Bec’s Comfort Reads in Quarantine (Accidental Historical Romance Edition)

April 13, 2020 by Bec | Books, Chatterbox

I don’t think I have ever been as glad to be an introvert as I am right now.

I am currently in self-isolation at my family’s home after flying from New Zealand to Australia. At the time I’m writing this post, I still have 11 days to go. So far this isolation period feels like my usual two week holiday: I barely get out of bed, only get dressed when I’m trying to do something productive, and mostly play PlayStation games and read. Specifically, I’m reading old favourites and comfort reads.

What’s a comfort read? It’s a book that makes me feel happy or calm. It’s low stress, easy to read, usually a short novel with a fun, light-hearted plot. And it has a happy ending. It can be a new read or a reread, but the important thing is that you can get lost in it and forget all your anxiety for a while.

With the current state of the world, it’s not hard to imagine why we might need a bit of easy reading.

Recently I noticed that my comfort reads tend to be romance novels. Typically, historical romance (lots of regency novels are in my immediate TBR right now!) though sometimes contemporary romance. YA or adult, it doesn’t matter, I just want something light and fluffy that makes me happy.

Do I have recommendations that fit these guidelines? YOU BET I DO. The whole purpose of this post is for me to shout from the rooftops about some of my favourite historical romances that I usually don’t review or post about.

Now I might only be highlighting one book/ series from the authors I mention, but I must stress that I have loved pretty much every book I’ve read from these authors so far. All of their books fit into my comfort read category (even though they might emotionally traumatise you a little bit… in the best way).

Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier

My current read. It’s actually the fifth time I’ve read this (at least). Historical fantasy with a good romance, this is my all-time favourite Beauty and the Beast retelling. I actually plan on writing a more in-depth review soon because I need to convince more people to read it. Marillier is a brilliant Australian author who is severely underrated.

Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn

One of my favourite things about historical romance is that a lot of series tend to revolve around a particular family. Each sibling gets their own novel, and there are SO MANY CAMEOS and cross referencing to previous events. The cameos and family camaraderie are some of the things that make Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons series such a fun read. The Pall-Mall competition scene in The Viscount Who Loved Me is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever read.

As a side note, a Bridgerton adaptation is on its way to Netflix!! I’m excited.

Bareknuckle Bastards by Sarah MacLean

Another of my current reads. I just finished Wicked and the Wallflower, LOVED IT, and have immediately jumped into Brazen and the Beast. Sarah Maclean writes strong, independent female leads and complicated male love interests. She makes you feel a lot of emotions about not only the relationship, but the characters and their growth too. I’m loving all the little Easter eggs from her other series scattered throughout the novels.

The Duchess Deal and other books by Tessa Dare

I’m still making my way through Tessa Dare’s catalogue (have a couple of her early books to go before I’m fully caught up) but her books are HILARIOUS. They’re great for witty banter and outrageously funny awkward situations. Everything of hers I’ve read has been wonderfully entertaining. The Duchess Deal, Romancing the Duke, and When the Scot Ties the Knot are my top favourites of hers.

What are you reading in this crazy time? Fluffy romances like the ones I’m jumping into? Or do you find action packed novels that you can’t put down a better distraction?

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Bec is an Aussie blogger and reader who loves all types of novels. Fantasy, sci fi, and historical are my usual go-to genres. If I’m not binge reading, I’m usually gaming, trying to take decent photos for bookstagram, or freaking out about silly things.

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15 responses to “Bec’s Comfort Reads in Quarantine (Accidental Historical Romance Edition)

  1. Aila

    Girrlllll lol we definitely have similar reading tastes, hehe. I’ve been scavenging for comfy, romance reads in between studying since I have so much time now due to corona.
    I love Julia Quinn (although I haven’t picked up her new Bridgerton prequel series, heard it’s not as good as the og)/Sarah MacLean/Tessa Dare. Have you tried Lisa Kleypas books? She’s definitely up there as a queen of historical romance.

    Also ugh, you mentioning Heart’s Blood makes me want to reread it haha. I feel like that’s one of the books I reread every year (another one being Uprooted, which has similar historical/fantastical/romance vibes).

    • Bec

      It’s great reading taste 😉

      Yeah Julia Quinn’s Rokesby books aren’t quite as good as the original Bridgerton novels but still fun to read! I really enjoyed #2 and #3. I just read First Comes Scandal and it’s sweet (and had Anthony and Benedict cameos as children!) but was my least favourite of the four.

      I’ve read one or two Lisa Kleypas and they were… okay. But my library only has her older stuff so I’m hoping she’s improved because her new stuff does get amazing reviews.

      So when I first read Uprooted I was really disappointed because the entire time I couldn’t help but compare it to the magic of Heart’s Blood hahaaaa. I actually really enjoyed it when I reread it a few years later.

    • Bec

      YAY! I’ve been slack on the YA fantasy recently. I should probably try and jump back into it again. It’s the perfect time for binging them.

      The rest of my self isolation days went fine 😀 Even though I’m out now, I’m still home all day every day reading books and being lazy haha

  2. I find myself drawn to contemporary romances at the moment. With the sun shining, I’m all about reading books that make me smile and swoon and are quick and easy reads. I’m currently making my way through The Kiss Quotient and loving every minute. I’ve heard a lot of praise about Tessa Dare’s books so I’ll be sure to add them to my tbr list.
    Lois @ My Midnight Musing recently posted…Midnight Movies: Movies to Marathon During the LockdownMy Profile

    • Bec

      Yep I’ve been jumping into the contemporary romance a bit too! The Kiss Quotient is SO GOOD!! It’s sequel, The Bride Test, is really good too 🙂

      Tessa Dare’s books are hilarious and fun. I hope you enjoy them if you do end up reading them!

    • Bec

      She writes such nice, fluffy novels! I’m currently rereading the Rokesby in preparation for First Comes Scandal next week 😀

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