BLOG PARTY & GIVEAWAY: We Solemnly Swear We Are Up to No Good

July 15, 2016 by Aila J. | Books, Features, Giveaways


WELCOME-DELCOME-TQELCOME to today’s partayayaYAY of our week long blogoversary celebration! This is Srta Aila speaking, and let’s get this fiesta rolling.

The title of this post is in reference to the unforgettable series of Harry Potter, and the topic will be FINALLY revealing who-in-the-what-de-dut-houses all of us at Happy Indulgence are in! I know we’ve had some Twitter conversations over this, but this time it’s settled. (After continuous tests on Pottermore. Hopefully.) And thus, I am glad to present…

jenna hp

Looks like Jenna’s houses favor creatures that fly! Being of both Ravenclaw and Thunderbird, that is. (Fun fact: When searching up for the “thunderbird” logo via Google, the first thing that pops up is Mozilla Firefox’s logo. Let’s see how long it takes Harry Potter fans to change that, shall we? 😉 ) Jenna’s first house was Hufflepuff, and now she’s a consistent Ravenclaw. To be honest I can totally see her as a Ravenclaw though! First of all blue goes well with everything so there’s that (maybe I’m just biased against yellow), but she’s also extremely sagacious too. Not like the “I’m old so I’m wise” kind of sagacious, but the “Yo don’t mess with me I’m a PhD student and can psychoanalyze you” kind of sagacious.

The rest of the traits of Ravenclaw students according to Pottermore Wikia (that place is great for resources okay) is:

Students in Ravenclaw are noted for their individuality and acceptance of people and things that others would consider weird. They can also be quirky and possess unusual intellectual interests. While others may be inclined to shun and ridicule such people, Ravenclaws generally accept and celebrate these eccentrics.

Once again, I can totally see that. Jenna’s big heart definitely opens up to all kinds of people, eccentric or not (unless you’re trying to steal her lab work then back the heck off), as well as her unlimited understanding.

aila hp

It’s so weird trying to describe myself and the houses I fit into. I can say that every single Harry Potter quiz, whether it’s on Buzzfeed or some weird Facebook app (hey it was the 2011’s okay) or Pottermore has sorted me into Slytherin, including after the recent changes on Pottermore. So I guess I’m a Slytherin, though and through. It’s interesting to see that I got Horned Serpent too! I’m not a huge fan of snakes but I guess they somehow describe me in the Pottermore world? Although in my mind I’m 1/2-scholar, 1/2-warrior. I wonder why in fantasy books/worlds they sort those two in completely different categories.

Just so you know though I’m totally not on board with the Salazar dude’s thinking of pure-bloods! That kind of close-minded thinking is what limits progress in society (in my opinion). It makes me sad to see that Slytherins come off as the meanie-bobeenies in the HP books. 🙁 Remember guys, Harry also has traits of a Slytherin so don’t hate – appreciate.

jeann hp

Jeann used to be a Ravenclaw, but now is a Hufflepuff! Then again, the Horned Serpent is pretty close to a Ravenclaw, so it totally makes sense. I can totally see her being both though (divergent tehee). All those adjectives mentioned in the above graphic totally fit her though! She’s always there when you need her, and is 110% dedicated to things and people she’s passionate about, whether it’s books or gaming or anything else. I would also say she’s modest (you’re a Jeann-ius Jeann, don’t forget that) and exceptionally compassionate.

Further reading on Pottermore Wikia shows:

Hufflepuff has produced the fewest number of dark wizards than any other house at Hogwarts. Their cheerful and friendly demeanour can probably account for this property of the House. Hufflepuff firmly demonstrated its loyalty during the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998, when they were second only to Harry Potter’s own house of Gryffindor in the number of students willing to stay and fight against Voldemort and his forces in the defense of their school.

Let’s have an applause for these humble Hufflepuffs! I feel like they’re so underrated because people overlook them, when in fact they quietly trump all the other houses, if not in points than in dignity. Plus, they’re near the kitchens too which is awesome.

I love seeing how diverse our Happy Indulgence group is, in terms of houses! We’re all in different Hogwarts houses, and the only shared house is Jeann and I’s Ilvermorny house. Sorry for the shorter descriptions on those (they were the only ones I could find, okay), but I’m hoping to see more information on them in the upcoming movie! Wahoo.

To close off this magical post, I’m hosting a giveaway for US readers! If you’re looking for an international one, check out the previous posts this week.

