Our Favourite YA Relationships: Couples, Friends and Family

February 14, 2018 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Chatterbox, Features

Valentines Day is here, and while it’s commercially focused on romantic relationships, we wanted to highlight all the YA relationships that we loved! Whether it’s a couple, family or friendship, it’s important to spotlight all the relationships that can form a part of our lives.

Aila: I’m putting a small feature of my favorite BroTP’s to honor and recognize the wonderful other relationships done in Young Adult books (platonic, familial, and otherwise). Although I love romance, as someone aromantic I don’t care about it at all in my own life and thus I see Valentine’s Day as just another way to profit for my extracurricular organizations (like with Valengrams and other fundraisers HAHA). To me, other relationships are more valuable (and less expensive!).

Jeann: I’m not a fan of Valentines day either, because seriously do we need a day to exclude anyone else that isn’t part of a romantic relationship? Why does there need to be one day to show your appreciation when you have a whole year ahead of you? Then it gets competitive with people showing off on social media about what their partner bought them and omg I just don’t need this day in my life. I truly believe in showing love and appreciation to your significant other, family and friends anytime that matters (and when there’s actually something to celebrate, like your anniversary or birthdays etc.).

Our Favourite YA Relationships

1. Rose and Dimitri in Vampire Academy (Jeann)

This is arguably one of my favourite ships of all time, because I was so dedicated to this throughout the long series. Both characters grew so much throughout the series, from Rose being an immature and reckless young woman to Dimitri wanting to repress his feelings for her as her mentor. As different as these two are, you can see how they were attracted to each other through their core values – doing everything they can to protect the ones they love. Being in love does not mean sacrificing what is important to you, and these two showed that being together didn’t mean sacrificing their role in being a bodyguard (and a friend).

2. Nina and Matthias in Six of Crows (Jeann)

I kind of feel like this ship is the least favourite one from the trilogy, but only because the other two are also incredibly shipworthy. But I loved how we met Nina and Matthias when they’ve obviously had a lot of history with one another, and their antagonistic banter gave me life. Matthias is a dedicated soldier, but the only person that we’ve seen melt his ice cold heart is Nina. This ship is worthy of all the hate to love romances and I love how they love each other for who they are (and constantly tease each other for it).

3. Darrow and Sevro in Red Rising (Jeann)

Everyone who has read Red Rising (and if you haven’t, you need to now) would know that the bromance these two share is unbreakable. They would go to the end of the universe for each other and they really show the true value of friendship – pitching in, knowing when they’re needed, doing whatever it takes for each other, protecting each other. I love how this series is a homage to their friendship tbh.

4. Safiya and Iseult in Truthwitch (Aila)

I really adored these gals in Truthwitch, even though they had almost no interaction in the second book (which was quite unfortunate). They are threadsisters, so they’re very attuned with each other. I love how Dennard set up their close friendship and contrasting personalities. Safiya’s bright personality is a great foil to Iseult’s more quiet (yet equally dangerous) side. These two threadsisters remain a friendship close to my heart, and I hope we get to see more of them in the next book in the series.

5. Zélie and Amari in Children of Blood and Bone (Aila)

This was a friendship born through unexpected circumstances between a princess and a girl who is everything the royal family stands against. Their friendship was an incredible slow-burn that developed from hate and distrust to empathy and understanding. Zélie especially was very wary of Amari at first, but through trials and tribulation, they find trust and friendship with the other.

6. Mei and Her Mother in American Panda (Aila)

I wanted to highlight Mei and her mother’s relationship because it struck a deep chord within me. Mei’s mother only wants the best for her, even when it’s something that Mei doesn’t want. I couldn’t help but see parallels between my mother’s own actions done for “my sake” and Mei’s mother’s desperation for her to have a good future, no matter at what cost. I love how they went from a tense relationship to one with mutual respect and understanding. Mei’s mother had unexpected depth in the book that truly stuck within my heart.

7. Will and Jem in The Infernal Devices (Jenna)

Will and Jem are my favourite bookish relationship of all time. I absolutely love how much they cared for and loved each other. Their BroTP is my absolute favourite because even though they wanted the same things, they made sacrifices for each other and are the epitome of friendship and brotherhood. I’ll never cry so hard or love so deeply with my heart for another bookish relationship.

8. Cress and Thorne in The Lunar Chronicles (Jenna)

Cress and Thorne were my favourite characters individually in The Lunar Chronicles and my favourite as a couple. They were such different people with drastically different personalities and upbringings but they had an amazing chemistry together that I couldn’t put the book down for. I also really loved that Cress had a crush on Thorne before she had even met him. They were just so crazy adorable!

9. Lace and Cluck in The Weight of Feathers (Jenna)

I am such a huge fan of this Romeo and Juliet magical realism reimagining. I thought that Lace and Cluck were extremely well developed as characters and that they suited each other perfectly, in part due to their family issues but also because of their personalities. Their relationship was exciting to read about and I shipped them extremely hard as I was reading the book.

And last but not least..

10. Jeann, Aila and Jenna from Happy Indulgence (Jeann)

So Aila and Jenna don’t know that I added this but what better way to celebrate Valentines Day by mentioning my co-bloggers? Many of you guys have followed us since they joined me on the blog and I’m so happy to call them some of my best friends. For the past 2 years, even though we live in different cities, it’s been amazing chatting to them and sharing our daily lives with each other and being able to rant and ramble about whatever we want (let’s face it, Jeann loves to rant). From Aila’s struggles of finishing school and moving to college, to supporting me through two different jobs and getting married, to Jenna’s temporary move to Canada as she advances in career, we’ve been through so much together. I LOVE YOU GUYS *group hugs*

We hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day (or a lovely day regardless)!

Do you celebrate Valentines day? What are your favourite YA relationships? Tell us in the comments below!

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11 responses to “Our Favourite YA Relationships: Couples, Friends and Family

  1. So the only characters I know in this post are Cress and Thorne, but I love them so much, both individually and as a couple so I’m really glad to see them here! I can’t wait to read Children of Blood and Bone, so happy to hear it has such an interesting and growing friendship between two characters! 🙂
    You are so, so adorable in that last picture, aw <3 <3 <3 Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Why and how you should support book bloggersMy Profile

  2. EEP ROSE AND DIMITRI! I literally just talked about them in my latest post and described them the same way! Forever one of my favorite ships. <3 I totally feel the same way about Nina and Matthias, too. They don't get enough love! D: HECK YES ALSO TO LACE AND CLUCK! It's been so long since I read The Weight of Feathers and totally need to reread some scenes.

    And you three are too sweet! T_T Definitely one of my favorite co-blogger sets (LOL I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL THIS) ever. <3
    Aimee (Aimee, Always) recently posted…7 Romances from YA Fantasy Series You’ll Love From Start to FinishMy Profile

  3. Aww you are all so adorable! I love this post! And I agree that Valentine’s Day is totally over-rated and also a bit awkward for all the pressure it puts on people not in a relationship to actually feel miserable?! Like why?!? So many of us are happy single. ANYWAY. I do love your list and omg I think Nina/Matthias are actually my #1 ship of SoC!! And I also adore Sevro/Darrow to pieces. They actually are kiiind of my ship except I don’t want to erase good solid friendships so I’m trying not to ship them. But Mustang kind of annoys me. (She could communicate more instead of what she did at the end of Golden Son?!) ANYWAYYYYY.

    I have to admit some of my faavourite relationships and friendships are in The Raven Cycle. For romantic ones AND platonic ones. I love books where the characters have got each other’s backs and will be there in the awful parts and when everyone is having breakdowns AND the good parts. *cries with appreciation for this series*
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