blogoversary!!! And omg, your accent! LOVEEEEE. I could listen to it all day lol!
    Here's to many more years of blogging, friend!

  15. _Sandra_

    Happy, happy, happy blogoversary and wishing you many more amazing ones! Keep the good work! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. thebigfatf

    Haha, I hoped you liked my singing!!! It's pretty amazing right?
    But seriously, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. AHHH!!!! I'm so excited to you. Keep on being awesome and I just know that you'll keep blogging for a VERY LONG TIME!!!!
    My recent post I HATE BEING A TEENAGER.

  17. Awww HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY my dear <33 You are one of my absolute favorite bloggers and people. <33 Your thoughtful posts, excitement, and overall sweetness are so catching and inspiring. I aspire to be more like your wonderful self. I am so so so glad we've become friends <33 Once again, congrats on the milestone. And welcome to Youtube!! I can't wait to see where you take it 🙂
    My recent post ARC Review ~ Rebel Mechanics

    • Thank you so much Rachel! You are the sweetest I swear <33 gosh you really make my heart warm lol! I'm so glad we've become friends as well hun! I'm excited about YT 🙂

  18. Jeann, I love this so much. HAPPY THIRD BLOGOSVERSARY. That is huge! And I am so happy about it! You my friend are a natural on camera and I hope to see more vlogs from you soon! Maybe this can be your new venture for the year? We'll be able to reminisce about my suggestion when we reach year four *wink*

    • Thank you so much Lily! I definitely plan on doing more! It was so much fun and everyone has been so supportive about it! I shall remember your words 😉

  19. Charnell

    Love the vlog! Hope you end up doing more!!! 🙂 HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! Your blog is AAAAAA-MAZING and one of my absolute favourites. I hope you blog forever!!!! x

    • Thank you so much Charnell, I am incredibly honoured to hear that! I hope so too, hehe. I definitely plan to!

  20. LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE YOU ARE JEANN!!!! You're not awkward at all:) Also, your accent makes me happy and I could listen to you all day long. I mean that in the least creepy way possible, obviously 😉

    Also, yay commenting! That's how I met all my fabulous blogger friends (like you!) as well. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!
    My recent post Review: The Fixer

    • Hahah oh Jenny, thank you SO much! Everyone has been commenting about my accent hehe. I am so glad to have met you as well!

  21. *tackle hugs you*


    Also I should let you know, this Vlog wasn't awkward! LIKE AT ALL! You sounded like a natural.

    Blogging can be so stressful at times and I am with you on your advice. Sometimes it's just important to take a step back. For the past couple of weeks, I didn't have much time to do any commenting or any real blogging stuff so now that I am 'back', I feel so much better about everything.

    CONGRATS on the 3 years, hon and here is to a thousand more (because we will still be alive then)
    My recent post Potato Prints #8: A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Darker Shade of Magic

    • Ahhhh Rashika *HUGS*. Thank you so much! Lots of people have said the same, thankfully hahaha. I kind of forgot I was speaking to a camera after a while lol. I'm so glad you are feeling re-energised hun! I missed having you around and can't wait to see more of you xoxo A THOUSAND YEARS OF BLOGGING, HERE WE COME!

  22. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without you Jeann. You're one of my best friends in the blogosphere, and I can't imagine blogging without you. Your reviews are always so intelligent and well-written, and your passion for books is so big I can feel it radiating out of my computer whenever I read one of your posts. <3 Thank you so much for including me – you have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend! Looking forward to many more years of blogging to come, and congrats on reaching such a fantastic milestone! *throws confetti*

    • Ohhhh Zoe it's been so fantastic getting to know you and speaking to you! You are one of my favourites Zoe and so supportive and lovely <3 Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend as well! xoxo

    • Yay, here's to many more years of blogging to, Nick! Thank you so much, that is the sweetest thing to say! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

  23. inlibrisveritas

    Yay!! Happy blogoversary Jeann! You've had a great 3 years, and way to go on your first vlog! Everytime I see someone start doing them I always feel like I need to, and then i do and it's just you can physically touch the awkwardness.
    Taking things as a relaxed pace is definitely key to wanting to keep at blogging, too much pressure and it starts feeling like actual work. Keep it fun, take it easy, and make friends!
    My recent post Review: A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennen

    • Thank you so much Michelle! I think when I first started, you were right there, so THANK YOU! Hahah gosh, the trick that worked for me was to NOT film on something that I could see myself in. So I used a camera 🙂

  24. I LOVE LOVE your first vlog, three years is such a long time! Happy blogoversary 😀 😀 😀 I love your accent as well, I don't really have one which depresses me since I'm in NY. Thank you for the mention in your video, I didn't expect that and you actually pronounced my name right hehe. It's strange how I always admired your blog when I wasn't even a book blogger and now I'm buddy reading with you LOL 😀 I look forward to more of your vlogging videos. Thank you for the awesome giveaway as well <33
    My recent post Mini Reviews #12 ♥ Sugar, Dark Triumph &amp; more.

