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July 16, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Features, Gaming, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! This month’s question is:

What geek conventions have you been to or would like to attend?

Conventions are the funnest events ever, you’re basically surrounded by all of your favourite things and like-minded people. Here’s the conventions that I’ve been to in Australia:

1. PAX Australia


PAX is one of the most famous gaming expos, next to E3, and it’s been in Australia for the past 2 years. Going to the first PAX was such an enlightening experience, it was wonderful celebrating gamer culture and being more about the gamer than about showing off the latest new games. I love going to panels, chilling out with friends in the tabletop area or running from stall to stall trying to get free stuff and trialing unreleased games. If you get the chance to go to PAX, I’d definitely recommend it! (Read about my first PAX Australia experience here)

2. Supanova Expo

User comments

Supanova has been around for many years in Australia, which is famous for the cosplay and pop culture. I used to go to Supanova if there was a star I wanted to see and take a photo with, or an author I wanted to get my book signed from (I met Rachel Caine at Supanova!) but these days I go to watch panels, shop at the expo and also check out the cosplays.

3. Oz Comic Con

Comic Con has only been around for the last few years, and the first one I went to was a success. I met Orlando Bloom and Jason Dohring and went to a few other panels filled with TV and pop culture icons. It was well organised and fantastic but I feel like it will get busier once it takes off. Read my recap here.

Recommendation: N/A

This is horrible but I can’t think of any games I’d like to recommend at the moment. I’ll be back on the recommendation train next month!

Currently Playing: Tales of Borderlands Episode 3 

tales from the borderlands 3 catch a ride (2)

I reviewed the latest episode of Tales of Borderlands here. It got retweeted by Telltale Games which was the greatest moment of my life!


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30 responses to “Read Play Blog #13 – Geek Conventions

  1. janceewright

    I feel like I hear so much about E3, but nothing about PAX. I want to know all the stuff!

    I still need to play the actual Borderlands series – I started it once, but it was so chaotic that I couldn't handle it at the time.
    My recent post It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  2. I always love seeing the pictures of the conventions you attend. It looks like so much fun! And, you know, meeting people like Orlando Bloom never hurts 😉 I've only been to one convention myself, The London Film and Comic Con for YALC last year, but wasn't able to let myself enjoy the experience because I was too overwhelmed. I hope to give it a go again someday in the future though!
    My recent post Bookish Mail: Standalone Recommendations with Kaja

    • Oh man, that would have been an amazing con, but super busy as well! They can definitely be overwhelming with massive crowds.

    • Ohhhh that's awesome that your hometown started them too! That means you don't have to go far for it 😀 Yesss I love them!

  3. keionda

    I always love your game posts! And gosh you've been to so many conventions girl! One day. Onnneeee day I'll go to one. Right now I'm playing Pokemon Emerald because it's DA BEST.

    • Glad you're enjoying Keionda! I'm so lucky to have a few around the place. I need to get into pokemon lol but it's such a long game!

  4. northernplunder

    Grats on the re-tweet! 😀 I bet that made you smile a lot. I really need to invest in Tales of the Borderlands, looks so good.

    Also v jealous of your actual Geek Convetion visits 🙂 I've only been to one
    My recent post Read Play Blog: Geek Conventions

    • Thanks Lauren! I was so excited lol. I loved Tales of the Borderlands! We have quite a few here locally.

  5. inlibrisveritas

    You've been to so many conventions!! I've only been to one, but I want to go to more…they are just sort of expensive. I regret not wanting to go to more when my parents were still paying for stuff, lol

  6. Oh Jeann I'm so jealous of the conventions you've been to! We only have one gaming convention, Rage, but it is mainly just a Lan where people game together and not really an expo. 🙁 What, you met Orlando Bloom!!! Super jealous, he is my favourite actor! What is he like? 🙂

    • They are so much fun! HAHA oh dear that sounds like a big Lan Party for sure…Orlando Bloom was a really nice fellow, good to his fans.

  7. Angelica

    Jeann what a great post, I'm currently doing my Marketing Assignment for my Diploma in Events Management on Supanova, I've actually never been, I thought it was more pop culture not so much books, but now that I know Authors can be there like Rachel Caine, I'm definitely going to the next one 😀

    Do you enjoy Supanova?
    My recent post Love in the Gilded Age by Saruuh Kelsey ~ Book Blast + Excerpt