Why Honest Reviews Are So Important [Video]

June 18, 2019 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Chatterbox, Videos

Negative reviews are something that garner a lot of attention – whether it’s from authors shaming reviewers or even pointing out reviews that are “wrong”, or other people attacking book reviewers for not liking something that they do. This has lead to many book bloggers and reviewers withholding their opinion from a book if it’s an “unpopular opinion” or even being too afraid to share their honest opinions from the book community.

What you’ll begin to see is people only sharing positive reviews about books and not bothering to or being too afraid to share their opinion if they didn’t enjoy it. This is detrimental to the the community because not everyone can love a book – readers are going to be disappointed if they only expect good things, authors aren’t going to receive honest feedback on their work, and publishers will have no idea whether readers liked a book or not outside of book sales.

Seeing as the whole reason why I became a book blogger in the first place was to share my honest opinion with others, I definitely urge you all to do the same – provided it isn’t harmful to others, and provided it’s respectful to the author who may read your review (we all know they do). While I’ve certainly been attacked in the past for sharing negative reviews, I refuse to be silenced just because I didn’t like a book. My reviews are always thoughtful and considered, so if someone doesn’t like it, that’s more about them (that’s not to say that there are reviewers out there who make it a thing to drag a book).

Here’s my discussion video for why honest reviews are so important – for authors, readers, and fellow bloggers. The video can also be viewed here.


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