  25. I loved your vlog Jeann! It’s so nice to see your face and hear you 😀 It makes it seem like you’re that much closer!

    I was iffy on Splintered as well, but I enjoyed it in the end. Still haven’t read the sequel though! I need to get to that, eventually I suppose.

    OHH I still need to read Polaris as well! I’ve not been in a science fiction mood in so long that I’ve just kind of forgotten about it.

    Congrats on three years and I’m looking forward to more! And thank you so much for linking me – that totally made my day!
    My recent post Weekly Update #88 | Birthday Haul, part two!

  26. thefangirlbibliophile

    Happy anniversary!!!!!! I'm so exited for your youtube channel and look forward to more videos!!!

  27. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, JEANNIE! You have done such a wonderful job with Happy Indulgence <3

    I'm super glad that we found each others' blogs, and met up at PTA, and all those other bookish events that we've gone to together! Youre one of my favourite bloggers, and it's even more awesome that we know each other offline, as well. We need to have another catch up soon! <3

    Your vlog is awesome! I don't think I'd be able to vlog, I'm far to awkward XD I look forward to your other videos ^.^
    My recent post Favourites of ’15 (well, so far)

    • Thank you so much Chiara! I really enjoy it 🙂 I am so glad that you are one of my real life bookish friends as well! Definitely catch up soon 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the vlog!

  28. Vane J.

    Loved your vlog. Also, happy blogoversary, Jeanne pronounced Gene not G-Anne (I can't get over that, lol)! It's incredible how things change over the course of 3 years. I've been blogging for almost a year now and things are very different for me than when they started – I can't imagine how they would be after 3 years.
    My recent post Things that bother me in YA & NA.

    • Thank you so much Vane! Haha I guess the vlog cleared up the name didn't it? Definitely, so much has changed in the blogosphere since then. Can't wait until your 1 year!

  29. Aww, thank you for featuring me Jeann, you've been so amazing since I've been following you, and I love your content. You've achieved so much in three years, and you should be really proud. Don't worry about yourself on camera, you pulled it off brilliantly, I'm impressed and really excited to see what you do in the next three years 😉
    My recent post An A-Z of Nellie and Co.

    • No problems Amanda! I really appreciate your opinion in the blogosphere, it's always so cuttingly honest and you have a lot to add. Thank you so much! I hope I will blog for many more years to come 🙂

  30. Sui Generis

    Happy Blogoversary!!!! I love your blog and vlog, you got a very, very cute accent! More power to your blog and again, congratulations!

  31. miki

    Happy Blogoversary!!!! May you keep enjoying reading and sharing with us for a long long time!

  32. Such a natural Jeann and an awesome first vlog! Awesome advice too. I took a step back from trying to post so often and restrict myself to every third day now. Not only now do I have time to visit all my favourite blogs, but to be a bigger part of the community (which I'm sure probably annoys a lot of people. Then my work here is done). Three years is such a long time, considering the amount of content you turn out. I'm glad you're taking more time for yourself now, at the rate you were going at one point, you would have burnt yourself out. Happy blogaversay Jeann not G-Anne 😀 That still kills me. Silly people <3
    My recent post Molly and Pim and the Millions of Stars

    • Ahhh thank you so much Kelly. I know at one point we were both getting burnt out, but now that we have both pulled back I can see the quality and difference in how we feel. xoxo

    • NP Lisa, I really enjoy your blog because it gives me new romance reads to pick up! Thank you so much <3

  33. nirvanaamjad

    AHH, CONGRATS 🙂 Three years is a long time and the fact that you're still sticking to it? PROUS OF YOU <3 And that vlog was fab, just saying omg. I LOVED IT.

    Eat lots of cake and have a great day. ANNNND, I DEFINITELY WANNA SEE MORE OF YOUR VLOGS 🙂
    My recent post 14 things to do since I’m 14

    • Thank you so much Nirvana! I love blogging, it's so much fun and couldn't imagine not doing it. Glad you enjoyed the vlog!

  34. So I commented on YouTube, on your Facebook post and now here! Happy Blogoversary Jeann!!! Three awesome years!

    And I love your first vlog! I'm humbled my awkward first video inspired you to vlog too but you were not awkward at all! You're a natural and I;ve seen your photos but I've never actually heard your voice and I love it! I wish I have a voice like yours! Mine is so thin and slightly irritating. LOL.

