Indulgence Insider #34 – Colouring & Paper Towns Movie Giveaway (AUS)

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Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves, Bought, Borrowed & Bagged and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

Thanks everyone for your lovely feedback on my first vlog! I hope to do more soon, I had tonnes of fun with it. My giveaway for a $15 Book Depository book of your choice is still on, so make sure you enter here.

So it’s been a pretty cold/crappy week, both the bf and I caught the flu. Luckily due to the flu shot I didn’t get it as badly as he did, but I spent some pretty uncomfortable nights coughing. Hopefully we get better soon!

I have gotten addicted to a new hobby – colouring in! Adult colouring books are all the rage and I can see why, it’s so satisfying and stress relieving. Here’s one of my creations:


Happy Indulgence appears in the latest version of Girlfriend in the first quote below! So exciting! Photo Courtesy of HarperCollins YA.

Girlfriend Magazine Quote web

I saw the Paper Towns advance screening this week. Because I hadn’t read the book, I didn’t have any expectations. While I wasn’t a fan of the story, where a nerdy guy gets obsessed with a popular girl who pretty much uses him, I thought the actors actually did a good job. I enjoyed seeing Cara in action even though she didn’t get that much screen time. You can read my full review here.

Paper Towns Movie Ticket Giveaway – Aussies only 

Thanks to HarperCollins Australia, I was sent two free tickets to see the movie. Because I’ve already seen the advance screening, I’m giving it away to a lucky Aussie. The ticket is admit two at any participating cinema and is good until the end of the movie screening. Competition ends 26 July 2015. Winner will be contacted by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Haul


Review copies

Demon Road by Derek Landy I haven’t read the Skulduggery Pleasant series but I know plenty of you guys love it! This is Derek Landy’s new series, I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Adrift by Paul Griffin  Sounds like an interesting lost at sea novel.

Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca SteadA fun middle grade contemporary.

Thank you to Text Publishing and Harper Collins for sending me these review copies!


Locke and Key Volume 1Joy recommended me this series and hearing that it’s going to be made into the movie, I was excited to find the first volume at the library!



Secret Garden by Johanna Basford Such a beautiful colouring in book! This will keep me entertained for ages 🙂 I can’t wait until my Prismacolour pencils arrive from Amazon next week! At the moment I’m using these Stabilo Point 88 markers.

Reading Update

This week I’ve read:

Polaris splintered captainmarvel becauseyoullnevermeetme

  • It took me forever getting through Polaris. It wasn’t as exciting as the first and now that I’ve finished it, I’m struggling to review. 3 stars.
  • I buddy read Splintered with Benish. I’m the black sheep with this one because I hated the love triangle and the characters. 2 stars.
  • Captain Marvel Vol 1 was a great introduction to the new Avenger, although I felt like it started in a random spot. 4 stars.
  • Because You’ll Never Meet Me is my current read which I’m actually really enjoying. I’m glad some of you guys told me to suspend my disbelief and that this one is speculative fiction. Review to come!

Book Photography

Some of my favourite #bookstagrams I posted this week. You can follow me @happyindulgence 

IMG_20150714_074326 (Custom) IMG_20150716_074015 (Custom) IMG_20150718_101239 (Custom)

Discussion Posts

Some recent discussion posts I’ve enjoyed:

Bookish News

    • Momentum books (an imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia) is looking for bloggers to contribute to paid articles! Must be readers of genre fiction. Apply here.
    • Jennifer Lawrence will star in the Rosie Project movie!
    • Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight, Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections & Kayla @ A Thousand Lives are hosting a Mental Health awareness bookish event! Help them out by contributing your experiences here.
    • Sign ups are open for the 3rd Annual ARC August. I’ll be providing my updates during my weekly posts during August.
    • The Mockingjay Part 2 movie poster is pretty chilling.
    • Goosebumps series is being made into the movie and it doesn’t look half bad. Check out the trailer.
    • The Scorch Trials movie trailer is here!

