Growing Up with Harry Potter

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Growing Up with Harry Potter

It’s Potterhead July where the blogosphere has gotten together to share a whole month of Harry Potter themed posts, thanks to Aentee @ Read at Midnight (who has also designed the lovely graphic)!

Harry Potter is my childhood. I remember how it reunited the sense of reading and wonder amongst my classmates at the time. When the new Harry Potter book would come out, it would be anything that anyone would talk about for weeks. I love how it became popular fiction and how it would convert even non-readers into reading about the escapades of the magical trio of Harry Potter. It was amazing being part of the fandom, even before I knew what a fandom was, and it was such an exciting experience to be a part of the love for a series.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was actually my first Harry Potter – I read the sequel before the first book! My sister was my reading buddy back then and she said I would really like the series. Of course when I picked up that one, I was hooked with this dark world of wizardry and magic, and a boy hero who was a similar age to myself at the time. Much of his struggles of fitting in, of questioning himself, of meeting friends in a new place – it really resonated with little Jeann who had just moved into a new country.

Every release after the Chamber of Secrets, I would have to wait until my sister had finished reading the book so I could borrow it. But I actually went out and bought The Order of the Phoenix when it first came out because I just couldn’t wait to find out what had happened and we had two copies in our household. And every Harry Potter after that I bought, I still have the first editions on my shelf (and she has the first 2 books which are super rare now! If only I had known, I would have stocked up!)

Then when the movies came out, I love how everyone who had read Harry Potter was excited to see the movie and it also converted non-readers to loving the magical world. I saw most of the movies within the first week of release and was so excited about the adventures of each movie. It was great heading to the movies with my friends and seeing their reactions to things that happened that I already knew were coming.

As you can see, Harry Potter means a lot to me. It’s not just a world and a fandom that I’ve completely been enthralled with most of my life, but it’s also a medium where I shared the excitement with many fellow fans over a common obsession. This is something that I grew up doing, obsessing over the things I love and sharing the hype and excitement with everyone else, which is part of why this blog was born. It’s also where I bonded with my sister over the love of a series and where I eagerly anticipated each movie and book release every time.

There hasn’t been anything quite like Harry Potter in a very long time.  I’m just glad it’s still relevant and how it’s forever converting many people into lifelong readers.

What does Harry Potter mean to you?

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22 responses to “Growing Up with Harry Potter

  1. Harry Potter is my life! I have been a fan for about 15 years. Without Harry Potter, I would not be the person I am today. Also, without Harry Potter, I would have met as many people as I know now. Because of Harry Potter, I broke out of my shell. I became more social and found MY people at Harry Potter meet ups, conventions, midnight releases and other parties. Harry Potter got me into fan fiction and it created a stronger bond between me and my sister. Harry Potter is my favorite fandom, always.

  2. patriciaeimer

    I was too old for Harry Potter when it first came out (Harry Potter and I are the same age though) but I ended up reading it after all 7 books were out and loved it. The best part though now is sharing Harry Potter with my kids (and taking them to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and watching them get excited about the books.

    • You\’re never too old for Harry Potter Patricia! I\’m so glad you enjoyed it when you had the chance to read it. It\’s lovely that your kids are discovering the wizarding world for the first time!

  3. I love this post ♥ Harry Potter means so much to me. I'm so happy that I got to grow up with the books. I was the same age as the characters when I read each book and it was such a magical experience. I still remember counting down the days to the releases of OotP, HBP and DH and then finally having the book in my hands. OotP was probably one of my fondest experiences because it was the first release I was a part of and I read the entire book in a day. Seeing the movies were amazing too because it was like watching the magic come to life. Harry Potter really made me fall in love with reading and it's what introduced me to online communities and I owe it so much!

    • I'm so glad to hear that Lauren! It was just such an exciting and fond experience to look back on you know? OotP was such an amazing book, I was in awe of it when it came out and I loved how every one was longer.

  4. sumlynnnguyen

    Such a great post, Jeann! The funny thing is I actually started the last book first, so I may have beat you in regards to reading HP out of order. 😛 And that transpired because I picked them up when Deathly Hallows was released in 2007. Book seven was literally everywhere (even in the oddest sections of the grocery stores) so my dad bought it home for me one day, which was sort of ridiculous because (besides it being the last book and that I hadn't read the series) it's pretty thick and I was actually not a reader then. However, when I picked it up I was sold and ever since became an avid reader. So, like many others, HP started my love for books. 🙂
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  5. selinn92

    This is such a great post! I really feel like Harry Potter brings people together with the fandom. That's basically how I connected with my boyfriend–we talked about going to the opening of the park at Universal FOREVER, practically nonstop until the actual trip. And we've been together ever since 🙂

  6. Bec

    It's interesting seeing how much Harry Potter meant to people growing up. It's a series I've always known about but I never read it until this year, at 21 years of age. I don't have quite the same deep connection that people who grew up with Harry did, but this series was brilliant. I can't wait to read them again.
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  7. I think this is such a nice reflection on your past! It's nice that you were able to find a series that connected you not just with your community but also with an international fandom. Still, I think I really like the fact that you also bonded with your sister over it. 🙂 I've had a few fandoms that I've experienced with my sisters and that makes them a whole lot sweeter when looking back on them. <3
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  8. I got into the Harry Potter game a little late – I remember Sorcerer's Stone on television & me channel flipping and saw something that caught my eye. I was hooked then! I had to have all the books, since I saw where it said "based off book by J.K. Rowling." This obsession came right around when Order of the Phoenix (book) was to be released. I've loved HP since.

    What I love so much is the magical world; somewhere we can escape and every turn there's amazement and wonder. There are so many things you wish were in the real world, you know? I've had many of vivid dreams of Hogwarts, 🙂
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    • Yeah, we're in different age brackets as well so it was nice to be excited over the same series during childhood. Thank you Nick!

  9. Tasya

    Harry Potter is my first book to YA. Although I admit, what got me hooked at the first time is the movie, not the book, but the series still enchanted me and pull me into its magical world! It's the first "huge" book I finished on my own. It's the first translated book I read. It's the first book that I truly consider as "home".
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    • That is such an amazing story Tasya, I love that it's what got you into reading and YA. That makes me so proud that everyone has their own HP story!

  10. Harry Potter was one of the first full length novels I decided to read independently! I think I was somewhere about eight? My parents read it to us, but I was determined to read it on my own too (and thus began my lifelong habit of rereads…)
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