    Okay, I'm getting random but happy 3rd year Jeann and I love your blog. I'm not able to comment on every post right now but I do visit often and your reviews are among the ones I look up to. Love you girl!
    My recent post Gushings and Ravings #10: Japanese Stuff

    • Ahhhh thank you so much Amir <3 you are a darling. Hahaha I like your voice though Amir! My one sounded weird on camera. You are one of my favourites <33 lots of love!

  35. Kara Terzis

    Congrats so, so, so much on three years on blogging! Seriously, that's amazing. I always look forward to your posts <3 <3 Awesome vlog, too, I so wish I had the courage to do one of them aha. Maybe one day… 😉 I must confess I wasn't all that fussed on Splintered, either. Like, I enjoyed it, but wasn't WOWED by it. I too liked the darker mental health twist on it too though. BUT. I also loved the second one a bit better (…but didn't much like the ending of the third, heh.) So the whole series was a bit hit and miss for me. 🙂
    My recent post Does Your Bookish Opinion Ever Change?

    • Thank you so much Kara, it was lots of fun doing the vlog! Yeah, I kind of wish the dark mental health twist, that there was more of that angle you know? Glad to hear it wasn't just me…

  36. Rachel Lightwood

    Congratulations Jeann! I know I haven't been on the blogging scene for that long but you've been a stand out the whole time and I actually think you were one of the first blogs I followed. I love your posts and reviews and am excited about your venturing into the vlogging world. Best of luck! Anyway, Happy Blogversary! *celebratory hugs* *bakes cake*
    My recent post Sunday Overview: Series Marathons and a Small Haul

  37. Bec

    Happy Blogoversary, Jeann! It's kind of weird hearing your voice in a video and not in person haha. Still, great vlog! You had some very wise advice in there 😀

    Never ever stop blogging Jeann, never ever. I know I don't comment as much as I used to (boo time) but I read all your posts and I don't know what I'd do if they suddenly stopped. You must keep having blogoversaries for all eternity.

  38. keionda

    HAPPPYYYY BLOGVERSARY! Wow girl! Three years? Mannnn. I've only been at it for a couple of months now. Also, you are DEFINITELY NOT awkward on camera! You seemed like such a natural and I love your accent! (I'm sure you're going to be getting lots of comments on that) hehe good luck with your blogging and keep up the good work. I look forward to more vlogs girlie!♡

    • Thank you so much Keionda! I definitely edited out so much of the video lol! YUP, lots of ppl commenting about my accent hehe. <33

  39. mistisomething

    That is such a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! You're doing a wonderful job and I hope you have many more blogging years ahead of you. Thank you for all that you share.

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! It has been fun 🙂 definitely not thinking of stopping now!

  40. HAAAAAI GURL! Happy 3 year blogoversary 'Gene' buahaha. I'm so thankful to have met you on this blogging journey (and in real life), you're such an inspiration to the blogging community, and I really look forward to reading your reviews, despite our reading differences. 😛

    *throws confetti* WOOP WOOP

  41. Eugenia

    Awesome vlog Jeann and HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!! *throws confetti* You are one of the best Aussie bloggers out there, and always do such fantastic posts. Best wishes for more blogging/bookish success, you deserve it 🙂
    My recent post Genie's Weekly News (39)

    • Thank you so much Genie! That is such a fantastic compliment. Thank you so much for all of your support hun xoxo

  42. Faye M.

    GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL. You're a natural with the camera! You must keep on vlogging more!! I mean, isn't it fun and amazing to do?! 😉 Also Congrats on your third year and I am SO happy that I met you! You're an amazing person through and through, so bubbly and insightful, that blogging wouldn't be the same without you around. Love it!!
    My recent post Random Things in Motion #23: A Love Triangle is Okay Except When…

    • Heheh thank you so much Faye! Oh man you had to see all the bits I cut out lol. It was definitely fun and won't be the last! I'm so happy that we met as well Faye, you're a great inspiration and support as well <33

  43. AHHHH THIS IS SO FABULOUS AND FANTASTIC!! Your vlog is amazing, zomg I loved it!! x) I vlogged a few times with my sister but alone? Noooo I, just, nope.
    I love your advice on how to keep blogging! Such golden advice. SUCH GOLDEN. And happy blogversary! *showers you with cake and confetti* You are totally one of my top favourite blogs. 😉 JUST SAYIN'. AND NEVER STOP BLOGGING CAUSE I'D MISS YA.

    *whispers* Moooorpheuuuuuuus.