Geek & Gamer News

With SDCC just passed, there’s been lots of exciting announcements!

  • Check out the trailer for Heroes Reborn:

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What’s up in your world? Tell me below! 

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75 responses to “Indulgence Insider #34 – Colouring & Paper Towns Movie Giveaway (AUS)

  1. danielleisbusyreading

    I totally missed the Batman vs Superman trailer, so thank you for posting! It looks good. I was totally doubting Ben Affleck but he actually doesn't stand out badly like I thought he would. I can't tell from the trailer why they're fighting each other tho lol.

    Have fun with your coloring book! I love that they have gotten so popular. 😀

  2. buffywnabe

    I got Goodbye Stranger this past week as well. Will see how it is! Great haul! I've had a cold/cough the past few weeks and I'm so ready for it to go away.
    Check out my STS

    • I haven't actually heard much about it, so keen to see what it's like. Oh man, so have I! I hope yours gets better soon.

  3. DreWolf

    I love our new hobby! It is just so relaxing to colour in the pictures on Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. A new one will come out in October and it's under the sea 😀 I an excited for it. 😀

    • I completely agree Dre! I love how there's no right or wrong way to colour, it's just based on your own creativity. I'm really excited for the Lost Ocean as well!

  4. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    Your Paper Towns movie review is basically what I felt when I read the book. I'm glad that the movie was entertaining though, I'm hoping to see it soon. Jeann, if you didn't like Splintered it's best if you don't continue the series. It just goes downhill from there. Unhinged was really bad for me, I gave it 2 stars :/ haven't even read Ensnared. That Dawn of Justice trailer killed me… have you seen the Suicide Squad one? Gahhhh.

    • Yesss I agreed with your review so much Marianne. I'm surprised you're still seeing hte movie lol! Oh man, I read some reviews on Unhinged and I'm just not interested. *shudders* Nope, will have to watch the SS one soon!

  5. I'm been thinking about getting one of those adult colouring books myself too! I feel like it'd be a great stress reliever!

    I do hope you and the bf will be feeling better soon, awful cold and the flu! Over here have the complete opposite, rather horrible heat waves!!

    • It is really wonderful to get your mind off things Pili, I am loving it! Thanks Pili, we had a rough weekend but are both on the mend. It's pretty crazy how we have extremes in different hemispheres huh?

  6. Charnell

    You've got a lot of great books in your haul this week. I hope you enjoy them all 🙂

    I recently received some amazing adult colouring books and I am having so much fun doing them. They are so relaxing and I love doing them whilst I'm binge watching shows on Netflix.

    I just read and reviewed Demon Road and I really loved it, it was a great book and really reminded me of Supernatural, which is one of my favourite TV shows.

    Charnell @ Reviews from a Bookworm

    • Thanks Charnell, I am loving adult colouring books at the moment! Which ones have you had? Glad to hear you love Demon Road, Supernatural is one of my favourites as well!

  7. Oh no D: So sorry to hear about you and your BF! Hopefully you’re both feeling better now, yeah?

    Congrats on being quoted for that book 😀 That’s so exciting!

    With everyone doing these coloring books, I’m kind of getting tempted to do the same thing! Though I’m not sure when I’d find the time to do it O_O
    My recent post Weekly Update #89 | The Week of the Epiphany

    • Thanks Kayla, we're both on the mend now thanks! I keep it on my computer desk so whenever I feel the urge I just grab it and colour! It's great 😀

  8. thesepaperhearts

    You're not alone in your dislike of Splintered. That whole series went downhill fast for me. Hated the last book. The love triangle just consumes everything.
    Not sure if I want to see the Batman vs Superman movie. Wonder Woman did look cool, but I really didn't like the last Superman movie that came out. It was ridiculous. 😛
    My recent post Weekly Recap: July 12th – 18th

    • So glad to hear it isn't just me! I mean I already didn't like the first book…not sure what I'd think about the rest. Hahah I fell asleep during that one…but I like Batman, so I'll watch this.