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37 responses to “BLOG PARTY & GIVEAWAY: We Solemnly Swear We Are Up to No Good

  1. booksandbluebutterflies

    Awesome post! I loved it! I was sorted into Slytherin and Horned Serpent, and I completely agree with both!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Lizzy

      Oops. Um, I usually get a Hufflepuff but occasionally come up a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I'm divergent, haha.

  2. aubreysbooknook

    On the original Pottermore test I was a Gryffindor, and on most other tests a Ravenclaw. On the new Pottermore test I am a Hufflepuff and Horned Serpent. I really like the differences between the two tests because ilvermorney is about the qualities a person has, and hogwarts sorting is more about what you want to be. Great post.

  3. rantsandravesofabibliophile

    I received Ravenclaw and Wampus. I agree with Ravenclaw, but I'm on the fence with Wampus, LOL.

  4. Hi! I am in Ravenclaw and either Pukwudgie or Thunderbird (I took that sorting twice and got different answers!) I need to do some more digging to discover my true Ilvermony house. EEK!

    What a wonderful post. I LOVE HARY POTTER and this beautiful post made me very excited for the new movie. And, of course, Happy Blogoversary 😀
    My recent post Review: The Long Game

    • Thanks so much! 😀

      Ooh yeah, I've heard that the sorting is pretty odd for the Ilvernmorny houses. Who doesn't love Harry Potter? Gosh, I can't wait for Fantastic Beasts – Eddie Redmayne has already stolen my heart, he he. <3

  5. Meghan

    I have to be honest. I have not read either of those series. I am more of a "Twilight," "Hunger Games," and "Divergent" kind of fan.

    • Gasp! No Harry Potter? Haha I really hope you can pick it up one day! The other house is based on Fantastic Beasts, which is actually coming out as a movie at the end of the year.

  6. theheartofabookblogger

    Happy Blogiversary!! To be honest, I'm a Slytherdor. Every test I take, I get either Slytherin or Gryffindor (including the official Pottermore ones), and I got Slytherdor in the hybrid test. I guess it must depend on my mood the day I take it or something 🙂 haha

    Great post! I loved how you explained why for everything!
    My recent post Fairyloot “Pirates &amp; Power” Unboxing

  7. jaimelester

    I would probably say that I am Gryfindor or Hufflepuff…. I have no idea about the other. Happy Blog Party to you. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  8. OMG Aila, I love this post! It was so sweet and you say the kindest things! Hehe and I loved the shout out to a certain someone in my lab who needs to back the hell away from my data right now.

  9. I'm a Ravenclaw. I don't know what my Ilvermorny house is. Pottermore hates me ever since the switch I can't get on (I've tried reregistering but it just 404s).

  10. I am in Slytherin and Thunderbird. There is absolutely NO doubt that I am a Slytherin, I don't know enough about the US houses to say whether or not that fits me well, but I did read an article that considered Thunderbird the US Slytherin so… Thank you for the giveaway!

    Denise H | @Dandelionns
    My recent post Book Review → Burned

    • Yay for Slytherins!

      Yeah I think Thunderbird would be the US equivalent? Either way it's cool to see another house and learn about it. I absolutely can't wait to see Eddie Redmayne in fantastic beasts hehe. 😀

  11. OMG THIS IS PERFECT. And these descriptions match you all perfectly! (Jeann is honestly the dictionary definition of a Hufflepuff haha). Thanks for putting this together and sharing it – it was so fun to read! <3

    • It would be fun to try it out Lekeisha! I thought I was a Ravenclaw when I first started but now I'm a firm student of Slytherin, through and through. 😛

  12. This is so cute. I love it. Also, Slytherin's unite! I should go take the other quiz and see which North America house I'm in…

  13. I absolutely LOVE this Harry Potter post Aila! I love how you analysed your interactions with us and combined them with intellectual Harry Potter analyses as well! It's actually really interesting how we're all different houses but we get along so well! You're an ambitious ball of fire Aila, Slytherin's are definitely given a bad rap but they are a force to be reckoned with! You are the sweetest, thanks for putting this post together! BLOG PARTY YAY

    • I CAN'T BELIEVE THE BLOG PARTY IS OVER. It felt so quick! Looking forward to the one in October 😀

      Yeah, I was SO bummed I got Slytherin in Pottermore the first year! And then they won the house cup and I'm like "NVM I'M IN LMAO." But now I've definitely embraced all its qualities. 😉

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