  9. I love adult coloring books! I have a couple but haven't actually done that much on them yet. The Secret Garden one looks gorgeous! So many pretty new books. Hope you enjoy them all and have a great week!

  10. Rachel Lightwood

    Everyone's getting Demon Road ARCs *sobs lonesomely* Skulduggery is such a surprisingly amazing book. 100% recommend. And congrats for the magazine appearance. How exciting!?

    Ooh, and thanks soo incredibly much for this giveaway. I am DYING to see the movie but I still have to read the book.
    My recent post Sunday Overview: Boredom & A Bucket List

  11. Symphony of Words

    Oh my God, WHAT??? Adult coloring books? *insert laughy face here times three* Hahaha I WANT ONE. They look so interesting and fun! Also, I've got the Secret Lies of Minnow Bly on my shelf and I cannot wait to get started on that. AND OH GOD The Scorch Trials has a TRAILER? I saw it here. I DID. Thanks, you resourceful person!

    • Hahah I know right! But look how pretty and intricate the designs are! I really loved Minnow Bly, it was great. Hehe no problems!

  12. Yay for colouring books! I have the Enchanted Forest one and I love it, though I only recently started using it. I've had my derwent pencils for 25 years now o_O but I decided I wanted to try some watercolour so had to go buy some more (tragic, I know). You'll have to tell us how the prismacolors are. I was eyeing them, but then found my derwent tin, phew!

    I wasn't a fan of Heroes the first time around, but I am a fan of Zachary Levi, I'm so torn over whether I'm going to watch it or not :/ it doesn't look terrible, so maybe lol
    My recent post Showcase Sunday #29

    • Oh I'm so excited, I ordered Enchanted Forest from Amazon and I can't wait! Derwent is a great brand 🙂 I used to have them when I was a kid. I did love the first season of heroes but it went quickly downhill lol. I'm actually looking forward to this one.

  13. I see a lot of adult coloring books but it's not really for me. I hope you'll enjoy all your new books girl. Happy reading!

  14. You hated Splintered? WHAAAAT? Are you sure? I'm pretty sure you weren't reading THE Splintered, it must have been ANOTHER Splintered, with the same cover… An author. Ohhh, I'm so saddened by this. I must run off and stuff myself with cake and think about the moth enough for the both off us *runs off crying*

    Lovely colouring though and hope you and googly heart eyed boyfriend feel better soon<3
    My recent post Paperweight By Meg Haston

  15. Wow! How do you even find the time to write such a blog post… :')

    I never knew that there was such a thing as adult colouring books! I have a copy of Because You'll Never Meet Me. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but hopefully you'll end up enjoying it! I'll be looking forward to the review. Thanks for the giveaway btw. I just finished reading Paper Towns and while it wasn't my absolute favourite I really really am excited to watch the movie because I see potential in it.

    • Oooh I really enjoyed Because You'll Never Meet Me! You have to think of it as speculative fiction though, not a contemporary. No problems, I hope you enjoy the movie.

  16. I won't enter the Paper Towns comp as I live in a small town and I know my cinema doesn't participate in a lot of the usual giveaways.

    I'm glad you're enjoying colouring in. I'm yet to adopt it as a habit, but planning to!

    My recent post Weekly check in

  17. Coloring is so, so therapeutic! My secret sister just sent me one, and I am stealing my kids' crayons and colored pencils and going to TOWN. I love it! I mean, I would color in a kids' one too but… this is sophisticated!

    Adrift sounds pretty fun! I am curious to read your thoughts about it. It sounds like my kind of book, but I have heard literally NOTHING about it! I am excited to read Because You'll Never Meet Me too!

    Thanks SO much for sharing our event! It means a lot to us, and I really appreciate the support 🙂

    And I am sorry you've been sick, that is awful. Hopefully you are feeling better, and will have a much better week!
    My recent post This Week At Midnight (70)

    • I know right, I am having the best time! I mean I just love staring at the beautiful designs and just imagining the possibilities! Glad you're enjoying it too Shannon! You must tweet me your designs hehe. No problems, it's definitely a worthwhile initiative! Thank you, I hope so too.

  18. Precious

    I've seen these adult coloring books everywhere lately. I should probably join in on the trend, hehe. But really, it looks like a lot of fun! And I'm SO excited for the final Mockingjay, even though I haven't watched part 1, yet XD

    • Absolutely, it's such a fun and rewarding hobby Precious! I can't wait for the last one! At least then you can watch them both together hehe

  19. What? An adult coloring book? I didn't know those actually were super popular? But I do need to check those out sometime soon. And woah you didn't like Splintered hahah. It's ok I hated one of the characters, and I have yet to continue with the series because I'm too lazy. Ah well.
    Get better Jeann!
    My recent post ARC Review: Magonia

    • Yup, they are pretty much on the best sellers list at the moment! Check out Book Depository haha. I know, I buddy read it and both of us were kind of meh on it.

    • Oh, it's coming out as a movie too! I totally forgot to link that! Oh well. I've heard great things too. Have a good one as well!

    • It's so much fun Sophia, I've been addicted all weekend lol! Yeah, I loved the dark twist as well, but man there doesn't seem to be much of that? I dunno, I just let the love triangle get in the way.

  20. Kelly M

    I can't wait to read Paper Towns and watch the movie when it comes out!!! It looks so good! Also, the Secret Garden book looks amazing! I want one 🙂
    My recent post

    • Thanks Kara! He's gotten worse over the weekend, makes me sad 🙁 but I've gotten better. Good luck, I hope you don't get sick!

  21. Eugenia

    It's interesting how colouring books have come back into the forefront of the book world these days – it looks like lots of fun though! I remember having a stack of those when I was younger and it was definitely therapeutic. Hmm I might invest in getting one of those new ones now – they're so pretty!
    My recent post Bookstagram Celebration Giveaway! (INT)

  22. I hope you'll feel better soon! I also started colouring this week! I bought the Enchanted forest colouring book by the same author. I love how you coloured those first two pages! I definitely understand why they are getting more ppular and I asked a few more pencils and colouring books for my birthday.
    I thought that Lilybloombooks her post about giveaways was very informational. Hope you have a great week!
    My recent post Review: Love Games by Eden Scott

    • Thanks Lola! how exciting, you have to show me your pages that you have coloured! Have a lovely week ahead!

  23. Ohh I LOVE your colouring in book. I'm totally tossing up whether to buy the enchanted forest one. GAH. I CAN'T DECIDE. I want it so badly but I'm worried it'll make me lazy and I won't draw for myself. hehe. I'm so weird.
    Omg, but can I even talk to you if you didn't like Splintered???? ONLY MY FAVOURITE SERIES EVER, JEANN. OMG. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. XDXD
    Haha, just kidding. I'll still talk to you. (Aren't I super nice? 😉

    • Ahhhh man Cait I think you should it is so therapeutic and rewarding! Just see it as an alternative hobby 😀 I mean I have enough hobbies as it is lol. I DONT KNOW CAIT LET ME HIDE lol. I just wasn't a fan of the love triangle!

  24. thebigfatf

    OMG!! Isn't Secret Garden just GORGEOUS. Seriously, it's SO ADDICTING and REALLY CALMING. If I'm ever anxious or worried, that colouring book is my saviour.
    When I told my friends I bought one, they were like, "WHAT?" Then I showed them and proved them WRONG.
    The book haul is lovely!!! I bought too many books this week. My bank account is like, "Not again, Faith." And I'm like SHUT UP.
    My recent post BOOK REVIEW: ’89 Walls by Katie Pierson

    • I know right! I have spent all weekend working on it and I'm really addicted lol! Definitely proved them wrong hehe I love the intricate designs! Hahaha oh Faith there is no such thing as too many books 😀

  25. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    I LOVE the adult coloring book – I have been seeing it pop up on Instagram lately. Also lovely book haul and glad you are enjoying Because You'll Never Meet Me!
    My recent post Review ~ The Nightingale